Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days To Becoming His Pearl {The Introduction}

Welcome to 31 Days To Becoming His Pearl Series

I've wanted to link up with The Nester's 31 Day series for several years now and finally decided to just leap and take up the writing challenge!

And although I absolutely love all things home and family and making things beautiful....

This topic is my passion and I have spent the last 9 years encouraging and teaching His daughters with the truths that I will share here over the next 30 days.

We serve a God who is longing to teach us and show us that we are more than enough...

He also wants to saturate our hearts with this truth,

We are not the oyster shell of our circumstances....

We are His.

His Pearl.

And in that truth there is power.

There is identity.

There is inheritance.

There is no comparison.

There is the ability to overcome.

There is absolutely no need to live life with an orphan mentality- ever again.

And so much more.

During the month of October I will share a little more each day to bring hope and encouragement and biblical truths to unravel and reveal the Pearl that has been within you all along.

So excited to walk with you and to watch Him display His splendor in the most magnificent ways!

Thank you for visiting and reading!

If you want to follow along with this series, this page will serve as the landing page and will host all of the links for each day in October.

Day 1 ~  The Beauty Is In The Process

Day 2 ~  Your Identity Is In Him

Day 3 ~ You Are Fully Known and Fully Loved

Day 4 ~ When Community Hurts and God Redeems

Day 5 ~ Grace Upon Grace

Day 6 ~ The Engraved Invitation

Day 7 ~ Your Gift Will Make Room For You

Day 8 ~ They Owe You Nothing 

Day 9 ~ Daddy's Girl

Day 10 ~

Day 11 ~

Day 12 ~

Day 13 ~

Day 14 ~

Day 15 ~

Day 16 ~

Day 17 ~

Day 18 ~

Day 19 ~

Day 20 ~

Day 21 ~

Day 22 ~

Day 23~

Day 24 ~

Day 25 ~

Day 26 ~

Day 27 ~

Day 28 ~

Day 29 ~

Day 30 ~

Day 31 ~


{A*very} Blessed Life said...

Miss Sibi I am so thrilled to see you doing this 31 day series. I KNOW your words will bless others as they already have and do each day. His light shines brightly through YOU and I look forward to reading your words each day. xoxo

Christina said...

I am so excited that you are participating in 31 Days and have chosen this topic. I so badly wanted to attend the latest Pearl Event, but a schedule conflict prevented it. I am looking forward to following along this 31 day journey with you!

Tiffany said...

I'll be here, every day! :)