Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Great Joy!

JOY! It's different than happiness. Joy. It's different than excitement. Joy is -in my own humble opinion,
contentment in our heart, mind and soul. It's being filled with things that money cannot buy.
It's the ability to look at our life and say without doubt or hesitation .."I am blessed" and mean it.
Joy surpasses happiness, enthusiasm, excitement and many other things. One dictionary
describes joy as a "source of delight".  
For me personally, my joy and source of delight comes from my children.
I love nothing more than to watch them, to listen to them. To spend time with them.
When they speak to me- it's important. I get down on my knees and look into their
beautiful faces and I listen. I hang on their words. I journal their day to day comments
and interactions with one another. I dress up. I dance. I sing. I let them "put the love in"
when I'm cooking. I pretend and create. I color and draw and "make decorations" for
make believe parties. I read stories and play grocery store. Sometimes I'm the customer,
and sometimes they allow me to be the clerk. I play beauty shop, bank, school and
savor every moment. I let the laundry go. I order take out  and I enter into the place
that my children live in every day. The State of Joy.  Capital , Delight.  Population, 4 Children , 2 Adults.
May you find in 2008 your very own state of joy.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Blessed New Year- Clutter Free!

I love the beginning of something new. A clean slate. A fresh start. This is just what the new year offers each of us. Last year I learned the power of the word "no." As a natural born people pleaser with a big mercy gift, it had always been hard for me to say "no"- to anyone for anything. I wanted so much to help, serve, sow and just be a blessing in general.  There were many opportunities in 2007 for me to practice using my new word. I remember how difficult and how strange it felt saying it time and time again. I would ask myself over and over, do I REALLY want to do this?  God really had to teach me how to reign in my mercy gift and that everyones crisis and emergency didn't need to become mine! God has shown me that 2008 is going to be a year of tremendous blessing and that part of that is going to come once I put my hand to the plow and weed out the garden that is my life. A little clutter control! Getting organized, paring down, simplifying, letting go and cutting loose. In doing so, I will be making room for the things in my life that I really want- and nothing else. In 2008 I only have room in my life for the lovely. I only have room in my life for the people, places and things that are full of goodness, love, beauty, light and positive energy. Friends who are pure in heart can celebrate with you, rejoice with you, be present in the relationship, give as well as receive and support you during difficult times. 
 God has recently been ministering to me that when my life is cluttered and the space is occupied with people and things that I don't want, there really isn't very much room available for what I do want. It is my job to care for and protect the life He has blessed me with. So this year, one beautiful day at a time I am paring down and I am weeding out so that I can make room for the beautiful blooms that are going to blossom in my life this year. This year is going to be full of life, full of fragrance and full of growth and I thank God for teaching me how to weed out the garden He has given me.