Friday, June 25, 2010

Lemonade Love

A couple of months ago the kiddies were asking for a new pet. We have had pets in the past. A hamster. A Bunny. Goldfish. And it's always the same thing. Mama cleans up after them. With four little ones and a hubby who is away all the time it is a lot to add a pet to the mix. We told them that not only would they have to clean up after their small pet they would have to earn the money to make the purchase including all of the "stuff." We were hoping that this would help establish a little more "ownership and responsibility" this time around.....

The older two decided that an old fashioned lemonade stand was in order! They decided on the price and I set it all up for them and watched the magic happen. They were thrilled and had so many customers and were so darling to the many folks who stopped by. We have a circle drive way and so people were pulling in like a drive thru. It was hysterical. They also did NOT want me or my husband anywhere near their little stand. I had to stand in the garage and watch and count myself beyond fortunate just to have snapped these few pictures. No pictures! No parents! No siblings!

I stepped out of the garage for a quick second to snap these last few pictures and no they are not so great because I was forbidden to do so and because I had a baby on my hip as well.....

We heard this over and over again. "The lemonade is $1.00. But you get the cup and the ice and the straw for free! Giggles.  I could hardly stand it they were so precious. I did my very best to be obedient and stayed in the garage out of sight.......

Here they are counting their earnings. These two littles made about $70.00 in the time frame of about two hours! They had quite the traffic flow and everyone who stopped by was so sweet to them.
This lemonade stand day was all done in April and I forgot to post about it. As of today they still have not decided or agreed on a pet and I am grateful. They are leaning toward a hamster with the swirly whirly cage. Oh dear. They stay up all night. If anyone has had a good experience with a pet will you leave a comment and share it with me. Of course we would ALL love a puppy but I can't commit to that right now. Besides I want an itty bitty tea cup version of a dog that can ride around in my lap and my purse all day and Mr. P and G wants a great big lab or something that is bigger than most of the children:) Pray for us. I will be back soon with the longest post in blog world. Happy Summer!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Chance

Good Morning! I hope that you all are doing well and enjoying the start of a beautiful summer!

I wanted to let you know that we are moving forward with Project: Something Beautiful thanks to a very special friend! I am so thankful that He has worked out the details!

Eliza who owns the The Pink Giraffe in Nashville has graciously opened a P.O. Box for this project! I cannot thank her enough for her kindness and her beautiful heart to help and serve! I am beyond grateful and am praying that this will all come together and will touch the hearts of at least some of the Nashville flood victims. 

To those of you who have e-mailed me with your ideas to help..... thank you!! I will be contacting you and I can't tell you how much it means to me! 

Here is a link to the original post about this project in case you missed it and would like to help.

I am so excited about the opportunity for each one of us to be His arms and His feet and to demonstrate the goodness and the love and the beauty of our Father. What a privilege. 

We are collecting beautiful pajamas and fragrant specialty soaps for Men, Women and Children. We will receive items through the month of June and then our plan is to make a trip in to collect everything, package it and deliver it with a ministry team over the fourth of July weekend. 

Here are some details...

Please send whatever you feel led to do. Everything will be SO appreciated! Please know that. And every little bit will help! If you want to send in one pair of pajamas for a child or one bar of specialty soap please do! We are grateful for anything and everything and there isn't anything too small to send!

What: Beautiful pajamas in all sizes for men, women and children 
           Fragrant specialty soaps

When: Today through June 30

Where: Here is the address!

The Pink Giraffe
P.O. Box 58325
Nashville, TN 37205

Don't miss the chance to do something beautiful......

May He bless you one hundred fold for your extraordinary kindness.