Monday, June 29, 2009

Pedal Power

Here's hoping our household will win this incredible bicycle! We just saw a family riding it around town this weekend,  and it is even better in person. I love it!!!  In the wake of our oldest daughter completely totaling her car in an accident last week, then some poor soul stealing my husband's bike at the train station the very next day, winning this would be, well, a special blessing! :)
Wouldn't this be fun to ride to the market? How about to pick your pumpkins? Can't you just see yourself riding this home with flowers and a baguette peeking out of the top of it? Click on the link above to register for your chance to win this in July!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Big Move

Our new kitchen
Just wanted to post a quick update! I hope that you all are enjoying the start of a beautiful summer! We have been enjoying many special events, parties and celebrations with each of the children for the past month as well as packing up our old house and preparing for a very big move to our new house! I haven't had a moment to blog but I know that I will soon! In the meantime I am trying to pack a family of seven in an organized way so that it is a little easier on me once we arrive. I have to admit, at this point I just want to throw everything in a box and call it a day!  I would love to hear your tried and true moving tips!
Even though I rarely mention anything about "house stuff " here, I absolutely love all things "home." Whether it is cooking, organizing, entertaining, gardening or decorating. I will go weak in the knees for an all white kitchen -something about how clean and crisp it looks. Same thing with food- it just looks prettier to me on all white plates. I absolutely love all white bedding, dishes,  furniture and clothing.  I appreciate all types of style and taste but there isn't anything in my opinion more beautiful or calming than a home dripping in shades of white. I have always been that way. When I'm in a store my eye is immediately drawn to fabrics and furniture in white, taupe, cream, beige and ivory-so soothing. It reminds me of our special memories by the beach. My favorite place on earth.  I also love the color of seashells for the rooms of our children. I recently purchased a conch shell to use as inspiration for the girls' rooms! I just love that pinch your cheeks pink color for little girls.  So if you happen to see a blonde lady walking around Home Depot with a gigantic seashell, say's probably me!