Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fresh Start

Good Morning! Hope this finds each of you doing well! I can't tell you how excited I am to have a computer again. I have felt like a cave woman without it.  As a stay at home Mom with little ones and naps and so on, it's my only connection to the outside world on most days! I did the happy dance in the Apple store this morning when the man at the "genius bar" told me it was fixed! Yea!!!!

So much has happened over the past couple of weeks and I am looking forward to sharing it post by post  in the days to come. The main thing I wanted to share is that we are going to be moving again. 

Big Sigh. 

Yes. We just moved. Yes. I am beyond overwhelmed. However, I am doing my best to try and stay positive. To not have a breakdown. To just start packing again with a good attitude and know that how I act and what I say will directly impact my children and how well they receive what is going on in their little world. 

 I'm doing my best to look at this as a fresh start and a new beginning. I have asked, prayed and pleaded with the Lord to please help- which probably by now sounds more like begging than praying and standing in faith.  

 I have not been a strong tower through this. Not by any stretch.

But I know He has a plan. Even in the midst of two flooding issues within a few weeks and major plumbing problems and a long list of other things that are just more than one family should have to walk through with a house they just moved to. 

Even in the midst of so many things that I have yet to share. 

He has a plan. He is in the business of fresh starts and new beginnings and I am doing my best to hold on and pack every, single thing back up and do this all again. For the second time in two months.

There are worse things.

But through all of this I long to write. To speak through the touch of a keyboard what I cannot articulate in person. In the carpool line. Through a text message. In the Doctor's office. Or in the parking lot of the grocery store. 

It is wide and it is deep and it can only be spoken through the written word.

So......... soon sweet friends. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sweet Beloved

Sweet baby of mine. Let it be written that you are the one who was promised to me. 

The one whom I've longed for. Prayed for. Hoped for. Believed for.

Whether you are a sweet baby boy or a precious baby girl.....we are overjoyed...and you are already named.  A beautiful name.  A significant name.

Chosen. Called. Anointed and appointed for such a time as this....

You are the one who has blessed our cup beyond measure. Pressed down. Shaken together and running over. You are the spilling forth, the overflow and the one who has caused our hearts to do the very same thing. Just like He promised......

You are, along with each of your siblings my proudest accomplishment. You all are my unspeakable joy. My greatest life work.....

I am so grateful for you my sweet beloved..... with the kind of gratitude that causes one to hardly stand because the weight of the blessing if so magnificent and so grand.......

Thank you Father for this sixth, beautiful, wondrous gift. 

May You be glorified and highly lifted up.....