Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Little Something Blue

There isn't anything sweeter than a delicious baby boy sitting in a powder blue bubble.

Sporting his brand new Sunday school haircut

At 21 months old he is the epitome of love and happiness 

And has brought more pure and absolute joy into our lives than we ever imagined.

I purchased this bench at the flea market a few months ago in a less than desirable shade of green for fifty dollars. I have always wanted a park bench and was thrilled to find this one at such a good price! 

I knew I wanted to paint it a pretty, beachy blue but could not find the perfect shade until I purchased this adorable tray recently. It was the PERFECT color of blue. I also think we are adopting these few words as our summer motto!

Here she is getting a coat of Kilz from Mr. P and G. 

And after her makeover... Did I mention how pretty she looks with my girls fluffy, pink tutus as well?  I can hardly wait to use this for all the kids birthday parties! 

Like this little guy! My first born son just turned a big five years old! We can hardly believe it and are busy planning his party along with two other birthday parties!

He is quite the camera ham and has the biggest and most adorable personality! He is  magnetic and draws people everywhere we go! He makes me melt with his charming little boy ways and makes me laugh so hard I can't breathe with all of his funny little sayings!
 I am working on a post celebrating my first born son....more soon!

Tomorrow starts the first day of summer for us!! We are looking forward to mornings at the playground, walks in the park, picnics, trips to the farmers market, homemade ice cream, fireworks and sparklers, birthday parties, days at the swimming pool, marshmallow roasts, s'mores, movies in the park, catching lightening bugs, rides on the back of Mommy and Daddy's bicycles, stroller rides down to the coffee shop, eating dinner fresh off the grill, making homemade pies and cobblers, running through the sprinklers, lots of photo sessions and if we are lucky hopefully a trip to Seaside before the end of summer. I am dreaming about it all.....

The Taste Of Summer

We recently took the little ones to a farm for the day for a little strawberry picking. We had such a great time watching them! They would pick a berry and eat a berry and within a few minutes they were covered in sweat and squished strawberry juice!  

Beautiful weather. Warm sunshine.  Fresh air. Delicious fruit. 
Makes for happy, happy, babies!

Big brother had the best time! He was really into it and I think he filled the most baskets!

This little farm boy was absolutely covered in strawberry goodness! Yes. That is grass. 
He did not care one bit!

And I didn't either. I was too busy enjoying him and capturing it all with my camera!

This is what Miss Pearl did the entire outing. Giggles. Look at the juice.....

Grace taking a bite of summer! 

The owners were SO SWEET to my kids and pulled their tractor around and let me photograph the little ones sitting inside it. I love the south. Amen.

 Rescuing Ashton before he absolutely popped from eating too many berries!

We took eights quarts home and at least half were eaten before we made it home and most of what was left was gobbled up by the strawberry lovers the next day!  I dreamed about making a mess in my kitchen with fresh strawberry smoothies and homemade pies but what was left over went bad before I could get to it! Hope you all get the chance to head out with your own little farmers! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Project: Something Beautiful

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

I wanted to thank all of you who have left comments and e-mailed with suggestions and ideas for the next Pearl Event. I so appreciate you all taking the time to do so. I am slowly responding and connecting with each one of you. Please forgive me for taking so long to do so. Our family has had a very busy month of May...

Your support has meant so much and I wanted to share with you that we are still praying and looking for a new place and praying about the date, so I do not have anything set in stone to share with you right now. My apologies. I know that He will make a way where there seems to be no way.  Will you  pray too? I will let you know as soon as a new door opens.  It is my desire to continue with the event! Thank you for your kindness, support, encouragement, ticket purchases, blog posts, tweets, e-mails and phone has all meant so much to me. Thank you sweet friends.

In the mean time we wanted to find a way to minister to the hearts of the precious Nashville families who have lost so much.

Have you heard? It is heartbreaking.

I prayed and asked the Lord to show me what He wanted me to do and this is what He showed me.
It's called Project: Something Beautiful

I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to organize everything and trying to coordinate with a special church in that area as the home base to send everything.  The plan was to make a trip in, collect all the items and package them and deliver to the families. This church just happens to be doing A LOT for that community right now and it is taking a little time.

My hope is to collect new and beautiful pajamas for men, women and children and fragrant specialty soaps. We are planning to package them and wrap them with cellophane and ribbon adding a beautiful card with a scripture and a word of encouragement. I have been wrapping gifts this way for years and it is always special to see how just the right scripture ministers to the hearts of the receiver.

I do realize that these little gifts of comfort and joy will not return the homes, cars and items which were lost to these families who have suffered so much. It isn't much compared to the magnitude of what was destroyed.  This idea was just to bring a message of hope and a little something beautiful in a tangible way during this difficult time.

If you are interested in donating items or know of a corporation who would be interested in donating or even have additional ideas please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. I will share the official address once we have it. 

Let the love pour.......

The need is so great.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Sound

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Here's to each and every one of you today who answer to the sweetest sound in the world~ "Mama".

For those of you who are still waiting and who long to hear that sound~ this post is for you.

I have often sat across the table from a longing heart who desired more than anything to have a baby of her own. Each situation uniquely different, the sound however, is always the same. The unspoken sound that is recognizable within two seconds after meeting someone. Talking with someone. Listening to someone.

That sound is hope.  There is another sound that quickly follows if that heart has endured the pain of waiting for any amount of time. That sound is hope deferred.

Because when you are waiting for a baby, the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like months and the months ~ like years.

There is a scripture that comes to mind about this very sound.
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the the desire comes, it is a tree of life.~ Proverbs 13: 12

I want to encourage those of you who are still waiting with this one little word.......


When the desire comes, it is a tree of life. 

When~ Not if. 

Not maybe. 

Not might. 

Not perhaps. 

Not if only.  

But WHEN. Oh that's your word today sweet reader. When. It's when. It's a timing thing. It's a God thing. It's His timing. It's His hand. It's by His power. It's when He decides. It's when we let go and let God. It's when we choose hope and faith over fear and doubt. 


Be encouraged this morning sweet reader if you are hanging between the balance of the words in this scripture. If you are the one waiting. Because it is only a matter of time.

Coming from a heart who waited 13 years between babies. Who was blessed with a pregnancy 5 months after marriage only to lose it.  Coming from a heart who endured a year and a half of hoping for another pregnancy only to lose again. I also have never received more invitations to baby showers or more birth announcements in the mail than during that year and half of waiting for a baby. And just about everyone I knew was pregnant.  It's easy to relate to the "hope deferred" part of that scripture when this is your reality. 

So I did what any good southern girl would do. I threw a baby shower for a friend. And then another one. And another one. And another one. And lost count with all the blessings....and loved doing so.

And then I started buying little baby things for my new baby~ by faith. I bought the girliest, fluffiest things and the sweetest and most precious little boy things and I even bought those tiny newborn diapers. Sure did. And I would sit and pray and ask Him for a baby of my very own. Even when the Doctors and nurses told me to "check with my insurance about infertility coverage"~ I bought little baby booties and bonnets and baby powder and you name it.  I was preparing a place~ by faith.

It was not easy and I was incredibly discouraged at times. But with each little item that took up space in our home, my hope and my faith grew. And then. Suddenly. It happened. Those two long awaited pink lines appeared. And our precious baby girl was on her way. And then suddenly. Our sweet little boy.

And the after our son was born I was blessed with another pregnancy only to lose again but this time I was much further along. It was a devastating blow to our family and we were challenged in our faith but pushed through those difficult and painful times to see His hand in the end. Just when I thought it was over I was then blessed with two more sweet babies.  Grateful, thankful, humbled me. Beyond my expectations.....

I share this to encourage you. Of course everyone has a different story and situation but faith and hope and encouragement fit each and every one.  Some of you are believing for an adoption and I know that He has a plan to connect that precious heart with your loving arms in His time. His timing is perfect. It's the waiting that is so difficult. ~To my precious bloggy friend Lori with A Journey To Our Daughter,  If you are reading this I am still praying for you sweet friend and will continue to do so until that glorious day! God has not forgotten you but is ever mindful of you and the desire for your precious Kate.~

Something that helped to stretch my faith was to purchase those diapers and those sweet, little baby things. I have often encouraged friends and readers to do the very same thing and even place those diapers in the middle of the kitchen table like a centerpiece. I encouraged them to just thank God for the baby that is on it's way with each meal~ with each time they sit at the table. Just thank Him in advance for the sound of a baby in their house, for all the diapers they will have to change and for the sweetest and tiniest loads of laundry they will have to wash.

It stirs our faith and stretches us in really beautiful ways.

It is always an honor to pray for women who are believing God for a child of their own. And it is a tremendous blessing when they share the "good news" with me months and even weeks later. I rejoice and celebrate with them! And it increases my faith as well.

So for those of you who are still waiting.....

This is my Mother's Day gift to you. A simple prayer. May it bless you. Minister to you. And stir you in the depth of your spirit today. I also highly recommend the book titled "Supernatural Childbirth." It is a precious book that helped me tremendously.

If you are waiting to adopt...

Father I thank you for the precious woman who is reading right now. I thank you for the desire that she has to become a Mother Lord. I lift up those desires to you and ask that you would bless her with children and give her the tremendous gift of Motherhood.  I pray that as she is waiting and working through the process of adoption,  that you would do a quick work Father. That you would pour out supernatural favor everywhere their name is written and on every piece of paperwork. I pray for favor with the agencies and with the approval process. I pray for their finances to be blessed and that you would make a way where there seems to be no way Lord. I pray that people would give generously to their adoption fund and that you would be glorified mightily in the process. I pray that you would bring comfort to the empty arms of the Mother in waiting when her heart longs for a daughter in China. I pray that you would pour out peace that surpasses all understanding when its too painful to think about the daughter she's never seen waiting for her in Africa. I pray that the families and friends and communities surrounding them would be stirred to action to help, give, sow and bless these precious families. I ask you that you would speak to her during the night time when she is too worried to sleep. I ask that you would clear up the extraordinary amount of red tape in supernatural, unexplainable ways. I pray that the time would be short, your grace would be sufficient and that in the end the blessing and the gift of this child would far outweigh the process in Jesus' precious name.  May you be glorified.

If you are waiting for a pregnancy....

Father I thank you for the precious woman who is reading right now. I thank you for the desire that she has to become a Mother Lord. I ask you that you would give her the desires of her heart and open her womb and bless her with a healthy and whole child in the name of Jesus. I thank you that her body line up with your very word and that she is fruitful and can multiply.  I thank you that every time her heart aches for this precious child, it moves you Lord.  I thank you that every time she sees another baby and longs for one of her very own that you place your hand upon her Father. I thank you that the longer the delay the bigger the blessing, that her house will be full and so will her heart. I thank you for the conception of this precious child, for the positive pregnancy test and for the praise that will be yours and yours alone Lord on that glorious day. I thank you in advance and that eye has not seen, nor ear heard all that you have in store for those reading now Lord. I thank you that your goodness and your grace and your mercy are above and beyond what we can even imagine and I praise you for the good and perfect gifts of children that are coming to the families reading now Lord.  May you be glorified........

Two pink lines are yours in Jesus' precious name.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Talk About Plan B

** Update**Opryland Hotel is closed indefinitely, The Pearl Event has been postponed and all tickets have been refunded as of 1:45 p.m. on May 4, 2010. 

Good Morning....It has been exactly one week since my last post and I can hardly believe what has happened since then.  By now most of you have heard about the complete devastation that has hit the Nashville area. So many precious people have lost everything they own and most did not have flood insurance. And I do mean they have lost everything. It is absolutely heartbreaking. In addition, many schools, churches and businesses are under water and included in this crisis is The Opryland Hotel~ The venue scheduled to host the next Pearl Event. It is safe to say that this is no longer our location and most likely we are going to have to cancel the June 26th event and postpone it until we figure out Plan B~ A new venue and or city, etc. 

I do not know Pete Wilson but he is the author of this newly released book which I will be purchasing and is the very loved Pastor to Cross Point Church in Nashville where they already have a tremendous relief effort underway. You can find out more here.  We are planning to send and help in every way we can as we have a special connection to that city and the people who call it home.  Would you help too?


I would love to hear yours.  Please feel free to leave a comment or you can also e-mail me if you have some ideas, thoughts, advice, etc. Brainstorming is a wonderful thing.

Here are some of my own thoughts....

From what we understand so much of the Nashville area is completely flooded that it would be nearly impossible to find another venue right now. We also do not know that it is possible to host something in Nashville in even 50 or so days from now. 

My heart is for the families who are hurting, broken and feeling abandoned by the Father right now...
I would rather help with relief efforts somehow than plan the next Pearl Event. Mr. P and G feels that 50 days from now this would be something people need and it would be welcomed and well received. That during times like this, people more than ever need the reminder that God is for them and that He loves them - no matter what the circumstances. 

We hosted the last event in a hotel and were planning to do the same thing with this one so that it is on neutral ground- so to speak. So many have been hurt by the church and many others are afraid to attend an event held at a church for fear of being pulled into whatever that specific denomination is. If that makes we tried to be sensitive to those things and hosted the event at a hotel instead. T.P.E. is a non-denominational event. I would love to host the event at a church but these things are on my heart.... Thoughts?

We could move the event to Birmingham or Atlanta, but I would most likely not be able to start from scratch and still keep the same date. Does anyone have connections or know of a church or venues in those two cities that would welcome The Pearl Event? Thoughts?

Thinking of postponing the event until Sept. or Oct. ~ but kids are back in school then and so are those busy and full schedules. Thoughts?

My apologies for how "all over the place" this post is but my heart is heavy and I wanted to connect with you all and see if we could brainstorm together. 

In addition those of you who have already purchased your tickets we will get a refund to you this week, unless a miracle happens with a new venue for June 26th.  I want to thank you all so much for your love, support, encouragement and willingness to help, etc. Thank you sweet friends.

Here is a short video clip of the Hotel damage so you can get an idea. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Green

Will write again soon with some new ideas. Blessings sweet readers and please keep all of the Nashville families in your prayers....