Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

I am thankful for this ....
Because it means my home is filled with things like this.
A beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving to you and your tiny artists. May your home be filled to overflowing with the work of their precious hands.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Comfort and Joy

My children love their blankets. They simply must have one or two in hand at all times. Their closets and dressers are filled to overflowing with their sweet "blankies" and with four small children in the house, they seem to be everywhere! In addition, finding a lost blanket can be a major source of stress at bed-time. We've been known to call for a family search party to locate this precious source of comfort! So I decided that I would create a "comfort closet" and combine all of their blankets in one place and also use it as a way to teach them at the same time about God's covering, love, comfort and joy.
Each night the children get to pick their covering - One night it may be a mercy blanket,  another night, a blanket of grace. Then they can choose a bible story from the bottom shelf to read together.  I am trying to teach them about heavenly things by using their natural things. It can be hard for a small child to understand that mercy is not getting what we deserve and that grace is getting what we don't deserve- but when I use an object of their affection it all begins to make sense to their little hearts. I want them to "know" their covering. The best covering. It is God. Their beautiful Heavenly Father. Yours, mine and ours. I also want them to know what is available through Him and Him alone.  I want my children to know this early in life. I want them to know what joy is- to know what hope is - to know what humility is. To know with a heart knowledge and not just a head knowledge. This "knowing" comes forth through a real relationship with the One who created them. This knowing does not just appear in our life just because we go to church - or just because we go to Sunday school. It does not shape our character just because we know a few scriptures. It is through knowing Him. To know someone- you have to spend time with them- and spending time with Him never disappoints. We are never too young or too old to learn this simple truth. When we draw near to Him- He draws near to us. Seek Him and you will find Him. Seek Him with all of your heart and ask for the blanket that you need today. I know that He will cover you. He will cover you with the grace that you need to care for your family. He will cover you with His peace to survive the storm you may be experiencing . He will wrap you tightly in His blanket of mercy, for those who so desperately want it- but are too afraid to ask. He will cover you with a blanket of unspeakable joy and then pour out a blanket of His divine love for those who have a weary soul. Oh yes. This is how good He is. Whatever the need - He is your resource. He is a beautiful 1200 thread count, 800 fill power,  goose down comforter of every single thing you or I could ever need.  Ask - and be covered, warmed, loved and comforted by the most incredible covering one could ever hope for. My prayer is that you and yours would be wrapped in a blanket of comfort and joy during this beautiful holiday season.......
Sleep tight.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pixie Lily

We have been blessed! A short time ago I wrote a special post about my absolute favorite brand of baby clothing. I was sharing about how I use one of these special gowns each time a new baby is born and thanking Nana for sending me a new one for Ashton. Much to my surprise, I was contacted by the creative genius behind Pixie Lily- Mrs. Leda Jackson. She wanted to send me a thank you! Oh my goodness and did she ever! It was like Christmas morning when this gorgeous package arrived! Not only did she send the most precious little batiste Christmas day gown for Ashton~ she also sent a darling, vintage deer print romper from her Woodlands collection and the sweetest, little, white onesie with her signature tatting and french knot embroidery. In addition, as I pulled back the beautiful packaging once more, there in my very favorite brand of baby clothing was a set of gorgeous white mommy pajamas to match my son! I could not believe this incredible gift! I was so humbled by her generosity and kindness. Thank you again Leda for blessing my newborn baby boy! If anyone happens to be looking for the softest, sweetest and most beautiful baby gift this Christmas ~ please visit Pixie Lily's beautiful site. You are sure to find the perfect heirloom gift.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Thoughtful Friend

I want to send a big hug and a huge thank you to my incredibly thoughtful friend Lori! She sent me the most wonderful package in the mail and I was beside myself when I opened it! I was so blessed to find a copy of the announcement she had posted on her blog when the Prince was born, inside a beautiful pearl frame. Heart be still!  Tears streamed my face as I opened gift after gift from this incredible woman I had only met through the blogging world. The card, the wrapping, the words, the frame, the precious periwinkle outfit for my son, the sleep mask, lavender soap and sachets was all so incredibly thoughtful and beautiful.  I am enjoying every single, wonderful gift! Thank you so much Lori. You have made a permanent impression on my heart ~ You radiate His goodness, His heart and His kindness. Your gift has reminded me of how we are to hold each other up, lift each other, edify one another, encourage one another, give, love and sow into each others' lives. This is what we are called to do.We are blessed to be a blessing.  I pray that you Lori, my dear, sweet friend would be blessed one hundred fold for your extraordinary kindness.