Saturday, July 7, 2012

God Can

This weekend while you are enjoying your family, not worrying and trusting God on a new level...

I would love for you to think this thought....all weekend.

God can.

Whenever you start to doubt, worry, fret or fear. Just begin to think and speak these two words.

God can.

God can heal your land.

God can restore your finances.

God can renew your faith.

God can open doors no man can shut.

God can redeem a friendship.

God can bring forth opportunities.

God can give you favor like you have never known.

God can pour out fresh ideas for your business, ministry, marriage and family.

God can teach you anything and everything.

God can heal your broken heart.

God can provide in supernatural ways.

God can show you how to be the wife your husband needs.

God can show you how to minister to the hearts of your children.

God can speed up the adoption process.

God can bring forth your spouse.

God can bless you with two pink lines.

God can soften hardened hearts.

God can silence those who have tried to rise up against you.

God can offer a new beginning.

God can bring forth true friends.

God can remove every obstacle in your life.

God can turn the hearts of your children toward Him.

God can restore the years the locust have eaten in your life.

God can remove people, places and things that are holding you back.

God can help you take the limits off your life.

God can minister to the heart of your spouse.

God can deliver your dreams right into your lap.

God can open up endless possibilities.....

During times of despair we can look at our life like a paint palette that has been very well used.

We can believe we've made a lot of mistakes- that we weren't careful enough.  That it's too late and we are too old and why did we even bother.  All the colors have run together and we need a new paint palette. A better one. We can want to throw the whole thing out...

We can feel like we've made a mess of the entire thing just trying to do life.

But God can step right in and reveal truths. Life changing truths.

That actually what we thought was a mess has become a beautiful palette that He will use as a platform.

That every hardship, every crisis, every setback, every painful thing that the enemy meant for harm,
God will use for our good and His glory.

When the colors of our life run together, beauty can come forth.

Beauty can come out of messes....

God can use it all and be glorified in it and bless not only our life but others as well.

The creator is standing there this weekend holding our messy palettes and waiting for us to relinquish control and hand Him the brush.

He is the author and the finisher. Not man.

God alone.

And when we start to feel that it is over and what a mess and surely this must be the end....we can rest assured that then, it is only the beginning....

He is just getting started beautiful friends.

It is not over. It is not too late. You are not too old or too young. There is not a mess too big that the Creator cannot commission something glorious out of your life and mine. 

God can. In the most beautiful and magnificent ways...


Love Being A Nonny said...

Yes He can. Thank you Sibi. Much love...more in the mail!

Michelle said...

YES, He can!!!!

Courtney said...

Thanks for this beautiful reminder this weekend. Enjoy time with your family.

Work in progress said...

Your blog has been so encouraging to me lately, particularly today. Thank you!

3 Peanuts said...


Every single time you post...I am deeply inspired and I draw closer to God. It truly amazes me. He has given you such a gift to put it all into words. Often, I find myself yearning for more. I would love to know more how you do the things you write. I am not sure that all makes sense but I find myself nodding and saying YES in my head and my heart when I read each post but sometimes I am at a loss for HOW to make it all happen in my mundane little life. I would LOVE to hear how you do it with specific examples. Is that too personal?

I hope this does not come off sounding AT ALL like criticism. Because it is really exactly the opposite. I am thirsty for your wisdom and knowledge and experience and unwavering faith. I want to learn and grow from it.


And I am SO SO SO excited you are coming to Houston you have NO idea!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Sibi, I have followed for a while but never commented. I had to say thank you for this post, I so needed this post today! Heather

Tiffany said...

I haven't even read blogs lately...LIFE has just been too much.
I have only read yours tonight,on purpose. I knew it would be life-giving. I love your heart.
I'm going to write "God Can" on our kitchen chalkboard right now.