Thursday, July 5, 2012


Over the years I have often heard women say this....

"I'm afraid to ask God for anything!"

Or this...

"I've always believed it is wrong to ask God to do anything for me."

Here is a thought...

It is okay to ask God.

Okay to ask Him questions.

Okay to ask Him to move on our behalf.

It is okay to ask Him why, when and how much longer ?

He is a Daddy. Yours and mine.

Imagine your children feeling like they could never approach you or ask you anything.

Either out of fear of you or wrongful thinking about your very nature.

Imagine if they never had a conversation with you- never asked you a single question.

Imagine if they just marched around like little soldiers....

Repeating the same words over and over again every time they came into your presence.

That is not a relationship.

Faith breathes.

Faith moves. Faith seeks. Faith asks. Faith in God is life giving. 

The Father God whom I know- is about relationship.

He created us for relationship and communion with Him.

He is not this big, bad, God in the sky.

He is a loving Father who wants to speak and listen. 

He wants to both ask and answer.

He wants to pour out insight and wisdom and creativity and healing and love.

He offers forgiveness and mercy and grace by the truckloads.

He does not hold grudges.

He does not pull His love away or withhold His love when we don't do to suit Him.

His love and relationship with us is unconditional.

It isn't based on whether or not we do everything "right."

It just is. And always will be.

No matter what.

When we draw near to Him- He doesn't leave us hanging. He doesn't wait for us to recite 25 scriptures and do 50 good deeds and repeat our faults and shortcomings over and over again.

His word simply says this....

When we draw near to Him- He draws near to us.

That will make you want to twirl.

Sometimes, women will ask this..

"What does that look like?" "To draw near to Him."

I would suggest this. Watch children.

Children are the most beautiful examples of so many things in life.

They cling. They hang. They extend . They reach. They cry out. They draw near.

They ask questions!!

They climb right up close and invade all manner of personal space.

They rest in our arms. 

They do not hold back.

They are relentless.

They offer every, single piece of their heart.

They walk in freedom.

They rest in the knowledge that they are loved, accepted, wanted.

They do not hold grudges.

They forgive easily. Beautifully.

Children are the very best teachers....

Father God isn't like some earthly Fathers who have abandoned us, rejected us and hurt us over and over and over again.

When we call for Him- He answers.

When we seek Him- He responds.

When we draw near- He draws near to us.


Yesterday I celebrated my independence.

My independence from a painful past.

My independence from wrongful thinking about my Heavenly Father.

My freedom in this country and the freedom I have finally found in my own life.

I celebrated all that I have overcome.

I watched my children and rejoiced in the truth that we can break free from a history that threatens to repeat itself.

We can have a new story.

Our past doesn't have to determine our future.

Most of all I celebrated, rejoiced and relished in the freedom I have in my relationship with a Father who will never leave us nor forsake us. Who waits for us, every moment of the day. Who has answers for our many questions. Who has wisdom and knowledge and revelation set aside just for each one of us. I reveled in the freedom that I have that I can worship Him in any church or any grocery store. Or just in my car with the windows rolled down and while driving barefoot in a sundress. I rested in the freedom that I do not have to "do anything" to receive His love. I can just "be." I cherished the gift that is being a girl. Being female. Being a mother and a wife.  And I clung to the truth that I do not have to live my life as "less than" ever again... and neither do you beautiful friend....

May you find a moment today to seek, ask and knock and may you be raptured up in His amazing grace and His love that is beyond all human comprehension.

I promise He will meet you there.


Unknown said...

Thanks for writing this as I sat in my car today with tears rolling down my cheeks, this was my cry before the Lord. I have felt unworthy of cryig out to him on my behalf. I felt as if it was selfish of me. I had no trouble crying out for others. This post helped me so much!! Love you Sibi. I love reading about how much you hav accomplished. I admire your heart. May God continue to Pour into you and yours as much and more abundanty as you pour out to others. <3

Kristen said...

This is beautiful.

DianeTaylor said...

Sibi - I cried from beginning to end of this post - what a testament of faith and staying true to your beliefs. I used to only talk to God when things were rough - or I needed something. Ever since my son died I talk to him CONSTANTLY, 24x7 - and his phone is never off the hook. I know he is always there listening to me. The question I have been asked lately is.....are you angry with God? And every time I hear this, my answer is the same - NO. I could never be angry at a God who died for us so that we might live. Yes, I am saddened and burdened like never before. Yes, my faith is being tested like never before. But our God is so faithful to us. I have this quote on my wall at work: "We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to live the life that is waiting for us" (Joseph Campbell). I haven't been able to let go of the life I thought I would have (to be a grandmother was one of my dreams - and of course now that will never happen). I hope one day I can get myself off that horrible day and move forward with my life. On July 4th, we light up the night sky with fireworks in my son's honor - and I know he saw them from his place in heaven!

I have a question for you and your you believe in the afterlife? I was a bit skeptical - but no more. Jonathan comes to visit us in the form of pure light that has been captured at my back door steps by our security camera. I am so blessed by his visits!!! Anyone who would like to see these pictures can email me, I'd be happy to share them. They will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. personal email is

Much love to you Sibi and your precious angels and your drop dead hunky husband - and I am so excited about your photography business!!! I so wish I could have pics taken by you - it would be magical indeed.

xxoo - Diane T :)

RachelRAdams said...

sibi - wonderfully written my dear. precious words that touched many hearts. it is truly amazing what Christ can teach us through our children. when i had my own children it was a turning point in my life on so many levels. i am always blessed by the lessons our heavenly father teaches through the lives of our precious babies. when i read your writing i am always touched as your story and mine are similar in someways. thank you for writing.... hugs & love

Unknown said...

Sibi...I knew the day I met you on Target shopping for a hair sraightener that we were supposed to meet. What a beautifully true piece of writing you have crafted from the heart. It is never too late to learn how much He loves 46 I am just now beginning to realize that, yes, I am valuable and beloved....a treasure...we all are.

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

Thank you for this sweet reminder of the Father's heart.

Sibi said...

Thank you all for your beautiful words. You are such encouragers! It is such a gift to have a place to share what He speaks to my heart but to have it received is another level of blessing entirely. Thank you all so much.xoxoxo

Diane, I just want to share with you again how sorry I am for the loss of your son. I feel so small writing anything about such tremendous heartache and sorrow.

I admire you for not being angry with are one incredible force of faith.

I am so happy for you that you are surrounded by pure light! I do not have knowledge about that but I would imagine that beautiful light shines and eliminates any despair when you are missing your precious son.

I pray that He continues to hold you up, strengthen you, equip you and lavish you with heaps of His love and goodness.

You are an inspiration beautiful friend......xo

Tiffany said...

Thank You so much for writing , Sibi.
Beautiful words.