Monday, June 25, 2012

The Gift Of A Photograph

I hope you all enjoyed every minute of your weekend! 

Mine was hectic but I did manage to stay offline, refused to worry, baked something, read to my babies, wore a sundress while barefoot and listened to music with the windows down!

After that post on Saturday I received some comments and messages about some mama's who have not been in many photographs with their own children.

Oh how I can relate to that!

I just want to encourage you today. 

If you've never done it before now- for whatever reason.

If you don't feel pretty enough, thin enough or have anything to wear that you feel good enough in...

May I make a suggestion?

Do it anyway.

I promise you will cherish them.

Skinny thin. Flawless hair and makeup. Immaculate clothes- are not what makes a picture special- or beautiful.

It is the joy that comes through during the chaos of trying that is beautiful.

It is the truth that you loved yourself and your children enough to try that is captured....

It is a gift that you deserve....

Here are a few of my own personal attempts with a tripod and self timer and I want to just let you know right now that there isn't anything perfect going on in these pictures. It was wild. We were laughing so hard we couldn't breathe and it was about 100 degrees in the shade that day and we were melting.... 


I cherish them.

Would I love to be 100 pounds, tan and wearing a gorgeous dress? Yes.  

Would I love to have flawless skin and my hair and makeup professionally done ? Yes.

But that isn't my life. 

This is my life.

It is messy and exhausting and wild and beautiful and amazing and miraculous....

And I refuse to allow those other things to keep me out of the gift of a photograph with my children any longer.

And you shouldn't either beautiful friend.

Here's to a week with you in pictures with your babies!

P.S. Baby Preston is recovering nicely from the chaos of being photographed with his siblings:)


Work in progress said...

Thank you for your post. Oh, how I struggle with this...and then I think how tragic it is that there are so many great photos of my husband with my daughter (I too am a pro photographer) and hardly any of me with her. I got teary reading your post. Thank you for the encouragement. I am sure you are speaking to so many moms!

DeeDee said...

What beautiful pictures you have...beautiful family! :)

Kim said...

Great reminder to a Mama who is always behind the camera. Your family photos are gorgeous!

ms. mindless said...

Beautiful photo of your clan. I wish my mother had been in the photos more when we were children. She was a single mom and always taking the pictures of my sister and I, but I wish there were more of the three of us from my childhood. Your children will cherish these photos when they are grown.

RachelRAdams said...

precious reminder. sometimes i feel bad asking others to take our picture when we're out and about without the hubby, however, i am always so happy when i get the pictures back that i did. wonderful reminder! the pictures of your family are great and embrace life as a young family. simply lovely.

Lori said...

Oh Sibi, what a great challenge and I couldn't agree more! We have to capture our lives as they are ~ the good and the not-so-flattering.....these are the moments that make up our lives and it's time we can never get back. I stopped "waiting for everything to be perfect" awhile back and am so glad!:)
Love these pictures, just darling!!! Your family is loving and beautiful!xo