Friday, April 8, 2011

Start Dreaming Again

Source: Img Spark

Who said you couldn't do it?  Who told you not to bother? Who said you would never make it?

Who told you it's too late? You're too old!  You're too young!

You're not smart enough.

Strong enough.

Important enough.

Rich enough.

Who told you to stuff that dream way down inside your heart and never, ever mention it again?

Who said that it will never happen?

That dream job.

That college degree.

That book being published.

That incredible gift of a husband.

That positive pregnancy test.

That precious baby in your arms....

Who told you it would never happen for you?

That your not worth it.

That it's too late.

I have a newsflash....................

It's not over.

You haven't even gotten started yet.

You're just getting warmed up.

Life can change in a minute.

You could meet "him" today.

That baby is yours.

You are worth it.

You deserve better.

Your dreams are God dreams. He placed them inside you.

You may have to let go of some unhealthy people in your life.

It's okay to do that. It's even better to bless them as you do so.

You have a purpose.

And it's powerful.

Ask God to show you why He created you. You'll be awake all night writing it down.

It's not too late.

You're not too old. Or too young.

God sees the end from the beginning.

He knows the purposes and the plans He has for you.

He wants to bless you. Prosper you. And give you the desires of your heart.

It's bigger than what you think it is.

His plan is always better than ours.

So start dreaming again and trust Him...

He is faithful to fulfill the good work which He has begun in you.

Happy dreaming this weekend.


Jill said...

Absolutely delightful post!!! my morning prayer time (this very morning!) I was asking God to use me for His dream for my life- to reveal His perfect dream for me...I think He just gave me a little *wink* through your words!!
Thank you!
Many Blessings!

lizziefitz said...

Will you please say an extra prayer for my oldest daughter? She is a funk and I can see her "light" dimming:(

Tiffini said...

ok miss Sibi;)...I needed to hear this...don't we all. Oh heavens..this is encouraging to hearts that are faint and weary and in need of some of His living Word breath breathed all over them. That is just what you did..happy weekend to you as well...much love

Sandra said...

You are not only a pearl but a "jewel". XOXO

Renae Moore said...

Our hope is in Him who created us and knew us before He knit us in our mother's womb, the One who knows the number of every hair on our head, the One who said He would never leave or forsake us. Thanks be to God!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Thank you! Exactly the words I needed to read today!!