Friday, April 22, 2011

Decree A Thing {Part Two}

Happy Good Friday to you! I'm back to share part two with a few little nuggets that have helped me over the years.

What did you decree today? What declarations have you made with spoken words?

Sometimes we don't even realize that we are actually making a declaration!

Words have power. Ever heard of a self fulfilling prophecy?

Also the use of the words "always" and "never" are usually the start of it!

Here are a few examples.....

I'll never get married.

I'm always broke.

Nothing ever works out for me.

I will never be successful.

I am always going to struggle.

My family is always going through hardships.

We never get a break.

I will never lose that much weight.

I am always going to be alone.

I am never going to get pregnant.

My husband will never love me like that.

I am always living paycheck to paycheck.

These are just a few examples.

Sometimes we can say lots and lots of things just like this over the course of one day.  Especially when we really are going through a hard time.

So often these words will come to pass.

We have to use faith.

And speak those things that are not as though they were with declarations! (By faith)

Here are a few ideas!

I decree and declare that I am wealthy beyond measure both spiritually and naturally.

I decree and declare that I am blessed and highly favored.

I decree and declare that this situation and circumstance is turning in my favor.

I decree and declare that I walk in supernatural wisdom and discernment, gifts and talents.

I decree and declare that I walk in tremendous favor at the office and that promotions and increase are mine.

I decree and declare that I will walk in my calling and fulfill my purpose and His perfect will for my life.

I decree and declare that my gift will make room for me.

I decree and declare that my marriage is healthy and whole and full of His love and goodness.

I decree and declare that I am blessed with life ~ giving God ordained friendships.

I decree and declare that I lack no good thing and that every need is met beyond my expectations.

I decree and declare that I will meet and marry the person whom God has set aside for me.

I decree and declare that my womb is blessed and that I am able to conceive, carry and deliver healthy and whole full term babies.

I decree and declare that I walk in the anointing of love and the anointing of Motherhood.

I decree and declare that every bill is paid and that there is always more than enough.

I decree and declare that I will receive every good and perfect gift that He has set aside for me.

These are just a few ideas to get you started!  I encourage you to research the many scripture references regarding the words we speak and the power within.  I try to be mindful of these very things on a daily basis. Especially when I am walking through something incredibly difficult or painful.

It's so easy to slip back into speaking my circumstances. So easy. But He is so faithful to gently remind me of what to do with these powerful words.  "What will you decree daughter?"

Happy Resurrection Weekend!

Speak Life!


lizziefitz said...

I declare that God placed you in my life so that I could really hear and feel Him . Hugs!

Mandy said...

i love this! i 'declare' too much junk in my life, may i declare better for my family and i from now on!

The Mustard Seed said...

Thanks for sharing this, Sibi. This is such a powerful message. And so timely during the times in which we live. Especially for myself... not just with my family but with the struggle of friendships as my hearts desire is for a best friend!

Can I share my decrees with you?

My husband and I will always share a deep love and respect for one another.

My marriage will set a high standard for other marriages to follow.

My son will learn to walk, talk, and eat by mouth.

The child I am carrying will have a long healthy life loving Jesus.

My children are fearfully and wonderfully made.

My children will love each other very much.

I will give birth to more perfectly healthy children.

I have been given a great purpose in His plan!

The Lord is going to place a best friend, a sister in my path.

Thanks, Sibi...Happy Easter!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Part I and Part II really spoke to me. I decree that my marriage will be an example to my three adult grown this world where marriage seems to be no longer sacred.

Thank you Sibi. May God bless you and your family and answer prayer for those *things* you have prayed.

Renata said...

A Very inspiring post for this Holy Week - Thank you so much for sharing!!! I was watching Joyce Meyer on tv yesterday and she was talking about how Jesus rose from the dead so that one day we can rise from our death (she said it doesn't have to be a real death that we will rise from, but a death of our fears, our insecurities etc etc). Jesus died for we can live in abundance and think abundant thoughts!

KTG said...

I started last night speaking words of blessing not cursing to my 2 year old.Thank you!

Coastal Health and Home said...

Dear Sibi, Keep inspiring! Blessings to your family.

3 Peanuts said...


Susan R said...

We have a strict rule in the Robinson household that says, "Robinson's never say can't". It's our family mantra. There's a little quote that I love that also goes along with this:
"The person who sits down and says I can't do it is usually being passed up by someone who is doing it".
I'm not sure if that quite goes along with what you posted, but I just thought I would add my two cents worth.