Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Being Gathered

So when they were filled, He said to His disciples,
"Gather up the fragments that remain, so that nothing is lost." ~ John 6:12

I love these red letter words that Jesus shared with His disciples.
There is such depth spoken here in glorious red ink.

Why is it that He was so concerned about gathering up the fragments?

Why was He concerned about what was left behind?

Why would Jesus teach His disciples this beautiful lesson?

So that nothing was lost.


I love this scripture. It is one that I am holding close during this season.

I love that He wanted to make sure that nothing was lost.

Did you know that He is concerned about our fragments?

This simple truth is amazing to me.

He can, after all, make all things new.

He can, after all, bring restoration and recompense.

But a God who is deeply concerned about what is left undone......

What has been unraveled.

What has been torn apart and ripped to shreds.

What looks like He may have simply forgotten us.

There is such power in this truth.

I love that He is concerned about the details of my life.

That He has not forgotten about the broken pieces.

The fragments that are lying around that are too big and too painful for me to piece back together.

That The One who created it all is ever mindful about my damaged goods is overwhelming to me.

I love that He is so willing to lean down and put together all the pieces on my behalf.

I am so grateful that He loves me enough to gather me.

When life has broken me into or when I have made a mess of things....

And there are pieces........

You and I, we know about pieces.

We have a Savior.

Who will take His hands~ the ones where our names have been written~ and gather us.
Who will pick up the pieces, every single fragment and make all things new.

So that means when life seems unfair and often times is.

When the hurt comes in like a flood.

When friends betray.

When it seems you've been dismissed again.

When Mothers and Fathers have turned their backs~ and their hearts.

When promises are delayed.

When it seems like it will never be your turn.

When words hurt and your heart is in pieces.

There is One who will gather....

all just so nothing is lost.

It seems that there is a familiar message within those words.

A God who is concerned about everything and everyone who may be lost.

Wrap your heart around this truth today sweet friends...


lizziefitz said...

Faith at its' Best! He is the glue that holds ALL my pieces together. Blessings Sweet Sibi!

Charbelle said...

I love your blog! I found you through Preppy Southern Princess. This post is beautiful and so true and such a reminder!

paige said...

beautiful encouraging truth
thank you friend
ps, these images are perfect!!

Deborah said...

What a beautiful post. In picture and in word. You are such an encouragement.
Thank you.

Eric and Hannah Avery said...

What beautiful truth, and beautiful photography! Be blessed today!


Sandra said...

As always, you lift up those who are lucky to know you. xoxo

chrissiwithab said...

Sweet girl, I count your blog as one of my life's blessings. Thanks you for sharing your gift of words and your talent behind the camera. You are amazing.

Nancy said...

Oh Sibi, this post speaks to me so. I pray that you know your a beautiful vessel for God. His words pour out in this post. I can literally picture Him picking up our fragments and pieces... molding them back together, in the image He created us in. I've given up on myself many times...but your words over the last two years have shown me to trust. Trust Him to pick up the pieces...

much love to you

sarah said...

I dont know how you do it dearest.....words that just speak to the spirit....thank you....lots of love and a real hug just a few days away.....xoxo

Anonymous said...

Our Father is so lovng, He cares so much for us. Thank you for reminding me that He loves us down to the very small chips that fall to the ground of our worst days.

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

I have never commented on your blog before - but you have so touched me...over and over again. There are no words for how strong you are in the midst of trials and how encouraging your posts have been to my spirit. I so glean from your wisdom. I'm reminded of our Father's love for us....and I thank you!

Michelle said...

This is a beautiful post (as always!). Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

God must have led me here, because OH! how I needed this one today...everything has just fallen into pieces around me and I was just sitting here wondering how I was going to pick them all up-now I know that I'm not. He is. Thank you for reminding me. :-)

sherry said...

you've no idea how this speaks to my heart of hearts at this time in life. ever faithful is He to speak to His children - to bless others. thank you.

in Him,