Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Year Of Promises Fulfilled ~ 2016

Hello, sweet friends,

I hope that you are doing well!

I've missed each one of you and this space here where we share community and encouragement! 

Edie Wadsworth from Life in Grace, refers to the past year as  "The year I broke up with blogging."

I would say that is true for me as well. Although I've never blogged every day- or even every week,
This past year, I unintentionally broke up with blogging and focused any and all time with our family and with writing away in the midnight hour for what will hopefully become a book of hope and encouragement for others one day.

By His grace, I've also been creating flower arrangements for people and have loved every minute of creating something beautiful. It is such a passion of mine and something I did for years before growing our family. Flowers are my love language...

The days around here are filled with high activity and a heavy workload! I am doing my best to keep up as He is teaching me how to Mother our 7 children in new ways. Everyone is growing and thriving and grateful! 

I wanted to thank each one of you who have reached out and asked about future posts and written words of encouragement to me.

It has meant so much and I am so looking forward to posting again more regularly.

2015 was a very full year with beautiful days and some really hard days too.  I know I will write about the beauty and the broken pieces of those days as He leads me to...

He always brings beauty out of our broken things. 

We are praying and believing that 2016 is the year of promises fulfilled.

He is such a good Father.  

He rewards. 




Above all we can think, hope or imagine. 

I am so incredibly grateful for His promises.

So happy to be back in this space again and to connect with each one of you! 

And for those who have asked, I will share in a separate post about the upcoming Pearl Event!



Rhonda said...

So good to hear from you. I was excited to see a new post and look forward to more. Hugs!

Prayer24Warrior said...

Oh, Sibi, so glad to see your blogpost. Praying that all is well. We will be looking forward to hear what you chose to tell us and hopefully see some pics of those darling children. Blessings to you!