Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Pearl Event IV ~ Chattanooga

Good Morning Glories,

I am equal parts honored and humbled and overjoyed to share this news with you all today! I share with great faith and legs shaking that He has orchestrated and organized and gathered together an incredible Pearl Event for you all this year. 

It is going to be worth the wait!

These women.

They are vessels who pour. Who serve. Who love. Who give.

Who sow into the hearts of women.

They use their platforms and social media influence for good and for the kingdom.

They are encouragers and lovers of God's word.

They are truth tellers and have hearts full of love and humility.

And their stories...their "But God" stories of hope and faith and redemption and recompense.

You all are going to be so blessed.

We have some of your favorite bloggers and writers joining us this year. A Pearl Girl from each of the last two events and some new and very special friends!

Our theme this year will not come as a surprise if you've been a reader here for very long.

I've written for years here about my two favorite words in the bible and I am so grateful for

how God can truly use every, single thing we've been through, for our good and His glory.

These women have some of the most incredible "but God" stories you've ever heard! 

Glorious Impossibles!

I will share more later today in a separate post but wanted to announce the event and leave a link to

the ticket page for those of you who have been waiting for the next Pearl Event!

We have a limited number of discounted early bird tickets and then once those are gone, the remaining tickets will go to full price, so if you want to join us this year, please get your ticket right away!

Here is the link.


Cannot wait to see you all in April! 

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Sheri said...

What hotel do you recommend Sibi?