Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Grace Abounds

Hello beautiful friends,

I wanted to stop in and post a quick note and a picture of the Prince with his sisters.


We are all absolutely smitten beyond words with Wells Henry Worth and can hardly get a thing done, with the love fest going on over here- and the work load!

I am doing my best to manage the hustle and bustle of our busy family of nine people.

Somehow, by His unimaginable goodness and grace, I've managed to birth a bouncing baby boy and along with my husband, get five children registered for three different schools, get them all out to purchase clothes and shoes and various school supplies. We've taken all of them for haircuts and physicals and dentist appointments, attended all of their open houses and parent teacher conferences and managed decent school pictures for everyone as well as getting one ready for band and one ready for football, all with a newborn in tow. We have also managed to survive a series of strep throat sickness with two of the children and asthma attacks with one of the children. Most of which happened the day after the baby was born. Our oldest son gave us a good scare that day and had to be rushed to the ER clinic. 

I won't even get into the scary car accident we were involved in with five of my children in the car with me just a few weeks ago.

We are all fine thank goodness. So, so grateful for that. 

But it has been a lot to manage to say the least.  

I'm so thankful for His grace. 

His grace is sufficient....

Our Macey Girl is doing well and has been living on her own and supporting herself for a long time now, but we never stop being Mama, do we? Our children need us differently once they are grown and I do my best to make myself available without smothering or hovering over her life.  I'm still learning. Still making mistakes but still trying! I love her more and more and do my best to demonstrate my love for her even though we aren't under the same roof any more. Sometimes that is a floor move at her adorable apartment or a pumpkin candle and a little love note left on her door step or even a Sunday night dinner at our house with the nine of us- my favorite. 

I'm learning to meet the ever changing needs of seven precious children and navigate a new normal here the best that I can. I have certainly made my share of mistakes but thankful that He gives me the grace to do this. 

Grace abounds.

A big family isn't for everyone but when I look at these longed for, prayed for, hoped for babies- all I can see is love.

And I can't find a thing in the world wrong with love.

Just messy beautiful, trying hard, learning and growing and forgiving in a family motivated by love.

I think that's all He asks of us....

That we love.

I'm so looking forward to writing again and have missed you all so much!

I have a long list of notes to post here soon, written in some kind of 3:00 a.m.- I'm nursing a baby handwriting- but here's hoping.

I hope you all are enjoying a glorious fall and that your homes are spilling over with the plumpest pumpkins this season!

Big Hug...


Katie W. said...

I am smiling so big for you as I read this post. All I can think of is "immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine." Much love and prayers friend for your precious family!

Beth said...

Sweet Sibi,
Loved catching up on your precious family! Truly did a double take, Macy's profile looks so vey much like you.

Continued prayers for you as you navigate the busy.