Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I thought I would share a little glimpse into my life as a Mother of six with you this morning.

One of the things that keeps me laughing would be the many questions I get asked.

I mean ............ hundreds of them daily.

From the time I open my eyes until I collapse each night. 

The questions that never stop are just one part of my day....enjoy!

Please note the placement of the quotation marks.

It's like one giant run on sentence! :) Literally.

"Mama, do elephants have eyelashes? 


What color are they?

Honey, I don't know. I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet.

Let me think about it.

Are they pink? 




When Daddy asked you to marry him, did you say yes?


Did you kiss?!


Do you and Daddy like to kiss?!

Laughing out loud...yes. 



Was Daddy in the Civil War?


No and for the love - why are you asking me that??


Can I get a bunny? Can I get one too? Yeah!! Me too? Pleeeeeeease?

I want something to snuggle.

If she gets a bunny then can I get a bunny? I want to snuggle something.

If she gets to snuggle something can I get something to snuggle too?

No babies. No.

Why not?!!

Because we can't have anything else that poops. Daddy said.

Please can I get a bunny that doesn't poop? Please? I will take care of it!!

Can I get one if she gets one?

No honey. We are not going to buy any bunnies right now.

But we don't have to buy them! They're free down at The Publix!

My friend just got one.

No honey.

Not today.

Well, can we get one tomorrow then?

No honey.

Well can I go to her house and spend the night and see her new bunny?

No honey.

Mama, do dinosaurs have fossils?

Do they laugh?

Can they see us?

If they can see us, can they smell us?

Laughing with tears.

No honey.

They are extinct.

They stink?

No honey. Yes, probably. But they do not exist any more!

What? They don't?!! Yes, they do Mama!!!

I love dinosaurs!

Mama, can I have a cookie?

Can I have ice cream if she gets a cookie?

Can I have a milkshake if he gets a cookie and she gets ice cream?

No. No and No.

For the love of all that is holy.

No to everything the rest of the day.

Mama, is God married?

No honey.

If God isn't married then why are you and Daddy married?"

Picture me with a cold ice pack on my head while being collapsed on the couch by 10 a.m.

If you've emailed me and have yet to receive a response, THIS is the reason:)

I'm tending to the answering of all of these precious questions and so many more.

Happy Tuesday sweet friends...

Here's to a beautiful and blessed week !


Love Being A Nonny said...

I LOVE this...but boy oh boy do I remember how exhausting all these questions were!!

My favorite part: *Daddy says we can't have anything else that poops!*

Judy said...

this brought back many memories of my "babies" who are now 39 & 37! i get lots of questions from my grandchildren and hope i still answer them as well as you do!

Katie said...

Wow! This sure sounds mighty familiar to me! I'm in your shoes, too, if that helps. ;o)

"We can't have anything else that poops. Daddy said." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So, so good....

shannon p said...

LOL!! is all I can do. This made my day...

paige said...

i love when you share your world

RachelRAdams said...

This is great! It reminds me so much of my home too! Isn't it fun? I love this age... You think we'll be lonely when they all leave the nest? I can't imagine the quiet house.... oh and that when I clean it may stay clean. I admit I love seeing their little shoes on my bedroom floor at night after they've gone to bed or their toys strewn across the backyard, a sign of day well spent

AEOT said...

This is great! I laughed out loud!!

Unknown said...

I love this for so many reasons...Brandon and I literally laughed out loud! Oh, those sweet and inquisitive little minds! xoxo