Friday, March 22, 2013

The Pearl Event III ~ Nashville

Morning Glories!

I wanted to share this exciting announcement with you all today! Finally!

We are knee deep in preparations for The Triple Strand set for Friday, May 17 in Nashville, TN.

We have a gorgeous new venue that you all are going to love!  

I may be twirling over this. 

I am just beside myself.

We have changed the day. It is now on a Friday instead of the weekend so that you all can spend the weekend enjoying Nashville! You know you cannot visit Nashville without a trip to eat at The Loveless Cafe or The Pancake Pantry!

We have added a box lunch this year and it is included in your ticket price. 

We have also changed up the structure of the event after trying it out in Atlanta last weekend!

God just blessed it in more ways than I had even prayed for Him to do!

The morning sessions will be praise and worship and our guest speakers sharing their incredible testimonies and then we will serve you all box lunches in the courtyard area. 

During the afternoon sessions I will be teaching and encouraging you all through some new worksheets that I designed with the Father called Heartwork and I will also be weaving in my personal testimony to share as well. We will end with a new video and the adorning of the pearls!

I am SO excited about all of the new and special changes and we hope it blesses you!

I want to share about our incredible worship leader for this event here today.

Her name is Michaela McLaird and she is an incredible gift and talent! 

I am just beside myself that she is leading us in worship for this event.

We will be announcing more details about the hotels and speakers bios and the flyer on Monday!

I am so excited to meet you all in Nashville in just 8 short weeks! We are already praying for you!


paige said...

that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm going to eat a shrimp quesadilla tonight to celebrate xoxoo

paige said...

oh my gosh & thank you for supporting me and giving a shout out to Noonday on your blog.
what an HONOR!!!!

Susan R said...

Good Morning Sibi

I follow your blog and love reading your posts. Your blog is always so bright and cheery, so full of inspiration and sweet photos of your family.

I don't know why, but lately my thoughts keep going back to a post where you introduced a sweet and beautiful young girl who was pregnant and standing on a street corner. You helped that girl realize she is never alone and that she is loved and needed.

I just wonder about her, her baby and what she is doing now. Do you still see her at all and how is she doing now? I don't know what brought this up, I was just curious.

I'll tell you what....I have just added The Pearl Event to my bucket list. I can just feel it in my heart that I'm supposed to go to one of these. Y'all are a long way from Colorado, but I'll make it one way or another.

Sibi said...

Thank you Paige so much!! Love you sweet friend!

Sibi said...


Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words...
your encouragement means so much to me.

The amazing woman you are talking about is "J."
It was a special gift from the Lord to me in meeting J and having the opportunity to help in some way. The other women mentioned in that post were the ones who really gave her so many tangible things to help her during her time of need.

It is amazing what a group of women can do together!

We tried to stay in touch with her and continued reaching out to her many times. Either her phone was disconnected or she changed her number.

I reached out to her again and again to try and connect with her to offer her a seat at The Pearl Event this last year and had no luck at all.

We are trying to connect with her again for the event this year:)

I'm praying God will make the connection. He is really amazing that way!

She is a beautiful and courageous soul who one day I'm sure, will stand and tell her incredible story of struggle and triumph and will give God the glory for every piece of it!

I hope you can join us this year and if J is there, I would love to introduce you to her!

Thank you so much for asking about her!!