Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Empty Corners

This story I am about to offer is shared with full permission by one incredible and brave young woman.

Some people get excited over sports, concerts, a special vacation.

And for others it's a new bag. A new pair of shoes. A pretty lipstick.

And while all of those things are wonderful and of course can make one happy, I happen to get really excited over an empty corner and let's not forget my obsession with newborn babies as well.

But I especially love an empty corner.

It may sound strange to some people.

Most people may not even notice it during their daily commute.

But for whatever reason God made me to notice the details.

Here is an example...

At the beginning of the summer we were driving down a beautiful street with all of the babies in tow and there before my eyes was a beautiful, vibrant, young woman.

She was standing on the corner. The one that was supposed to be empty.

And she was expecting.

She wasn't expecting a bus. Or a taxi. Or a friend to pick her up from work.

She was expecting a baby......... Remember my obsession?

Now there are two things I am not going to put up with in life.

One is a woman standing on a corner that should be empty and two is that same woman standing there expecting her first born gift.

I pretty much had a panic attack and my husband knew what was about to happen.

I had to talk to her. I had to meet her. I had to help in some way.

It was beyond me. It was all Him.

It didn't have anything to do with me. And everything to do with a Daddy who wanted to reach His daughter and pour out love and mercy and goodness and grace and meet every single need she had.

I asked her the most important thing first.

"Are you safe?" She looked at me and smiled and slowly nodded.

But I've lived long enough to know that a simple smile and slow nod don't mean a thing.

She wasn't and I knew it. I could feel it.

And she wouldn't be standing on a corner selling the homeless paper to folks if she was.

I asked her name ....

I asked her what she needed. She wouldn't really tell me.

I asked her if she had a place and she gave me that simple smile and a slow nod one more time.

I just wanted to meet a need. Even just one.

I didn't want to interrogate her. I didn't want to question her. I didn't need to know all the details. There wasn't an ounce of judgement in my heart. I just wanted her off of that corner and safe in a place of her own getting herself ready to become a mother.

And so that is how it began......

I came home and tried to figure out how to reach her , how to connect, how to help.

I posted a note on FB telling everyone whom I was connected with that there was

"An opportunity to demonstrate His love standing on the corner" and gave the address.

I bagged up almost all of my maternity clothes and put them in the car to give to her.

I talked with my husband , I begged him to let her live with us. I talked about her and talked about her
to try and figure out what to do.

And then it was like she disappeared.

I would drive by, many times, and she would not be standing there.

Then one afternoon, my friend Vanessa texted me and said "Sibi, she's there today!"

It was the week we were leaving to go on vacation, my husband just so happened to be home and the 12 passenger van we rented needed to be picked up earlier than we actually needed it. By a couple of days.

God is in the details!!!

As soon I received that text I told my husband and we loaded up all five children and wheeled out of the driveway to go and rescue this precious woman. We were going to bring her home with us!

It felt like Christmas to me......

By the time we arrived she was gone.

I just knew she had walked down the street to the grocery store to go the bathroom! (9 times pregnant me just knew this !)

We drove around looking and nothing. Looked through the parking lot, nothing.  And then I spotted her,
sitting on the lawn furniture under the grocery store awning eating a peach.

I left my husband and children in the car and prayed and asked and hoped and begged the Lord to do the talking.

I talked with her and asked her if she remembered me and hugged her. She said "I remember you, you smell so good. You are the lady who gave me all of those beautiful clothes. You smell just like the clothes you gave me."

I was crying. She was crying.

Because I know what it is to just want something that smells good. That smells clean.

Crying because I know what it is to stand on the corner in life and want......

We all do. We've all stood on the corner in one area of our life or another.

We've stood on the corner of unanswered prayers. And the corner of waiting for our marriages to be restored. We've stood on the corner of financial despair and the street of "Is this all my life is ever going to be?"

I've been there. I've stood there. And many times I watched people drive right on by during some of my darkest hours. Like I was part of the scenery. 

I cannot be that person.

The one who doesn't notice. Doesn't see. Doesn't hear. Doesn't feel.

We are all God's children. And we are all called to represent His love to every single soul on this earth.

I said to her, "We came to get you. We want you to live with us. We want to help you. We want to take care of you and your baby."

She was just weeping and sobbing in my arms.

She was so gracious and kind and had such a sweet spirit.

"But why? Why would you want to help me?"

Sometimes life has beat you up so bad, you can't believe anyone even cares, much less wants to help.....

She told me how she had been busy saving her money selling the homeless paper and how just two days prior she had finally found an apartment complex who would work with her and offer her a lease.

Apartment complexes will not rent to someone who is trying to get ahead in life and can pay rent in advance?? They won't rent to someone who doesn't have a current address??


She told me about how the state would not allow her to get food stamps without an address.

Homeless people cannot get food stamps without an address? They are homeless!!!


She told me about the shelter where she had been staying and how cruel they were to her.

"The battered women's shelter? The battered women's shelter is mean to the battered women?"


"They are so mean to us that most women just go back to their abusers"

I. could. not. breathe.

Deep breaths.

Deep breaths

Deep breaths because it was like a holy anger rose up in me. Deep breaths that this woman couldn't get ahead if she tried. Deep breaths because the system doesn't make any sense to me and I don't know if I can fix it but I am going to try even with five babies in tow. Deep breaths because the shelter that should have been her shelter is filled with women who don't know how to help without judging. How to love without hate. Deep breaths because the shelter is not a shelter for the hundreds and thousands of women who are domestic violence victims and who find that the empty corner on a street is a better shelter. Deep breaths because this state that I live in is in the top tier for death to a woman by a DV incident. 

Sweet Jesus.

In that moment I knew I could not repair all the damage, all the injustices. I could not undo all the hurt and all the judgement that had been cast her way. I could not create a reenactment of all the people who had just driven by her day after she was part of the scenery.

This precious child of God carrying another precious child of God overlooked, rejected and cast down.

I hated it all. I was so angry I didn't know what to do.

But He could do something through me and I was willing. My family was willing.

I told her that God was going to deliver a truckload of blessings to her new place.

I asked her what she needed even though I knew it was anything and everything.....

And it was. She had nothing other than a bed for herself.

Within hours of posting about her need on FB, this is what was delivered to my garage for her.

Delivered to my house from about 10 women.  Did you know that 10 women can change the world?

I happen to have an incredible neighbor who has some really special friends who gathered, bought and delivered almost everything you see here....

I was blown away by the loved poured out for "J" and her unborn daughter. This is not including the large gift cards and money these precious women offered as well.

Remember the rental van they needed us to take a couple of days early? Free of charge of course.

God had a bigger plan in mind.

Can you imagine waking up one day and having absolutely nothing for yourself. Nothing for your unborn child and hardly a dime to your name?

And then waking up the very next day and God all by Himself decided to send a 12 passenger van to your brand new apartment full of every single thing that you and your sweet baby would need and more.

I was awestruck. The details blew me away.

Awestruck at how the bedding one friend bought was the exact color scheme she wanted.

Overwhelmed at the swing someone gave was the swing she had looked at for months in the store.

Beside myself that the crib and changing table that someone gave matched the highchair someone else gave and was exactly what she really, really wanted.

I'm talking down to the diaper bag.

Every, single thing she needed was provided and was exactly what she wanted or even better than what she had hoped for.

God all by Himself....

Took a homeless pregnant woman standing on the corner and gave her a place of her own and filled it with every single thing she needed and more....supernaturally.

The one detail that I really could not believe and that just blessed me more than I could ever put into words here was the phone call between us while we were driving to deliver everything to her.

I was excited. She was excited. I could hardly wait. She could hardly believe it.....and then she said this...

"Sibi, thank you for giving me the best birthday I've ever had in my life."


You mean that God orchestrated Heaven and Earth to give this daughter of His an outpouring of earthly demonstration to show JUST HOW MUCH He loves her and He chose, out of 365 days in the year, to align every, single thing to happen on the anniversary of the day she was born?

God all by Himself.

You know I had to stop and get a cake.  :)

Turns out that God loves empty corners even more than I do.

I share this story today to give God every ounce of glory and to thank those who so selflessly gave to help this incredible young woman. Also I wanted to share in hopes that maybe someone reading would be stirred to action the next time that prompting comes when we see a homeless man, woman or child.

That prompting that rises up within us is Him.

Prompting us to stop. To offer. To give. To sow and to demonstrate His love.

We do not know the width or the depth of the stories standing there.

It's not always what we think it is. Things are not always the way they seem.....

And there may be the chance to change the world because we saw a child of God instead of a "situation" standing there.

Thank you to my incredible husband who moved and packed and delivered furniture and things over the course of two days with second degree burns on his hands, and never once complained.

Never once.

You have His heart honey. You teach me by example...

Thank you to my beautiful gift of a girlfriend Vanessa who has been His hands and feet in my own life more times than I can count. Who got the word out and orchestrated and organized with her amazing friends and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you to Benning, Jordan, Janie, Lena, Donna, Ashley, Julie, Shirley and Melissa.

Thank you from the depths of my soul. You all inspire me. You are world changers.....

May He bless you all one hundred fold for your extraordinary kindness.

For "J"....

You are an incredible, amazing, beautiful woman who has yet to even tap into the gifts, talents, purpose and tremendous call that is on your life.

You are also His just haven't discovered it yet.  But I see it.

I see in you what you cannot see for yourself.....

The best is yet to come my friend.


Amanda said...

Praise the Lord! You are truly are amazing! Your friends are wonderful too....please keep us posted on "j" and her baby girl...?! must be a sweet angel with all that pink about to arrive.....I want to do this for someone....

just ask beth said...

I am in tears... I would love to send a donation to her.. email me I am always reminded of WWJD..and you did exactly what he would have done.. Your heart is beautiful Sibi! God Bless J and her daughter!

DianeTaylor said...

Tears are pouring from my eyes reading this story. Sibi and her warriors are changing the world, one pearl at a time! AMAZING!!!!

Can I donate as well? My email is

Nora said...

That is the most wonderful story I have ever heard.

southern-newlywed said...

Such a moving story. :) Thank you for sharing with your readers. This has motivated me to do something nice for someone today and to stop thinking of myself so much. We take God's blessings for granted and assume that they will be there tomorrow.

I would also like to give to this woman, "J". What can I do?

Hope that you don't mind but I shared this story on my Twitter page. I have 350 followers so hopefully, this story will spread!

Love to you,

The Southern Newlywed

Lana Kim White Austin said...

Oh, Sibi...of course you would do this with that huge ol' heart of yours. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are definitely storing up your treasures in heaven! You are beautiful inside and out!!! I will keep "J" in my prayers!!!


Leanne said...

I LOVE this story!!!
SO sweet.
I can only imagine how happy "J" must feel, and how excited she must be to have her baby girl....
What else does she need?


Charity said...

He is enough.

Beth said...

I just saw this on your Facebook page and came to read. I can't help but think how God grants us all, as in the study of Jonah, what an amazing second chance. I pray she will feel pursued by Jesus and come to know him. True mitzvot [a precept or positive command to perfect moral character and express the love of God].

I wish Jan Langbein, who is the Exec Director of Genesis Women's Shelter could get a hold of that shelter and shape them up!

Do you have a pay pal account or a place we can make a donation?
Thank you dear Sibi!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh my goodness. This is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read in my life. It is living God's word in action.

You are so special Sibi. God blessed YOU with the courage to be the turning point for this young woman. You have not only touched her life and her daughter's life but SO many more through this.

I am like you in that I would have wanted to stop. I would have thought about her for days and wanted to help. Dave would probably try to talk me out of it for safety. I am so impressed by your husband for supporting you in reaching out. Don't get me wrong, Dave has a heart of gold but he is more cynical and protective. I am so proud of you, your hubby and your friends for stepping out in faith and helping this young woman. I will pray for her.

Jodee said...

Oh my word! What an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! I, too, would love to do something for J. Can I send cash or a gift card?

Nancy said...

Oh Sibi, I had to read this twice before I could comment. The tears that fell blured my vision. I kept hearing you say "For every time you felt alone, HE was there." Talk about paying it forward. This is one of the most selfless acts I have ever witnessed. God bless you, Mr. P&G {wish there were more out there like him} and your beautiful girlfriends. I can only imagine what J must have been/is feeling. Like the others I would love to do something for her. Please let us know what she is in need of. As for you, you are such an exapmle of how a Godly women should live and for me are the truest meaning of Grace.
God Bless you sweet Sibi, this world is a better place with you here. XOXO

Michele said...

Sibi, I too am in tears. I would also like to send a donation. Please email me at and let me know what J and her baby needs. You are a blessing, an amazing caring and loving woman Sibi. I am so absolutely drawn to every word that you write. I thank Him for bringing you into my life. Blessings to you and your wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

this is just one of the most precious posts I've ever read! All of the tags hanging on those new clothes!! Not just use ones! God is SO amazing and he just KNEW that you were just the lady for the job! I want to be a part of a story like this too. I want to notice the empty corners! God help me to see things through YOUR eyes!

Precious and Pink said...

Sibi, thank you for sharing this story. I can't stop crying--how wonderful that you discovered J and her baby girl. Sometimes the hand of G-d seems to be so far away, and then I read a story like this one, and I realize how wrong I am to think that. Thank you for reaching out to her and to your amazing friends and husband for helping this woman at her most vulnerable time.

Emily said...

Oh my goodness Sibi, you have my bawling my eyes out on this Wednesday night. You are truly a precious soul. It's more people like you that we need in this world. This post gave me chills, made me smile, and cry all in the same. I wrote a post not too long ago about everyone having a story and needing to give people a chance and this just explains that so much better. I hope to be like you. so selfless. I hope you keep in contact with J and her soon to be newborn babygirl

Ainsley* said...

how amazing!! you truly are a gift from god!! blessings will come full circle!

Jill said...

Hi Sebi, This is an amazing story. I'm so excited to see the plans God has for 'J' and her sweet baby girl. I would LOVE to help. What does she need? Cash? Gift Cards? Baby Supplies? Email me if you get a chance,

The Mustard Seed said...


What a light your are in a time of darkness. Your love for Jesus is shown in the way you live your live. He has called you to be the salt and you have preserved what is His. I love this testimony and I love that you are using it not just to witness to "J" but to the many people who read your blog.

Thank you for sharing this awesome story. It is a slap in the face to myself who would be to afraid to help. But God will always provide!!


Sandra said...

This is a wonderful story. And she is so fortunate that you simply would not give up on finding her! You're such a sweetheart. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. . . XOXO

Jodee said...

P.S. I borrowed one of your pictures and posted about your act of kindness today. However, I wonder if a cyber baby shower would be in order. I would be happy to collect things here in NE and send them to you.

Sibi said...

@ Amanda,

I will keep you posted! Thank you so much for your kind words, but she is the amazing one! I admire her for trying so hard to hold it all together and provide for her baby girl!


Thank you for offering to bless her! I will send you an email today! Thank you to for your encouraging is all Him:)


I will email you too! Thank you! It's Him! It's Him!! He loves us so much and wants to reveal Himself through us to others!!


Thank you. God stories make the best stories!!

Sibi said...

Southern ,

I will send you an email today. Thank you for wanting to bless her!

You shared this on Twitter?Thank you sweet friend! I'm sure He is smiling that His story and pursuit of love for His daughter has made it onto Twitter today! :)))


Thank you, I emailed you yesterday regarding your other comment! Thank you for blessing her!!


I don't know specifically what she needs today but I will find out and email you her contact info! Thank you for offering to bless her!

Cha Cha,

He is. He is. He is.

Sibi said...


Loved your can I get in touch with that Director? Do you personally know her or have a connection? I would love to talk with her and see what I can do here on my end. I can't bear the thought of these women returning to their abusers. Too much.

I don't have a pay pal account and I don't think she does either! But I can email you contact info!

Thank you!!!

Sibi said...

3 Peanuts~

Thank you for your sweet comment. It's all Him. I throw caution to the wind when I feel His promptings! I know you would love her, she is a special young woman!


Thank you for thinking of her! I can send you an email later today!

Sibi said...

Raining Pearls...

Thank you for your encouraging words! I am not a good example, I promise!

But this is a good example of how He will go out of His way to pursue us and to demonstrate His love for us!!!

I will send you an email. Thank you for offering to bless her! Big Hug!!

Sibi said...


Thank you for your honey filled words....

I was overjoyed to help her in some small way....and was completely awestruck at just how much HE demonstrated His love for her!!

Thank you for offering to bless her. I can send you an email...

So happy you have found any encouragement at all here! They are His words.....

Sibi said...


Yes, the new clothes, the new sheets for her bed, the new towels, the new baby things! My garage looked like a store for 24 hours! It was incredible!!

I know you would have done the have such a beautiful and giving heart!!

Yes, I pray every morning for God to keep the corners EMPTY in this city. Instead of filled with people who are suffering. Instead of every corner filled with sons and daughters who are in such desperate need. Heartbreaking.

Love to you sweet friend....

Sibi said...


I will keep responding throughout the day. Have to get my little ones to school!!!

Big Hug to each one of you!!


lizziefitz said...

So many lives changed forever! J's , her sweet baby girl, yours your family's , those ten women and
Their families , your readers and ..........
You did good Sibi, really , really good. You walk the walk . Your Father has never been more proud of you. I will pray a detailed pray that harm stays away from J and her baby. We all know that harm will try and beat down the door , we must all pray that J stays strong and safe in His arms. Hugs!

The Mrs. said...

I love that God has blessed you with such a specific calling. Your eyes are trained and you jump in and help! This story is so tear jerking I swear! You are so amazing and I am so happy for J!

Deidra said...

Oh I was in tears as I read this. I am loving to hear how GOd moves and work out miracles. I would love to help this lady out too. Please send me her infor. My contact is

Susan R said...

I am, without a doubt, hearing His voice saying, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant".
Yes, it is by His grace and His power that this all happened, but you are an instrument in His hands and He has done great things through you and all of His "pearls".
What a lovely story of kindness, love and most of all service.
If I may... ST Matthew 25:40 "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethern, ye have done it unto me".
I'm so happy that there are people like you and your friends in this world.

Karen said...

This is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read. You have such a pure heart...I am in awe. I plan to post a link to this story its too special not to share. Pleaes keep us posted on "J".

Belle said...

All honor, praise, and glory be to Jesus Christ. God bless Sibi for being open to grace and god bless her friends' generosity. And God bless J for being so open to receiving, which is a much harder thing to do than to give.

Renae Moore said...

As I read your story I have tears in my eyes of what a GREAT GOD we have, or how He provides and how HE pricked your heart. Blessings.
I would love to send her something...

I would love to be your facebook friend too!



Amy in CA said...

Sibi! Thank God for people like you who not only listen, but HEAR. How you and your friends have blessed this girl....simply because you paid attention and made yourselves available. What a wonderful way to start my morning, hearing about such a good work done in His Name!

Praying for you and J!

Amy in CA

Tiffany said...

Hi Sibi,

I read this post yesterday and I just couldn't find the words to respond. Tears immediately filled my eyes and ran down my face - at work no less! I snuck into an empty office and sobbed - for many reasons - for J, for you and for Him, for all He does! I sobbed because I needed a reminder that He does provide He is out there waiting to bless us all - Lord help me know I am already blessed and that maybe your blessings are hard to see right now - but help me to know the are there!

I know you don't know me in at all Sibi (except through my comments) - but I would appreciate a prayer - life is weighing down heavly right now and sometimes i can hardly breath - I keep reminding myself of His mercies and His grace.

thank you!

MaryBeth said...

What a wonderful story. Your faith that all would turn out is amazing. I think my fear would stop me from helping or how my help would just fuel some bad behaviour that got her there in the first place. Thank God there are people like you that see the good side of every situation.
If you can please email me so I too can send a gift card to this beautiful (wow is she) girl. She will need so much in the days and months to come.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Sibi, Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus. Please e mail me as to how I can help and where I can mail a gift. Praying.

Michele said...

Sibi, I'm not sure if you tried to email met yet. Feel free to email me at and let me know what else J and baby can use. You are such a blessing Sibi and I pray that one day we can meet!!!

Tiffany said...

This is probably the BEST thing I've ever read on a blog. THIS is Awesome. THIS is what a Christian example should look like. I am so thankful that out of all the blogs out there, I am blessed to know about yours.

You & Our Jesus ROCK, Sibi! ;)

I'm emailing you about how I can help too. "J" is where lots of us have been at one time or another...GRACE & Mercy kept me through LOVING Christian grandparents.

Sibi said...

Precious and Pink~

I am just now catching back up with responding to comments! So sorry!

We've all been there in one way or another. So many of us walk through things alone.

So afraid to share. To trust. To open up our hearts and let someone else know "what corner of life we are on."

"J" is brave and courageous. She had no choice but to let everyone see and know....

I so admire her for trying , for trusting and for receiving.....

Sibi said...


Thank you for your kind words...

It was all Him! I promise.

I am just naturally drawn to His daughters who are hurting. I'm like a magnet to the brokenhearted:)

Thank you for taking the time to comment!

Sibi said...


"J" is so special! I know God has big plans for her life!! She is going to come out of this and have an incredible testimony!!

Thank you for reading here and taking the time to comment! :)


Thank you so much! Trying to email everyone today who wanted to send her a little something.

Thank you for even offering! Means so much!!!

Blessings to you!!

Sibi said...


Thank you for your sweet words...He prompts us ...

Every. single. day.

Sometimes I am hurried with my children and the demands of Motherhood but He still prompts...

To offer a kind word, to encourage, to email, to reach out, to give, sow, love, prefer, forgive...

It's so easy to push the promptings down and push on full steam ahead. Lord only knows how many times I have done that...

It has taken me years to learn that those promptings are assignments from the throne room:)

And that is a gift.

Love to you sweet friend...

Sibi said...

Preppy 101~

She is an amazing girl and it has been an honor to watch the Father's pursuit!

He is still writing her beautiful story!!! It is going to be a good one:)


Sibi said...


Thank you so much! May He continue to be glorified !

Thank you too for offering to bless her!

Trying to email everyone today!!

Big Hug!

Sibi said...


I love that His ways have a ripple effect.....

Thank you for your kind's all Him:)

Thank you too for your prayers for J!! Means so much!

Big Hug.

Sibi said...

The Mrs~

We are ALL called!!! His promptings, whispers, heart tugs and nudges are for every single one of us.

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing about His love on Twitter! I know He is smiling:)

Big Hug.


Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! I will email you today!


Sibi said...


Thank you for sharing that scripture....such a beautiful reminder! Thank you too for taking the time to leave such encouragement here!

It is amazing what we can accomplish together!!!

Big Hug to you!

Sibi said...


Thank you for sharing about the story He is writing in "J!"

Means so much...


Thank you for taking the time to comment...and yes, I agree with you...receiving is so hard to do! She received with such grace and gratitude....

Big Hug.

Sibi said...


YES! He provides in His time!!!

Thank you so much...I am emailing you today.

Trying to catch up with all of you sweet girls early this morning!!

Sibi said...

Amy in CA~

Thank you so much. He has called each and everyone of us! I only shared this story because it is full of His glory!! It was such an honor to be a part in any way.

Life is so precious. Valuable. Important.

To think that we use our FB pages for silly things when there is opportunity DAILY to use Social Media to help His people and fill needs.....

Okay. I'm off my pink soapbox.

Thank you for your kind words!!!

Sibi said...

For Tiffany...

Father I thank you for Tiffany this morning....

I thank you for her life. I thank you that you are orchestrating every, single thing on her behalf . I thank you that right now you are moving Heaven and Earth to bless her, to answer her, to reveal yourself to her.

I ask you Father that you would pour out such an abundance of blessings that there would not be room enough to receive it all in Tiffany's life Lord.

I know that you are able.

I thank you that you see the end from the beginning. I thank you that you are her provider....Please provide Lord. We call in tremendous financial blessings Lord from the North, the South, the East and the West. We call in supernatural favor Lord for Tiffany and I speak over her life that she is blessed and not cursed. That she is above and not beneath. That she is the head and not the tail. And Lord I thank you early this morning for going out of your way today to pursue this precious daughter. I ask you to demonstrate your love for her today in beautiful and creative ways.

I ask you to lift every burden. Remove all heaviness and replace it with Your joy and Your peace. We thank you in advance Lord and give you all glory and honor and Jesus' precious name!

Bless you sweet friend....

Sibi said...


Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I am happy to email you....

I wanted to share my heart with you for a minute this morning. Your comment grieved my spirit and I just wanted to offer some insight....

Maybe it will shed some light in some small way.

The bad behavior that you feel got her there in the first place comment...

Made me so sad.

Every homeless person has a story. Each one unique and different. I don't believe all are "bad."

And I wonder what difference it makes what reason they are standing there when we have the opportunity to help, love, care, sow, give and meet a need....

Who are we to judge?

I wonder what any one of us would have done in her situation.

With no family. No one who could offer help.

There are people in this world who do not have family. Or whose families have turned their backs...and they are forced to do life alone.

I wonder what any one of us would have done in her situation as a domestic violence victim.

When the shelter is a horrible place and there isn't any family to turn to. When you have a life growing inside you and you have to provide.

I saw courage in the flesh standing on the corner that day.

I saw a woman who refused to lay down and die and decide that her life must be over because it wasn't perfect.

I didn't see any bad behavior.

I saw a mama who loved her unborn child and who was trying to hold pillar and post together completely solo.

Courage doesn't always live in a big house, on the nicest street in the nicest neighborhood with a Harvard degree hanging on the wall.

But bad behavior sometimes does.....

I pray that you will reach out to someone "different" today. I know that those who are different than we are can sometimes teach us the greatest of lessons in life....

Blessings to you....

Sibi said...


Thank you! I am emailing you today!


Thank you too, emailing you all today!!

I would LOVE to meet you! I am most likely not what you would expect. I am NOT a church lady! I am a hugger, a squealer and absolutely do not fit into any church lady mold! Ha!


Sibi said...

Mrs B~

Thank you for your encouragement! What a beautiful comment!

I wonder about that story in you......

When are you going to share?



Lori said...

This was amazing to read ~ I loved each and every detail of what God did and how he used you and all the others (your hubby is AWESOME!) and especially "J" ~ she is a young woman of great faith and hope!!