Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Little Giggle

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and the many beautiful scriptures you've written about this week! I am working on a thank you post in the best possible way you can thank a reader in the blog world....with links!

I thought I would share a few pictures of just another ordinary day here at our house! Hope it brings you a giggle. For those of you with three year old little boys......well, you already know what I am talking about.

They climb on anything and everything. They do the craziest things I have ever seen in my life. And they will not wear clothes! If you even so much as try to dress them it may look like you are actually wrestling a small animal!

I'm thinking about just tying a white flag around the antenna on my car.

I surrender.

I love my boys....all three of them.

Someone decided to dump out an entire container of  "Magnolia Petals" Baby Powder. When I asked him what in the name of our Lord and Savior he thought he was doing he said "I'm wassshin my car Mama!!!" I do not have any pictures of what I discovered after this because I was too busy crying. This precious, adorable, little love of three years old climbed back inside the crib and poured out the rest of the container of powder on top of his baby brother! Preston looked like a giant marshmallow with fat rolls. I'm still vacuuming up the cloud of smoke in the nursery....

Have mercy.

I'm pretty sure I prayed to be raptured up after this.....

Happy Wednesday!!!


lizziefitz said...

It is all a test! Somedays we pass with flying colors other days , an effort / participation grade will have to do:)))))

Amanda said...

so silly! i love my boys too...christian is 3.5 and has settled just a tad in the last few weeks he must know this mama needed a break! i love your writing (and you!) of course :) but the design/party/interiors part of me is DYING to see your house - your whole house....! we have seen little glimpses here and there but i would love a full -on tour of whatever you might be willing to share?! please...? :) ps - what has happened to Southern Butter's blog? I loved it and know you two were/are friends...I miss seeing all her lovliness...Hugs to you Sibi and your powedered preston!

Lori said...

Hehee, I so get this and am giggling indeed. :) What is it with little boys and clothes ~ I barely manage to keep my youngest covered most days...and he's 8!? And what's the big deal with the powder Mama...a little boys gotta keep his wheels shiny ~ and smelling magnolia petal-fresh!! :)
ADORABLE. ALL of you. :)

DianeTaylor said...

Oh Sibi - you sre got a giggle out of me with those pictures. Oh my heavens! As a little girl, I NEVER did anything like that to my baby sister.. Noooooo not me! hahaha!

paige said...

oh my goodness...raptured!!
i'm laughing. i'm sorry but i'm laughing at that precious little powder covered face

love you friend
even if you yourself are covered in the vacuum dust

hey... your vaccum cleaner will forever smell heavenly

Laura said...

I remember the days of dumped boys have moved on to cracking coconuts on the kitchen floor and spray painting their sister's big wheel!

Keep too!

Nancy said...

I'm in stiches sweet friend!
I wanted to comment on your last post but could not find the right words to do so. I love you so much and think the world of you! I'm in total awe, your faith is nothing short of inspirational. Can't wait to hug you in reals...

sewfarandaway said...

Love these photos! And we need to get our visit on the calendar!

Sibi said...

@Lizzie~ So true:)
I'm getting my participation grade this week:)

Here's hoping I can move it up to "You are the best mom ever" status with a trip to the playground and a picnic with Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins......

Thank you for so many kind words over the years....xoxoxo

Sibi said...


Thank you for your sweet comment.....

Let's see. I do not know what on earth I would show you!!! I love everything all white! Or tones of white...

I am scared to death of color!

People who write about their decorating have things like RED ROOMS! And I am an anti-red room girl! That would cause me to break out in hives:)

I also love the flea market!!! And who on earth wants to see that??

I can photograph the nursery and maybe share that....which I started to do after he was born and wanted to write a post about it, but then just decided not to bother posting it! There are a thousand nurseries online!

SB is walking in and relishing in many blessings right now! I know in one of her last posts she shared that the blogging thing was keeping her from doing the things in life she really wanted to do and doing for others the way she really wanted to do.
I agree, her posts were incredibly lovely!

Hope you are doing well and so happy to see your sweet comment!! xoxox

Sibi said...


I know that you know!!!!

I laughed out loud at the thought of my boys turning eight years old and still not wanting to wear clothes!

When does it end?!!!

I think of you SO often!! Pray you are doing well! I admire you so much for HS your do you do it all?

Big Hugs!

Sibi said...


Oh my girls do things too....but my boys are WAY more creative!!!

If I could just bottle up the ingenuity!!!

They are so clever!!

Thank you for all of your sweet comments!!

The Mrs. said...

OMgooooodness!! How do we survive!? Gave you a shout out on my blog today. Read my post!

Michelle said...

LOL...I am learning to just let go and be the mother of boys. It is hard - my 1st (who is now away at school) was a girly girl to the 10th degree...then came her brothers so now I find myself living in a house full of men. Boys...their minds are so different and I can never understand or try to foretell the next choice! Happy Thursday!

The Tucker Troops said...


I so enjoy your posts and your beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing your heart. Boys--I have three. I really get it! Now I have my girl and she is about as girly as they come, calm, lady like and artistic. I love my boys! My oldest is I miss him. The other two are twins...what one didn't think up the other did. I love the powder picture! I'm sure you were balancing between a giggle and a tear. It's all good. My favorite thing to say...Life is Messy. Surrender the messy to Jesus. xoxo Beth

Tiffany said...

Boys! Thank you for giving me a giggle this morning. God bless you and your children. Have a blessed day!

Tiffany said...

have mercy is right! it takes so much patience and love to forgive something like that -- boys! they sure are a gift aren't they?? ;)