Friday, February 25, 2011

Survival Mode

This week was a big week for us! I still can't believe I did it.

Well. Me and Jesus.

Daddy had to leave for the entire week. Again. For the second time since Preston's birth.

Which might explain why I haven't had one second to write a single post!

I've been in survival mode.

Flying completely solo with five babies.

And I have failed miserably. I just have to say.

Thank goodness I have an incredibly sweet neighbor who has driven and picked up
two of the kiddies a couple of times this week for me. She is a precious soul.

Loading five babies at the crack of dawn to drive one to school at 8:00 and then two to school at 9:00
has been a little hectic!

Someone always needs to go to the potty.

Someone is usually crying.

Someone may or may not like their lunch. Or their outfit. Or the radio station.

The list goes on.

In addition, I'm on the lookout for a set of stripes and a whistle if anyone knows where I can buy such things- without being an official referee and all.

Do you think they would sell those items to a sleep deprived Mother of six?

I need those stripes and that whistle to break up all the WWF smack downs that have occurred here
this week!

Seriously. They've had a few disagreements.

Everyone is out of sorts. So I am doing my best to be the Mama~Daddy this week.

I feel terrible living in survival mode- instead of "enjoying our life mode"- but that's just what we've
had to do to get through until Big Daddy gets in tonight.

Que the choir.

And he can't get here soon enough.

Thank you Jesus.

This week has been wonderful in so many ways....

All the kids piled up in my bed. Everyone taking turns holding baby Preston. Listening to the kids
sing in the car on the way to school......

And it has been absolutely wild in other ways.

So much so I had to ask that sweet neighbor of mine if she wanted to "view" a disaster in the laundry
room the other day.  It involved Dreft laundry detergent ~( the powder) and a two year old who apparently thought it was a sand box. Oh my. She had no words.

I didn't either.

Hopefully she will still allow our children to play together.

In addition everyone officially hates their car seat. Yes. Of course.
And Ashton decided that this week, while Daddy was away he would learn to climb out of his crib.

It's been a character developing week for Mama.

I am anxiously awaiting the day that he can be home with us every, single night.
It's coming soon. I just know it.

And I will never, ever take for granted having my husband home every night ever again.


In other news Baby Preston is doing beautifully and is just delicious!  Oh we all want to "put him on a biscuit" as they say in the south! We are enjoying him so much and cannot believe that he is five weeks old today!  He is really getting some serious baby rolls favorite thing! Pictures soon.

One of the highlights of my week was finding Emma Pearl using my breast pump.

Oh my.

I'll spare you the photograph of that!

But for your viewing pleasure I will leave you with one of my monumental moments as a Mother..

As if I didn't have enough going on.........this happened.

That's right. Someone with great, big, blue eyes and a pink hair bow decided to call 911.

I told the officers that no, there was no emergency but that I was a blogger and I was gonna
need a picture of this!

They were good sports!

Have a great weekend! We are loading up the party van to head to the airport and then I am going to collapse:) I'll post again with more pictures soon!


nest of posies said...


you failed to mention all of this on the phone. um, did they just adore her to pieces? oh my, i can't stand it.

only you would capture this moment with a pic.

enjoy the weekend with big daddy.

yes, we do need to see those baby rolls. can't wait.


Coastal California said...

YOU DON'T SAY. Really? Oh my....I'd be so embarrassed, I'd have wanted a picture but wouldn't have. Indeed a week solo I almost enough to think you need full time in house round the clock care. But really just need tag team w/ Daddy :)

Youve had quite a week, hope it smooths out (normal stuff is enough, thank you). And maybe a couple full night sleeps!

love your blog & sharing big family life with someone
(we had 5 in 10 years). Keep it up & show those rolls!!!

~Ada in Coastal Cali

Duchess of Lanier said...

I check in but don't comment enough... tell me you showed the officers the laundry room... or asked them if they could run get take-out for you ;)
Thank goodness for neighbors.
Hope you get some well earned rest this weekend.
Laughing *with* you,

caknitter said...

I'll bet as soon as the officers saw you had your hands full they sympathized with you. Bless your heart for holding down the fort so well. I know you think you failed, but every day that goes by, you triumph just by raising your little ones with so much love. :-)

Anonymous said...

I can see how your bright eyes sweetheart thought you were in an emergency situation...and needed help. This photo is gold !
Keep going, girl.

Love Being A Nonny said...

I don't know how you had the energy to write a blog post! And when you said Ashton picked this week to climb out of bed...that was the clincher for me. I remember those days like they were yesterday...and I only had three children under four years old. Can you say exhausting??? So glad to see you at least had a sense of humor with the officers. Whew girl, go take a nap. Prayers!

Jo said...

Only you could make a chaotic crazy week sound delightful!

I’m glad you found a little time to “entertain” during all the craziness. Ahhh, the memories that sweet girls is creating for you all :)


Frances Vineyard said...

What a PRICELESS picture and great post. I hope you get some rest this weekend. :)

Henley on the Horn said...

Big Daddy should be home, so I know you are so thankful!!!!! Bless your little heart! You'Ve trained her well that she knows how to call 911!!

Becca said...

Ok Sibi, how precious is that Emma Pearl with her big bow (the bigger the bow, the better the Momma) HOLDING that officer's hand?! I could put her on a biscuit too, or a cracker...or a frito.

I feel *this* small for texting you "I understand, hang in there" the other week about being sleep deprived/overwhelemed. I understand 1/5th of're amazing. The jewels in your crown sister, oh the beautiful jewels!

I hope yall have a wonderful, precious memory makin' weekend. Would love to catch up soon!

From one carseat hating baby mama to another!


PS-My favorite thing about the post below? That Ashton still wears bubbles. John says poor Gibson will pledge his college fraternity in a bubble, or a daygown. Don't you think that would go over well at Auburn? Or perhaps Ole Miss? ;)

3 Peanuts said...

Oh my!!!!! It does sound like a true "come to Jesus" week. It really sounds like a very challenging week. I so wish that I lived near you because I would help you out when Daddy was out of town. The peanuts are at such manageable ages that iI could totally lend you some helping hands. And I am so grateful for the neighbors that are helping you.

The beauty of you Sibi is that even when it gets crazy and hard you still remember how very blessed you are.

I flooded our house this week by soaking something in the upstairs laundry room sink. I left the faucet running and then we saw water pouring through the study chandelier!!! I thought that was where the dreft story was going once I saw "laundry room."

Big hugs and lot of prayers. Hope you get some sleep and down time this weekend. And I LOVE the photo wth the police:)

Tiffany said...

Bless Your HEART! :) I know it wasn't funny at the time..the messy laundry room OR the 911 call OR any of the other trials...but This Too Shall Pass...and one day, you'll remember even the bad stuff fondly! I'm glad your husband will be home, enjoy the time together and get you some REST!

lizziefitz said...

You are too funny! I am surprised that we didn't get a photo of laundry room? Did the police officers even know what a blogger was? Move near me and I will gladly help you , even when big daddy is in town> Hugs!!

the pink prep said...

oh my goodness -- too cute. and funny. and scary to think that i could not do HALF of what you did -- even with helping hands!

i love that you captured this moment with the boys in blue and miss blue eyes!

Renae Moore said...

OMGoodness, I so wish I lived closer as I would love to help you with your babies. I'm an empty nester and have 'only' two sons. I do remember even with just the 2 of them how crazy it could be, I cannot imagine how you can do it. By Grace, His Grace.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Mentioned you on my blog post today.

BroncoMom said...

Oh my!! Life is such a joyride isn't it? You never know where the next dip in the road will take you :)

Amanda said...

YOU are a ROCKSTAR my friend...!!! Prayers for you, I just cannot imagine how you do it...thanks for "seeing" me and taking time to visit...I love hearing from you...I know you have moved since our last "snail mail" exchange so I would love you to email me your new address I have a little something for Preston! xoxo well friend.

Michelle said...

LOL....actually after you note all the things the week help...I might have been the one to call 911! So glad all is well with you and your beautiful family.

PS~Erin said...

Oh dear goodness gracious! So glad you still have your wits about you. So sorry to say how much I enjoyed reading your post. I promise it was all with empathetic commiserating though! Hang in there, Mama/Daddy!