Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Latest

Good Morning Glories! I hope that each of you are loving the summertime with your babies and your grand babies! We spent one week in VBS (Miss Pearl attended for the first time!) and one week of gymnastics/swimming camp. The rest of the time they have spent moments of their precious childhood in the back yard arguing over who gets to hold the water hose and who gets to fill up the tacky baby pool. 


I'm not sure what I am going to do with my cherubs for the rest of the summer. It has been a little difficult to find a camp where at least two can attend and be dropped off and picked up at the same time! Otherwise Mama and Ashton spend the entire day in the car. Much like the school year! So I am trying to avoid that if at all possible.

And in case I haven't mentioned it here before. It is incredibly difficult to spend the mornings and afternoons in the car when your son has a bit of an affection for a certain item. While most children grow attached to their beloved blankies and stuffed animals, my sweet baby boy is terribly attached to his.........

Bumper Pads.

 I cannot begin to tell you of the dramatic exits we have made out of this house with those bumper pads. And he doesn't want to hold a small piece of the bumper pad or simply one end of the bumper pad but he wants the entire thing wrapped around him several times like one giant feather boa. It is hysterical.

If I opt NOT to allow the bumper pads to travel with us.....well, you have never in your life seen such a fit. It is horrible. Really. This is a first for me. But I can't say that I blame him. They are made out of the softest white linen........

Please Lord. That's all I can say. I hope you are laughing with real tears right now. Because I do every single time we have to go somewhere. He hugs them. Kisses them. Smells them. And buries his face in them and giggles out loud.  It is really something......

Speaking of the school year. We somehow survived the end of the school year extravaganzas for two children at two different schools. I am so thankful for all of the joyful celebrations but I am relieved to see the end of it. It has been the longest school year without Daddy home every night. We are hoping to all be together by the time September gets started! 

Bennett's end of the year play "Noah's Ark" He was a member of the wolf pack...

Grandparents and Special Friends Day at Bella Grace's school

She invited her very hip big sister and Daddy of course.....

Sharing her journal entries...

She had her name chosen out of a hat to dance with her Daddy ...
Lucky Girl....

This is her "all about me" star that she made at the beginning of the year. 
 It was the only one with streamers of pink tulle.............giggles.

I am so grateful for a bit of a break from the rush, rush, rush of a school day morning. It has been so nice not to have to run around searching for Bella Grace's glasses at the last minute. Yes, my precious daughter tends to enjoy creating her own tablescapes, mini floor moves and occassionally adding her own creative touches around the house. Like this for example. Gracious dear. I never thought to look in the topiaries for your eyeglasses......

Love it. This is classic.

So in an effort to entertain my babies we have spent some time at the park every morning where we have attempted to go on a walk. Which immediately turned into a nature/science project complete with the use of every piece of my tupperware as bug boxes. On one exploration Grace found a lizard and everyone begged to bring him home with us.

Yes. I allowed them to.

And yes. They were beyond excited.

And yes. 

Someone who shall remain nameless decided to "just check on him" in the car ride on the way home. 

And yes. 

He escaped. 

In the car. 

While I was driving.

And yes. I almost had a heart attack. Right there with all of my children in the car with me.

And yes. There may have been screams so loud that the entire neighborhood heard us.

And yes. Ashton managed to sleep through the entire thing.

And yes I had to pull the car over and take everything out of the car and pray for all of Heaven to supernaturally deliver me from my "just trying to be a good Mom decision." And yes. I had to ask someone else's yard guys to please assist in the deliverance. No he was not successful. But suggested that I hurry home and just leave all four doors open and "more than likely he would just get out on his own." I hurried home alright. With a lizard loose in my car......

Big Sister was mortified by about the entire situation. It was just too much for her. :)

 I then decided that I needed to know that he was definitely gone. As it turns out I'm not much of a "more than likely" type of girl. I'm more of a definite type of girl. And the only lizard removal tool I had around the house were my Williams and Sonoma salad tongs.  

Have you ever tried to catch a lizard with a pair of salad tongs? Well. A Mother has to do what a Mother has to do. And I was a desperate woman. Don't judge me.  It didn't work. Turns out he was too slippery. 

And yes to this very day  I may still be driving around with a lizard in my car.......

In other news and not without an outpouring of His immeasurable grace we managed the biggest hurdle we have had in a while. I just survived almost one month to the day completely solo. Mr. Pearls and Grace has been away for a month. Let's just say that the airport pickup last Thursday evening was a bit of a scene.  I'll let the pictures do the talking...........


PS~Erin said...

Okay, just laughing and crying. Such a sweet little catch-us-up-to-date post. The bumper pad pal really does crack me up. Looks so comfy that I think I'd like my own set :-)

GrannySmithGreen said...

Love, love and more love! Where to start: the school event, the lizard, the bumper, the's all just precious! I am so glad that you your camera permanently attached to your hip-amongst 4 other wiggly things. You capture the moments of life so well! I adore Ashton's "tail" in the homecoming pictures. I could go on and on. I'll save it for a phone call!
Hugs to all of you!

nest of posies said...

i am speechless as to where to begin...i mean speechless.
those bumper pads & that sweet boy = just plain delicious! i mean pure sweetness.

bella grace in that white dress is a vision of heaven. she is just beautiful. bennett is ALL.BOY. & that emma pearl is so busy, i just get tickled looking at her, because she lives & plays so hard.
macey with her hand over her face was the funnest to me, because i just know- that is what happened.

wonderful glimpse at the airport. priceless.

xoxo sweet friend. hope you all have a wonderful weekend together.
love you.

sarah said...

ok so now this bumper pad thing is more than I can handle...i cant blame him Im really into comfy things too. love love love it......omg the picture of big daddy in the airport just sitting there reading to his baby...there are no words. love you

Jo said...

I haven't giggled so in a long time!
The bumper pads are hysterical ~ what we do to keep the peace.
I would have ended up on the sidewalk heading for a tree while trying to look for that lizard. I'm impressed that you managed to stay in the truck and drive it home.
I never would have thought to "dress up" for a homecoming ~ too cute!


Katie said...

The bumper pads....too cute! Oh, I am so tickled at the thought of y'all with a lizard running rampant in the car...and you trying to catch him with salad tongs! Hahahahaha! The airport pictures melted my heart...oh, preciousness. I've been there... :o)

Preppy Mama said...

Precious. The whole post, was just precious! I am still laughing about the lizard and the crib bumpers! Happy 4th!

the pink prep said...

so precious!
that bumper pad addiction is just tooooo funny! laugh-out-loud funny!
and Bella Grace? That is my daughter's name too!!! I fondly refer to her as Muffy on my blog, but her full name is Mirabella Grace.
And, here's a irky tidbit, I also know a DOG named Bella Grace (my mother's friend's labrador! but I hear she is a good dog...)
hope you're having a fun summer!

Amanda said...

hysterical - the bumper was truly the unexpected when I saw that picture...and the pink tulle streamers and BG in that white dress and the airport all in is good! YOU are do you do it? I have made it only a few weeks w/out hubby and only 3 and it was rooouuuughhhh!!!...Have a wonderful Summer, I sooo want to meet you one day! xoxox

Sherrie said...

I am completely cracking up at your post. I don't know if I laughed harder about the bumper pad or the escaped lizard. Thanks for the laugh and I am so glad for all of you that your dh is home. :)

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

You are too much! I laughed so much about that lizard story. I would have freaked out too. I hate things like that. And the bumper pad story was so sweet. That boy loves those bumper pads, doesn't he? It is so sweet! The pictures of Dad returning brought tears to my eyes. How precious! Those children adore their Daddy!! Happy 4th. Love & blessings from NC!

Renae Moore said...

Oh what sweet memories having little ones this brings. Tears in my eyes....sweet boy with his bumper pad, a little LOL, Bella Grace (love her name), love love love. The lizard, too funny, and priceless - dad coming home. So much love.

Nancy said...

I first read this at work and was laughing out loud with tears... Too funny, I too want to wrap myself up in that bumper pad. And the lizard in the car, too much :) So happy that Mr.P&G is home, wishing you have wonderful long weekend together!

Jenny Beth said...

Oh Sibi, my heart goes out to you sweet friend. I know it must be so hard not having your husband there but the reunions sure are sweet!! (I dread the day my husband has to start traveling) however, the whole lizard scenario... i must say that would surely give me the hebe gebies!!! eeek....

oh.... and bumper pads.... i must share a post of what little miss anna caroline insists on dragging around, you.... will..... die..... get ready!!!

Sandra said...

OH those pictures of the children with their daddy! Just too precious. I love that you let them dress up in honor of daddy coming home.

That bumper pad attachment is hilarious. I mean really funny. Love it!

We love Derek Dooley. So lucky to have him. Good Christian, Southern gentleman! If you come in for a game, let me know!!!!!

And FYI: Lane Kiffin's 2.6 million dollar home still has not sold. I guess Knoxville wants something to remember him by ;-) hehe There weren't any tears shed over USC's probation. :-)

3 Peanuts said...

I love the lizard story...that has happened to me with a frog! But I love most of all the costumes that everyone wore to the airport...just darling!!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh and the BUMPER PADS!!!!!! That had me laughing SO SO hard!!!

Sydney Carver Snyder said...

This is just the cutest post I have ever seen! I laughed hysterically about the bumper pads, and your darling little children look adorable in their fun "dress ups"!

caknitter said...

Oh my Lord, what a beautiful post. I was touched by your family love and the excitement over the lizard and when Dad came home.
(I hope Mr. Lizard slipped away during the night) :-)

paige said...

oh my friend
have i told you recently how awesome you are?
i mean to tell ya, how i love a woman that can dress those babies like something right out of royalty AND deal with critters with williams sonoma salad tongs.
there is none like you
& i love you!!!

the linen bumper pads?
what a flippin RIOT!!

their carseat covers?
how cute are those
& ever so funky

the airport love?
sweetest thing i've ever seen

you are the best
leaving in an hour...just couldn't resist saying good morning

thank you for the heart felt prayer you left me...makes me cry to know that i am blessed to have YOU for a friend

you are loved

KK said...

Oh the sweet, sweet joys of motherhood! I love, love, love hearing about all your adventures and seeing all the sweet pics. You have such an adorable family. The costumes at the airport is pure-d delicious! Have a WONDERFUL summer and I hope and pray that the MR. is back with you all very, very soon!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I love this post! The bumper pad is the SWEETEST thing EVER. I mean it. I know it is a pain for you to drag that big thing around but I'll tell you, it looks cozy to ME too!!!

Cori said...

This post just made me smile!! We had a similar incident with a frog and my little brother when I was younger.
And the bumper pads is too funny. I went to Disney World with a family whose 2 year old insisted on being wrapped up in her pink blanket as we strolled around the June no less : ) It was quite the sight as the blanket was always getting caught in the stroller wheels. Too funny.
I just love the way you dress your sweet kids!!

Wendy Jeanine said...

I'm sitting at work, trying my best not to laugh! What a joy your children are!

I would be fanatic if a lizard was loose in my car!

The bumper pads are so precious! They look really comfortable! Who could blame him???

Your children are beautiful! Enjoy being busy!

The Pink Giraffe said...

a little teary seeing those pictures of daddy coming home!! How sweet with all of those babies huddled around him. Praying so hard that God places you all back together very soon!

The Spillman Family Blog said...

Oh, how precious. Between the bumper pads, the lizard and the costumes at the airport, I had such a good laugh over this post. What a precious family you have! Hope you're all enjoying your summer!

Henley on the Horn said...

I'm so glad your man is home. I'm sorry he is gone so much! The bumper pad is one of the cutest things ever!

Susan R said...

I absolutely love that the kiddos were wearing the costumes when y'all went to pick up your husband. Classic. Another classic is the baby lovin his bumper pads. I can see why. They wrap around him like a great big ol' soft hug, who wouldn't love to sleep in a hug all night? Great security item, but it isn't travel friendly is it? Hmmmm that's a toughie.

Kathie Truitt said...

Oh Sibi...I laughed so hard I cried! Bumper pads! A loose lizard! Lord have mercy! Then when I got down to the airport scene I cried again. Oh how sweet to see this man love his teenage daughter, his fairy princess (or two?) and his lion. How precious. I just love you, Sibi and I wish I was your neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Oh those coming home costumes are precious and lovely!

Gracefully Vintage said...

This the most adorable blog ever- i love every bit of it, your pics of the kids are just darling- I love love, those little dresses-shoes, i used to put my little girlies in them too, (when i could pick out there clothes)..
A new Follower , ill back so soon.

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

What an adorable blog you have. It's my first time over. I think I found you through GrannySmithGreen. We have a bit of the same testimony it seems. And our family is considering a move to Tennessee so I was enjoying looking at your pictures.

If I do end up moving out your way, I'll have to attend your summer pearls and grace conference. Sounds like fun.

I'm your newest follower!

paige said...

miss you sweet friend!!
just wanted to say hello & send hugs.
still looking at the calender for a visit!

Lisa Porter said...

All I can think about is little ones lately....suffering horribly from realizing how grown-up mine are getting to be.
So glad I stopped by, you have me laughing with tears.
Reminding me of the sweetest age is a good thing before I go wake my big little 16 year old. My 18 year old left for work 2 hours ago.
I just quoted you and your post link over on my fb fan page. I know others will enjoy this too!
One more thing...I think we all should be able to walk through life with soft bumpers in tow. Priceless.
xo Lisa

Jennifer said...

I am two years late reading this post...but the good Lord knew this is the post that I needed to read today. I'm laughing hysterically at the bumper and then crying as I watch your husband sit in the in costume and a book in his lap! You are indeed every bit of awesomeness that everyone speaks of...and such an encouragement! I just can't stop thanking the good Lord for my oppurtunity to come to the Pearl Event in Nashville!