Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pickles and Ice Cream

What a tremendous blessing and incredible way to start off the new year!
We recently found out that we are expecting our FIFTH gift! We couldn't
be any more excited and are so looking forward to meeting our
newest family member!
I am three months along and feel so blessed to assist God in this miracle....
A wise woman prayed for me recently and spoke over me that this child
is very significant because it is our fifth child and FIVE represents Gods'
full hand upon our lives- His full blessing and full grace.
In the meantime, He has blessed my husband with a new job and we will
be moving in June to a new place after our oldest graduates from high school.
So we have put our house on the market, and are making plans to move,
find new schools, etc. and the whole nine yards.  All of these "new "
things have allowed us the opportunity to trust HIM deeper than ever before
and to press forward. We are excited and a little worried all at the same time!
We are prayerful that this is the right decision for our growing family and 
continue to walk out our faith daily. Some days, are a little harder than others
but our prayer has been- your perfect will. Not ours Lord. Not, your permissive 
will- but your perfect will be done.......


magnoliabelle said...

Congratulations!!!! What a wonderful blessing! I will keep all of you in my prayers for the exciting road that you have ahead.

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

Congratulations on baby number five! I will keep your family in my prayers!

Lori said...

So many wonderful and exciting things happening~ and yes, a bit scary at times. I will keep these situations and your family in my prayers. :)

Kelly said...

WOW - what a full house! That's amazing!! Congrats!