Friday, March 21, 2008

Thanks be to God

Thank you Father for the work of the cross and for all of the love that it represents. Thank you that your precious son set us free each and every one. Thank you Father that to understand the complete work of the cross is a deep matter of the heart and once we enter into that understanding we will live our lives with a new expectancy, a new joy and a new attitude. No guilt, no shame, no condemnation, no feelings of unworthiness. For to feel these things in any way in our life is to make a mockery of His sacrifice. He went to the cross to set us free in every area of our life. He paid the price and Thanks be to God......He is risen. May the blessings of this glorious weekend overtake you and your loved ones in a new and very special way.


Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing that! I hope you and your family have a Happy Easter!

Denise C said...

Beautiful! AMEN!