Friday, February 19, 2010

Show Us Your Ministry- You are His Pearl!

Kelly from Kelly's Korner  is hosting a party today titled -Show Us Your Ministry and you can also share your testimony. What a privilege. 

So if you are here visiting from Kelly's, welcome! 

Some of you may be familiar with pieces of my story.  If not, you are welcome to read a little about it here .  After overcoming those circumstances I have made it my purpose in life to make sure that as many women as possible know- down to their very core -that they are His pearl. I also dream in technicolor about placing pearl necklaces around every woman on this earth. I dream pretty. 

And by His grace I started doing just that last March at the first of hopefully many Pearl Events. 

During the last twelve years, God used my husbands nick name for me- (Pearl) and the metaphor of a simple pearl and how it is formed, to bring about tremendous healing and to turn the oyster shell of my circumstances into a beautiful ministry. This blog is where I write to encourage, edify and support His precious women - whom I love dearly. 

I have also been given some special opportunities to speak and teach at women's events, churches and bible studies where I share my testimony and give Him the glory for what you see here on the pages of Pearls and Grace. 

And I absolutely love it.  It is my passion. 

I have a heart for the broken. The lost. The abused. The rejected. The abandoned. The ones that everyone said would never make it. Especially those. I have been all of the above. I have a heart for single mothers who can barely make ends meet and women who would trade every dime in their bank account just to see two pink lines. I have been both. I have a heart for those who finally get those two pink lines, after waiting for a very long time, only to lose in the end. I have been this woman three times. I have a heart for those who are trying to find a safe way out in the middle of the night and for those who are begging God to explain why they are still alone. I have been both. And I am thankful. 

My many experiences are what give me such tremendous compassion. 
Ministry without compassion is just- a position.

I wanted to share the video we created and used during The Pearl Event last March. I pray you are encouraged today and that after visiting here and reading through this blog you will leave knowing that no matter what..........You are His pearl.


Amanda said...

How amazing are you!!! What a glorious video, I love it, what a lovely way to start my day, thank you. I think of you and praise my Lord everytime I wear my pearls. You are just such an inspiration, I lost the Lord for awhile back but he and I are re-connesting and the love and faith deepens everyday - he brought me to you over a year ago and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you.

acdc080109 said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful ministry! God Bless!

Jennnifer said...

thank you for your testimony. I am glad I read it and watched the videos. I have an amazing testimony as well.

God was watching over us in all the dark days. Blessings, Jennifer aka Gigi

Cha Cha said...

Your heart for women is a thing of true beauty. God shines from with in you. I can only imagine how often you have gotten to speak on His behalf over and to women, how many times you have gotten to be His arms around a neck, how often you have gotten to be His shoulder to cry on. What a blessing you are, what a comfort to know there will be a church lady who does care and who will seek out the broken women in the church and the world. Have a blessed weekend.

Cha Cha

If I tell you my story will you write it, haha, I can never get what I want to say to sound so lovely, you have a way with words.

caycee said...

Thank you so much for that! I think I cried and smiled all at the same time!

Beverley O. said...

I really love your blog. Sometimes I find it difficult to find people on blogspot who I can relate with. As a lot of times people lives just seem so perfect when they blog about baking, pregnancies and weddings. Don't get me wrong I love and subscribe to such bloggers. Yet yours is so different. I can relate to it. God gave me a dream in 2008 about pearls and butterflys. For a pearl to be formed, it goes through a very immense transformation and often a painful one. Caterpillars must first off liquadize before they becomes a butterflies. Thank you so much about the pearls! I wondered whether my dreams were true but reading your blog on pearls, just confirmed the word of the Lord. I really would like to connect with you and know more about your ministry.
Thank you so much!

GrannySmithGreen said...

Sweet P&G! How we all love your brave honesty and sincerity. The Lord uses you in so many BEAUTIFUL ways. I really think, like Cha Cha said, "you have gotten to be His arms around a neck"! We all crave that very real love of God showing itself in our difficult and challenging world.

Blog friends, contact our dear P&G. She would be the perfect speaker for so many different occasions. She delivers a blessing!

PS~Erin said...

Wow. What a beautifully powerful video. And what you wrote before too. You definitely have a gift. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Susan said...

How very beautiful and inspirational. What a lovely way to start my morning. Thank you.

bevysblog said...

Beautiful video... I'm in bed with the dreaded stomach bug, and your blog was such a joy to read and watch!

Henley on the Horn said...

You make everything so beautiful. Thank you for being such an encouragement to the brokenhearted.

Love Being a Nonny said...

We need more hearts for the broken. I don't have a sad story but every day life is tough enough. I love to come to your blog to be encouraged. Thank you for being obedient to the call God put on your heart. HE is pleased with you.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

What a beautiful site and glad I found you through Kelly's Korner.

Sarah said...

That video was beautiful and I cried the entire time. Thank you for connecting with me. I look forward to reading about your ministry.

this blessed nest said...

less is more right now...tears.

i love you dear friend!!!

Raining Pearls said...

No words, just more tears...Even though I've seen the video of that night countless times the clip at the end sent me over the edge. I am counting the days until the next Pearl Event, His Plan... When times were bad for you I'm sure you could have never imagined how many lives you would bless. I hope and pray that every night you are blanketed with the warmth that you have shown so many. Thank you and thank you Lord for bringing Precious P&G to us.

The 5 Bickies said...

I was so sad to miss the P & G event last year because of the snow. I am so glad I am able to see the video's so well done!

I love your message and am such a fan of your strength and bravery. I am going to look for special pearls for my daughter so that she can be reminded always that she is a Pearl.

Karin Katherine said...

That was truly amazing. I just read your testimony and I'm in tears. I am so proud of you and your ministry.

God Bless you and keep you,

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Wow! Your story is AMAZING! I can certainly see your life being transformed through the Potter's Hands. (something I just blogged about) There was a reason for all of your pain and suffering, because now you have the most compassionate heart and mercy for others who only YOU can minister too.

I loved your video too! Did you make this yourself or was it done professionally? It is such a healing video and your family is so beautiful.

What an impact you are making!
Lee Ann

3 Peanuts said...

I listened to you on the radio show this am (thanks to granny smoth green letting us know:). You were so gracious and wonderful. I love your message. You are doing just what the Lord wants you to be doing Sibi.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

I know I met you at Blissdom, but I'm still going through all my cards. Your blog is beautiful! Wish I had heard you on the Southern Beauty show. I love those girls! Hope to get to know you too.

Bella Michelle said...

Beautiful...thank you dear bloggy friend!

paige said...

hello my sweet precious sibi!!
i feel out of touch with you!
praying you are all well

i want to remind you that each time i read & reread your testimony i am completely blown away.
blown away with gratitude that despite all the horror you have lived through You are the most radiant & hopeful gracefilled woman i've ever met....& i've met quite a few.
your light shines so brightly
so honestly
so purely

you give so much to others
your testimony & your life inspire me to be a better me
i love you & think the world of you

blessings to you today friend