Monday, February 1, 2010

How Beautiful Are The Feet

How beautiful are the feet of those who
 preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!~ Romans 10:15

Look at your feet for a moment.  Did you know that your feet are messengers? What message are we carrying? I long to bring glad tidings of good things! Oh dear. Some days it seems impossible. Really. Sometimes the Lord will remind me to slow down. Pay attention. Listen more. Let things go. Talk less. Walk lighter. Walk in step with Him.  He will ask me about my feet and if I'm out of step. (Did I save any time for Him that day?) He will ask me about my countenance. Is it full of love and light?  Some days it really isn't. 

Some days are harder than others. Some days I'm not so sure I have any glad tidings left. 
Or any good things for that matter. Sorry Martha.

What's going on in our hearts shows on our faces and creates the rhythm of our steps...

I have really been pressed in this area over the last eight months and with a very heavy heart as I have had the demands of the house, children, schools, etc. completely solo except for the weekends. I have felt almost every day for the last eight months that I am failing. I am trying to do it all and trying to do it all well.  If you asked me a year ago if I thought that my feet would be taking care of these tiny feet completely solo for nearly eight months I would have given you a great, big southern hug and said "No way! After all, I have been squeezed and pressed about all that one human being can handle!"

But apparently God had different plans and felt that I needed a bit more squeezing. 
Read ~tons more.

I thought I was past that part of my life. Sweet goodness. He is never finished with us.

But I'm doing it. By His grace. I'm pressing on. I'm trusting on a new level~ a deeper level of faith. I'm encouraging myself as I encourage you. And I'm trusting that He will work out all the details. He's really good at that.

I look at the precious feet of my tiny children and I see world changers with my eyes of faith.  I also see that the way in which I teach the gospel of peace~ the way in which I bring glad tidings of good things to them is the very way in which they will receive it and then ultimately, prayerfully their feet will bring those same good things to other people. I have to get it right with them even when I'm being pressed on all sides.

Their feet are dependent on it........


Julie said...

Beautiful picture and beautiful post! God is so good at giving us just what we need when we need it. :)

Jennifer said...

Being a Mom is the most important job there it. It is very rewarding to raise your kids and see them go into the world and make a difference.

"The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world."

While doing the mundane, being tired and feeling insignificant, it is encouraging to see we are the ones who carry the good news.

That will be multiplied by all those sweet feet & piggies! Keep up the good work.

Unmerited favor! Is a blessing!

Jennifer aka Gigi

Jill said...

what a beautiful lesson (and reminder)! someone once shared with me that when God is growing us (stretching/pressing) it is because we are about to blossom into something even more beautiful!- for Him! I love that thought- when things seem so hard- it's just lovely to think of a beautiful blossom grown with God's tender hand/mercy!
Many Blessings!

Cherish said...

Lovely post! I know how hard it can be to run a home by yourself as my husband is gone a lot, and even when he's here many times it's only to sleep. I keep saying to myself, "This too shall pass." I can't imagine being a mother to 5 children either. I admire your strength and your courage. It looks to me like you are doing a fabulous job, and most importantly, your children are so loved by you. What more could they ask for? Keep up the good work and someday you will see the fruits of your labor as they do go out and become messengers for the Lord. Sending many prayers and blessings your way! xoxoxoxo

Susan said...

Unfortunately I have to opt out on this one. My feet are the worst looking thing about me (just my opinion). However, it gives me plenty of excuse to purchase a lot of shoes and the necessity for a weekly or every other weekly pedicure. But when I see those babies feet poping out from under the covers or an infants feet photographed. That just does it for me. They are like little, pink pearls and I just want to kiss them.

Jennifer said...

Keep running that race with those precious little feet pitter patting behind you. It's a marathon not a dash. Keep taking those deep breaths! You do do it all so well!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

This is beautiful! Yes, let's hook up at Blissdom - I would love to meet you!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

What's going on in our hearts shows on our faces and creates the rhythm of our steps...

Wow! So true. Beautiful post.

Lissa said...

I truly love this post! I'm soooo tired of being squeezed. sooooo tired. But I know that it's the squeezing that draws me near to him so that I can rely on His strength and not my own. So I suppose he likes to squeeze me because that's when I cling a little tighter! I'm sure he loves all that attention! :) Thankfully God makes some really amazing lemonade out of all that squeezing, right? And our children can only benefit from a heritage of Christ! I just love your blog! I love how you write!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh my goodness, that picture is the cutest! Did you take that photo? Do these feet belong to your children?

I love that scripture verse too. It's a good reminder to check if I'm carrying the good news or just Lee Ann's news! Thank you for this beautiful post. You have such a wonderful gift for writing and saying it in such a special way. I believe you will write a book someday and it will be a best seller!!

Smiles to you today,
Lee Ann

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Love your version of a "foot picture." So nice meeting you at blissdom and discussing our love of kid feet! :-)

Preppy Little Dress said...

Lovely photo, those toes are too cute!!