Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pleasure To Meet You

photo: country living

Good morning beautiful friends! I wanted to ask you to sit with me this morning and introduce yourself.  Tell me about you and your blog! If you are a reader and have never left a comment, please do so! 
I would love to meet you! 

I remember starting out with this blog two years ago and just learning as I went along. I did not know anyone in the blog world and I did not know anyone in real life who had a blog. Therefore there wasn't any introducing, connecting or linking going on for a very long time! It was pure scratch.

I can remember the first time someone linked to me- I almost fainted. Seriously.
It was beautiful Lori from A Journey To Our Daughter- whom we all love and miss very much. 
Big sigh.  Lori is taking a break from the blog world right now but she still has her gorgeous Charlotte English Boutique that we can visit from time to time. 

It is amazing what one link can create for another blogger. It is a tremendous blessing and I love highlighting other bloggers and would like to do so more often. 

So please leave a comment telling me about your blog with a link to your site. Then I would love if you would also list your five favorite blogs so that we can all stop in and visit a bunch of wonderful ladies.  

On a side note I finally retrieved my Blissdom pictures and will have that post up soon!

Can't wait to meet you.....


The Rigoloso's said...

hello P&G!
Thanks for inviting us to come out of hiding! I am semi-new to it, just trying to make time to make the space my own. Few things about me: I love Christ, my marriage, my family & friends, laughter, sewing, creating, the list goes on... Some of my fav ladies are:,,, Lovely to meet you! Enjoy!!

Pearls and Grace said...

Hello there Mrs. Rigoloso!

Thank you for posting your favorite ladies!
You forgot to add the link to your own blog so I wanted to do that for you! :)

It is lovely to meet you too!

paige said...

well good afternoon my sweet friend

i LOVE that image too!

i know i'm 'old news' to you but wanted to send a hug nonetheless

Anonymous said...

Hi! What a sweet,lovely thing to do! I have been blogging for about 9 months and I can't believe all the wonderful ladies I have had the pleasure of meeting. I am a Christian,Momma and a Wife who works as a medical coder, but is lucky enough that I get to work at home. I spend my free time taking my daughter to all of her activities and have just bought my first sewing machine as a personal hobby for myself. I have met so many wonderful bloggers I can't narrow it down. {haha} I do have a link love tab on my page with tons of great ladies. Hope everyone is having a great day! xoxo

Pearls and Grace said...

@Paige- I just left you a comment sugar!!!

@ Short Southern Momma

It is so nice to meet you! Thank you for leaving a comment! You should meet - and

They are my friends who sew and are super talented. Introduce yourself to them! I know they would love to help you with your new hobby!

SouthernBelleJM said...

Hi, I've been blogging about a year and a half now. Basically, I'm a preppy, Southern girl who loves anything and everything pink, Lilly Pulitzer, sweet tea, being Catholic, my dog, warm and sunny days, family, friends, and enjoying the twists and turns life presents along the way.

Chrissi said...

Hi there! I'm Chrissi, yes, with an i, which explains my blog name ... I am a twenty-something, living just outside Atlanta & enjoying my 'dream job' in sports marketing. I have been blogging for a while (started just to document my work travels) but getting more into it in 2010. I came across your blog via some good ol' blog-stalking (a favorite hobby of mine), and just love to read your posts. You have a beautiful family & I look forward to getting to know you more by reading your blog.

Susan said...

Pearls and Grace. I'm only "sorta new" to your blog. I'm always amazed by the total perfection of your photos and the absolute cuteness of how you all look. I mean truly over the top wow! My blog is called fivegreatkiddos and that is also my life. I have 5 great kiddos and 1 Mr. Incredible husband (it's easier than 2 or 3 Mr. Incredible Husbands). I'm very much a homebody who loves to be with my family. I love the ocean and everything about it, although living in Colorado doesn't facilitate that love very much. I grew up in Hawaii. My father was a professional surfer, hence the love of the ocean. I do surf, but not in Colorado. I'm a true believer in manners, respect and Christianity. I love life and try to sap as much fun as I can out of it. Best Wishes

EmilyB said...

What a thoughtful idea for a posting! P&G - I'm fairly new to your blog, but it is a beautiful piece of work! I am a newlywed, and recently moved halfway across the country. I love all sports -- and spend lots of time playing tennis and running. My husband and I have a sweet chocolate lab and are considering getting puppy #2....and having children is on the horizon for us.

Courtney said...

Thanks for encouraging us to come out and meet each other. I have been blogging for less than a year now, but have been reading blogs for about two years. I jumped into the blogging world last year to share the joys of being an aunt. I love connecting with others through my blog. Here is my blog:

Here are 5 blogs I like to read:

Jboo said...

Hello there! I'm a visitor from Paige's Simple Thoughts blog and she is just the sweetest, isn't she!

I have a little blog, mostly about my youngest daughter, 8 year old adopted from China 7 years ago and also mom to two older boys and just became a Grammy to a precious baby girl -- so you can probably guess that I am one of those "older moms" and that's ok! Live in the chilly midwest plains state of Nebraska and work 3/4 time as a paralegal. Hubby is an atty and avid tennis player. Son #1 (who is the new Dad) is in his third year of med school; his wife is high school Spanish teacher; Son #2 is out of college and working in insurance in Illinois. Love reading your blog and must add to it my dashboard thing. My blog is Hope you have a great Wednesday and it is so nice to meet you!

Cherish said...

How thoughtful of you!! I'm Cherish, and I'm a follower. My blog is I blog about my life as a Christian, a wife of a senior veterinary student, and all things southern. Your blog is such an inspiration to me and so many others! Thank you for sharing some of your wisdom and encouragement. So nice to meet you, and I look forward to chatting again! Thank you and have a blessed day! xoxo

Sherrie said...

I have been following your blog for awhile and I do not even remember how I found it. I am Sherrie and I am the mom of three boys and I also teach 7th grade math full time. And to top it all I am still fairly sane! (Well most days) ;)

I have two blogs is a blog about my life raising boys. I started it when I was pregnant with my youngest son and then sort of dropped off the face of blogland for some time. I started blogging regularly again because it is a great memory for me and I have met some amazing ladies along the way.

I also have a blog I started last year that is dedicated to getting myself organized while heloing others. I am no expert, but I keep on trying to keep the balance of being a working mom and the more organized I am the better I feel about my life.

Cori said...

Hi!! Thanks for your invitation to introduce ourselves!! I'm Cori and found your blog through another awhile back. I love your decorating taste and admire your ability to make each of your children feel so unique and special. Pearl is also my birthstone and my favorite to wear!! I have a blog, but mainly only use it to keep track of some of my photography and am terrible about posting!! I recently graduated nursing school and am on the job search now!!

Anonymous said...

It's so nice of you to invite us to post! You were my first non-family or friend to comment on my blog when I linked to your "Facing the Giants" post. I'm very new to blogging and loving the community of bloggers I'm discovering! I really wanted to go to Blissdom this year, but hopefully next year. Here are my 5 favorite blogs other than yours:

Here is my blog:

Your blog is a constant source of inspiration, keep up the good work!


Tickled Pink Talk said...

Hello! I have been reading along with your journey for awhile now, but not sure how often I comment. I am married to a wonderful man, have two great boys, enjoy cooking, crafting, decorating, reading etc. I find great inspiration from you, Sibi, as I work on having a more Christ centered home. Yes, I really miss Lori! She was an inspiration also! I also enjoy Pink, Green and Southern, Henley on the Horn, Entertaining Mom and Bevy over at This Golden Day and many others! your friends new blog, Southern Butter is great too! What beauty she has created in her home!
Ok, enough rambling! Nice to "meet" you! :)


Jenny Beth said...

Hello there Mrs. Pearls and Grace,

Well where to start?? I began blogging as a way to tract my child's growth and try to connect with other mommies. None of my friends have children yet so this is definately my release. I love to decorate, love the lord, and my true talent/passion is sewing. I was a fashion major in college. I was just mentioned for the first time in someone else's blog and i was giddy the whole rest of the day. I read your blog often and you constantly inspire me. Your children are beautiful, i love your home, and ADORE your cute clothes; but most importantly you challenge me in my faith and for that i am most greatful. Hope you find my blog as inspiring as i find yours. Thanks for the invite!!!

lizziefitz said...

Hello Sweet Friend, I Remember when I first started blogging and I found A journey to Our Daughter, 3 Peanuts, Happy Homemaker, Biscuits are Never Boring, One fabulous Mom and You. I thought Wow! There are really people out there who I have a lot in common with, why can't we all live in the same town? Since then I have moved and brought you all with me. It is so nice to have you come along for the adventure :0 Blogging continues to be a blessing in my life:)

Ainsley* said...

Hello P&G,
My name is Ainsley, I am a 21 yr old bachelorette and currently a full time student! I will have you know that I am not very good at this whole bloggy thing but I am just starting to blog so here is a link to my blog:

hope you enjoy reading! :)

Beverley O. said...

I am 21 year old British Law Student studying in Brighton. I actually loved your blog because first off it sounded like my own blog (

I tend to blog about what the Lord has been speaking to me. After enduring an immense heartache, God told me to blog to help the body of Christ. So yeah, that's me in a nutshell.
I also love reading about the lives of other women who are just sold out to Christ.


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Hi! My blog is, and it’s about exactly what it says! Plus parenting, faith, cooking, memories and TV. I watch lots of TV. :) My favorite blogs – really? Narrow it down to 5? – are,,,, and

Lindsay said...

Hello Pearls and Grace! You are far too sweet. I've been blogging for a few months SO I am new at this also. It is always fun to meet new readers and follow new blogs. I am at I hope you are having a great week! Hugs!

Raining Pearls said...

You are the sweetest, I thank you for introducing me to the blog world. Love you :)

The Little Red Shop said...

What a lovely idea!

Hi, my name is Julie Marie and I've been blogging for about a year now.
I'm a dumpster diving germ freak who lives to be a light for the Lord and to save old houses. : ) My posts include sweet nothings about vintage goodies and pretty new things, family, history, fashion, home, and garden! Some of my favorite bloggers are: Shannan Martin, aka Flower Patch Farm Girl ~

Corey Amaro of Tongue in Cheek ~

Kasey Buick of Lola B's ~

Tracey of French Larkspur ~

and Trina of A Country Farmhouse ~

God bless you!

: )

Julie M.

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I'm Amanda and I am a regular reader of P&G. I have two beautiful kids. You can find me at

Jo said...

Not a new gal but one who has enjoyed "getting to know you." One day I'll get that long awaited phone call in to you.


Jill said...

I have been so Blessed by your sweet blog...I look forward to each post! Your beautiful light for our Lord just shines here! I am an artist and designer who now works from home- I feel so truly Blessed to be able to combine my love for art with my love for my family!
You are welcome to visit anytime!
Many Blessings!

3 Peanuts said...

You know me:) ANd boy do I MISS Lori. I wrote to her recently but have not heard back. Hope she is well. I just adore your sweet God loving heart and wish I could meet you and have a chat on real life:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for the great blogs to check out! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

PS~Erin said...

Okay, you have got to be the sweetest and most hospitable blogger there is! So glad to have met you!

bb4mich said...

Hi there,
I'm Michelle from Miami. I've been follwing your blog for a long time- I don't remember how I found you! I'm almost 40 (in May) and loving life as a wife to a wonderful, generous and loving husband and 4 fun and great kids, 2 boys 8 and 6 and 2 girls, 3 and 7 months. Love the beach, reading, my kids and hubby, needlepoint and saying no to the PTA. My five favorite blogs (not including yours) are:
1. summer in newport
2. happy meals and happy hour
3. 3 peanuts
4. one fabulous mom
5. kelly's korner.

So nice to meet you!

DianeTaylor said...

To the dear Pearls and Grace:
I've been lurking for long enough! It is time to finally come out of hiding and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. My name is Diane Taylor and I live in beautiful Baltimore MD. THANK YOU for sharing all your pearls of wisdom with us. I must admit: I don't feel like a pearl very often - more like an ugly duckling! My faith is being tested these days as I have a spouse who has been out of work for 6 months now. I know God has a plan for us but I am feeling so scared and alone. I know God loves me - and he will answer my constant prayer when the time is right. I thank you for your inspiring words and unending faith - I am trying to get to that place. The road is long and I can't see the end ..... will you pray for us? I am so afraid I am going to lose my home :(:(:( Thankfully I have an amazing son who doesn't know the entent of our troubles. He is just starting out in life and I don't want to burden him. God Bless you and your 5 pearl (and that handsome husband of yours....)

Blessings to you!!!

The Taylors

Jen said...

Hello. I found your blog a while ago and have so enjoyed it. It has been exicting to be encouraged by many Godly women I only know through a blog. Some I love: Simple Thoughts (found when you shared her), A Holy Experience, wow! My Lips in Stitches and A Bushel and a Peck. I can't help but share the Proverbs 31 website which leads to other bloggers. This was a wonderful, thoughtful idea.

Cindy said...

Hello from the Pacific Northwest! I have been blogging for nearly one year now and am so impressed by all the beauty out there. I am finding so much inspiration for making my home beautiful but what is impressing me the most is the beauty I find on the inside of so many women out there. I wish you all were my neighbors! Blessings to you all and thanks for the opportunity P&G for this little get together. My favorite blogs...yours, of course, and Kellie at This Blessed Nest, Life In Grace, Rare and Beautiful Treasures and Mia Joie.

melissa said...

Hi S ... it' me, Melissa. I'm not 'coming out', but just in case you forgot - I'm the one that made the big 'ole mistake on my blog! ;)

I also miss Lori so much, but do keep in contact with her and of course sweet Paige too (hey paige)!


Lauren said...

Hi sweet friend! What fun to have a meet and greet here! I am now reading your friend Southern Butter's blog and have loved reading about her life.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Mrs. Del Signore said...

I have only been blogging for a few months and I am trying to branch out. I just discovered your blog and have fallen in love with it! Please, add me when you get a moment :! Thanks!

BushBelles said...

Hello Pearls & Grace, I think your blog is beautiful. I come here when I need a lift. You present things with such a unique perspective. I am from Australia and a mother of 4, but would dearly love more. What is your secret? Your life looks so serene, I know you blogged recently about your difficulties recently and I know no one lives the perfect life but what you have is what I see in my future. I am looking for a mentor .... but with another beautiful babe on the way I know there is much work ahead of you. My blog is for Australian rural women and I have only just begun - the adventure awaits. Best of luck and I will continue to keep reading your blog and being inspired. Thanks