Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pearl Party

Photo Credit: YSA Makino

*** Update*** Thank you all so much for linking up yesterday! I am still making my way around to all of your blogs! It blessed me so much to see you all supporting one another! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit one another ! We may just have to make the Pearl Party a weekly event with a scripture theme each week.  Okay. I am on to something......

Calling all Pearl Girls! It's a Pearl Party! 

I received a phone call today from my thoughtful friend Kellie of This Blessed Nest who is either Ethel or Lucy on any given day in our real life friendship. She is quick to encourage and support and will often give the most loving suggestions. She is the real deal. She called me today and suggested that I host a Mr. MckLinky party so that everyone could meet all of the bloggers who were leaving comments on my earlier post today. Thank you Kellie for your love, help and support! 

So I am praying that this will work! This is for everyone! If you are a new blogger. If you are a pro blogger. If you are His pearl. If you are not sure whether or not you are His pearl. (Especially you... ) If you are a regular reader. If you are a first time reader. 
This is for all of you! 

I want to know you and know about you and I want others to know you! This is a community!

So link up and make new friends with all of the amazing, gifted, talented and faith-filled bloggers!

And if there is enough interest this may just turn into a weekly event or an online bible study!


this blessed nest said...

2 posts in one day. one of them having a linky so impressed!
and what a picture to link up with. i will be dreaming about this lovely puff of cotton candy tonite. gorgeous. simply gorgeous.

ok, you know i love you. i think today you were ethel & i was lucy. i am glad we can help each other out...on any given any given hour!!!

congratulations on your first link party. you always knew how to dress up for a party, my beautiful friend!!!

Courtney said...

Thanks for hosting this party. I looking forward to meeting lots of new bloggers.

The Little Red Shop said...

What fun! I'm looking forward to meeting ya'll and visiting your blogs!

: )

Julie M.

GrannySmithGreen said...

Gee wiz. I'm looking like a slacker over at GSG! How much coffee did you drink? What's the secret?

I just want to know, can I just wear the dress and spin around a time or two? Swoon! (ok, just the necklace would be fine. I'll live with that.)

Linking is a great idea. Can't wait to visit the other blogs mentioned in the previous post and see who links up here. Thanks for doing this, you wonderful fabulous PEARL!

Raining Pearls said...

Count me in for anything you do love :)

Jennifer said...

I sent you a curtsey Mrs. Pearls! And by the way how about that white ruffle tablecloth. I mean I'm saving my money now!

Henley on the Horn said...

I am so sad!! I did my Mr. McLinky wrong on my first try!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Thanks for doing this for us! Headed to link up now. xoxo

Jennifer said...

Good morning! Glad to be a part of your get together. Your blog pearls & grace, this blessed nest and granny smith green were some of the first blogs I read...i found you all after visiting social climber Beth Dunn's blog...i live near her...

blogging is such an awesome way for people to connect & an outlet for creativity. I also enjoy Entertaining House and Kitchen.

I blog to know I'm not alone, just like CS Lewis said, "I read to know I'm not alone."

Whoever created blogging is fab bc a website, involves cost & takes more time to load.God Bless all my fellow tooo many to mention...I subscribe to over 100!
xoxoxo Jennifer aka Gigi

Cha Cha said...

Hi, I am honored to be invited to your party. I finally have a few moments to go around and start meeting people. I have just recently found you and I love your heart. I have used parts of your story in a class I teach to 10-13 year old girls, it has been such a blessing to read how God has worked in your life, and to know I am not alone ( my struggles were not the same but struggles none the less ). Thank you for being so real and showing us the painful along with the beautiful.

Kate Landers Events, LLC said...

I think this is an absolutely lovely idea, I am so glad to have been invited and introduced to it by you! I look forward to meeting some lovely people through your delightful party! And that dress...a confection i dream of having an excuse to wear! it is stunning! thank you for this wonderful opportunity! i invite you to contact me anytime,!

kindest regards,