Friday, October 9, 2009

Seasonal Delights

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I am using one of my photos from last fall again this year! Isn't she a beauty? This is my absolute favorite type of pumpkin! We are all so excited and so thankful that Mr. P and G is finally home for a few days! So we are heading to the Pumpkin Patch in the morning and then to a Fall Fest! I absolutely love fall. I love filling our wagon with babies and pumpkins! I love eating caramel corn and drinking hot apple cider. I love the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin spice. I love the sound of my children laughing and jumping into huge piles of leaves! I love their little rosy cheeks and the way they always smell like peanut butter and apple juice. I also enjoy filling our home with the scents of this amazing season! I will post my favorite fall recipe next! I hope your weekend overflows with the abundance of this very special time of year!


Valerie said...

Hi Sibi. Love your fairytale pumpkin. Thank you for posting it again for us "newer" followers!

I love Fall too, especially here in the midwest. And while I want to relocate (terribly) with my spouse and kiddos to the coast, I'm definitely thinking it needs to be mid-Atlantic or further north...I just don't think I can go without my change of seasons!

Blessings from Kansas,

this blessed nest said...

i think i need to come to your house just to smell it!

can't stand it. you are making me crave it all even more. love, love, love the sentence with peanut butter & apple juice. only YOU could word that & make it sound as heavenly as it really does smell on our precious children!

tell that Mr. P & G that i am glad he is home. happy fall fest to the P & G family. :)
love you all.

TRM said...

Happy Fall! It's nice to know that you are enjoy it.

3 Peanuts said...

I LOVE Fall too but we have not quite reached it here:( LOVE that pumpkin!