Sunday, October 11, 2009

Be Still And Know

Be still and know today that no matter what, He is for you and not against you.
Be still and know that in each and every circumstance and situation He is more than able.
Be still and know that your names are written on the palms of His hands.
Be still and know that every hair on your head is numbered.
Be still and know that He sees the end from the beginning in that very painful situation.
Be still and know that He can release His power for that marriage that needs to be resurrected.
Be still and know that He has something even better in store for you.
Be still and know that He draws near to you when you draw near to Him.
Be still and know when life seems unfair.
Be still and know that He will never leave you nor forsake you.
Be still and know that He will right every wrong and fight your battles for you-
you don't have to fight any more.
Be still and know that your latter shall be greater.
Be still and know that He hears your prayers.
Be still and know that He is working all things together for your good and His glory.
Even the really difficult things.
Be still and know that He is going to cause increase and prosperity to come upon your house.
Be still and know that He is orchestrating and ordering blessings on your behalf.
Be still and know that you are about to shine like the morning sun.
Be still sweet daughters and know that today He is pouring out .........
His peace. His joy. His love. His hope. His provision. His restoration. His recompense. His wisdom. His ideas. His strategies. His gifts. His creativity. His favor and His blessing upon you like never before.
Be still and know......

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! -Psalm 46:10


Love Being a Nonny said...

My life verse is this one. *Be STILL and KNOW that I am God.* This post was for me. Thank You.

Raining Pearls said...

Thank you for this... I now know all of those things because of you. You told me to believe all of those things and now I do. My life is going in such a different direction now and I have Him (and you) to thank. Can't wait for the next Pearl Event to finally meet you in the flesh.

Angie said...

I needed this today dear friend. Thanks...

bb4mich said...

I really needed that RIGHT now!
Thank you for your generous spirit!

Kathie Truitt said...

Thank you for posting again. You always give us such beautiful words of 'pearl' wisdom.

Henley on the Horn said...

You've been tagged!!!!

PS~Erin said...

Wonderful to read... I will be revisiting it again and again. So great.

paige said...


lizziefitz said...

Sebi, thank you. I will try to make that prayer my life's gps system. God bless you for Always writing what I need to hear , know and live. XOXO

suixijiangxi said...

I have been ill for a while...feeling blue...prayer life has suffered....THis entry has moved me in the way of which I need....I am going to go back and read it again....Thank you for this post...

Beverley O. said...

I do not know who you are but your blog is leaving a lasting impression on me. Wow! Praise God! You are such an encouragement and I know you believe those things you wrote because you have seen God do it in your own life!

Erica said...

Hi Sibi,

I just wanted to let u know that you are such a blessing to anyone who comes across your path, I'm soo lucky to call you my Friend. And I'm glad you have this website! Brought tears to my eyes just reading. Love you!

Erica <3