Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wear Love

What is it about love that makes us weak in the knees? What is it about love that makes our hearts sing ? Why does God put such emphasis on love? Why does He expect us to love our neighbor? To love one another? Why does He specifically tell us to "put on love" as if it were a piece of clothing. He refers to wearing things many times in the scriptures. Even, He tells us to wear wisdom like a crown. I am reminded of the verses that say to "put on love" and to "love the unlovely" today on a day where everyone seems to have chosen the wrong garment to wear.  I think they must have gotten dressed in the dark or perhaps they just put on their angry capris and their selfish sweater-set by mistake that day. The longer I live the more I understand why our Heavenly Father put such emphasis on love.
I always like to give folks the benefit of the doubt, but some consistently choose to wear the wrong things. In today's society there is so much emphasis put on what to wear and how to wear it. How to look beautiful and how to look young. I see so many striving for this glorious external appearance while in the meantime their insides need a complete overhaul. Some have such a spiritual stench that it is hard to be in the same room with them. They can talk circles around me when it comes to their fifty degrees from every fine institution known to man- but they intend to talk just to hear themselves speak, never connecting with their listener, missing the opportunity to hear the desires and needs of another, and they are really too filled with pride and arrogance to be much of a friend to anyone. 
It is in these difficult moments that I am gently reminded to check my own clothing. What am I wearing today? Did I put on my love coat? Did I remember my hip humility jeans or my fancy forgiveness wrap dress? More often than not I need to do a better job of getting dressed in the mornings. I need to do a better job of loving the unlovely- of overlooking the unmet needs and unhealed hurts of others- when Jesus is the only one who can heal them from the inside out. A deeper level of compassion, mercy and grace with the friend who has declined lunch with me only to call back later and say that she will see me at the restaurant because she ended up being invited by someone else. The friends who cancel coming for dinner yet again, after I have cleaned, cooked and prepared myself, my home and my large family for their arrival. The friend who just never shows up or calls because she got a better offer.  A well planned outfit for those who invite me to an event and then when I get there act like I am invisible. A better outfit for those who only call because they want something. Tomorrow I will wear patience and wisdom so that I am prepared for the friend who continues to make hurtful comments about my family or the fact that we are "having another baby"-  and for the other friend who makes negative comments about my weight, my pregnancy, my home, my family and so on. I will choose self-control when I am laughed at and made fun of by friends -when I confide in them that I am writing several books and have hopes of getting published. I will wear forgiveness the day after that, so that bitterness and resentment will not become my "this years must haves" when another celebration or momentous occasion goes by, and there is no family anywhere to be found. I refuse to believe that bitter is "the new black" when our family goes through yet another setback, another disappointment or another tragedy and there isn't so much as a morsel of support other than "it will be alright". I will overlook the selfish comments, the harsh words, the rejection that can send one reeling, the stinging criticism and hurtful gossip and tomorrow morning when it is time to get dressed again~I will pass over the hangers filled with my old choices and worldly options and pull out my well worn Galatians 5:22's. If you don't have them- you have got to get them. Timeless and classic. This year and next years must have. It is a perfect fit every time. One size fits all. Created by the greatest designer ever known........
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness and self-control."- Galatians 5:22


Lauren said...

Thanks for your reminder to wear love! You are a beautiful person and a blessing to everyone who comes into contact with you. Thanks for sharing with us today. Enjoy your week!

Lori said...

My goodness Sebi, you should be an author writing your amazing thoughts~ I felt like I was reading a thought-provoking, heart-challenging spiritual book! Oh, I am!! You have such a loving and humble, yet challenging way of writing. This has been so helpful as just the past few days I've felt so much of what you are writing about with a particular friend and also, I've spent the last month or so working on my wardrobe trying to update it/clean out closets, etc and although that's been great and much needed, I need to give more focused time to my spiritual wardrobe. :) Thanks for helping me get that started! :)
You are such a great example to me of quiet grace and loving compassion. :)

Kimber said...

This is really beautiful! I love it. I have decided to wean away from those in peer group who don't wear that coat of love lately. I want to be surrounded by those whose spiritual clothes shout a joy for the Lord. I need to check myself in the "mirror" more too:)

LOVE this of my favorites. I really cannot beleive anyone would cancel on you...I would be honored to have lunch or dinner with y'all!!!!!

Kimberly said...

I just found your blog...what a blessing! As I read this entry, i thought "who would be so rude??" Then the Holy spirit shows me some of the unlovely thoughts in my own heart and I am humbled.May the Lord give us much grace and mercy with others as he bestows it on us His children.


p.s. you have a BEAUTIFUL family!