Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Day to Celebrate!

This past Sunday we celebrated my sweet Prince Bennett turning three! We had a wonderful party at My Gym with many of his little friends from school! I've never been to such a terrific party! They did such a great job of making my little guy feel so special! At one point during the party the host had everyone chanting his name and another party host brought him out in a little red wagon to the Rocky theme song! He flew across the party room on a zip line, jumped in balls, swung from a trapeze and rode a battery operated train around on a real track. I was beside myself, as was Bennett! It was worth every penny and was really just the best birthday party he has ever had. I felt so blessed to watch him just enjoy every minute of it and to be able to celebrate with all of his little friends! Here are a few of the party pictures!


Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Bennett! You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing some of your photos.

Have a nice week!

Jodee Leader said...

Wow! What a fabulous birthday party! Thanks for sharing pictures. Happy Birthday, Bennett!

Hope your doctor appointment went well too. You love great!

Lori said...

Oh what a FUN birthday!! I'm glad Bennett (and the rest of you) had such a great time!
Your family picture is just beautiful! You look awesome girl~ I hope you are feeling well. :)

Southern Sugar said...

What an absolutely beautiful family! Happy belated birthday to your little boy! Thank you for sharing. I too have four children, they are all older now 21-14. One boy and three girls. I too feel an annointing for being a mother and feel so honored for the children he blessed me with. I face many ugly comments when they were younger. As does my brother and his wife with five little girls and one little girl on the way, all in just nine years. But I have never for one moment regretted allowing God to choose whom should join our family and how many of us there should be. Bless you! You are beautiful inside and out. What an encouragement your blog is. Thank you.