Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Vessel of Joy!

Happy Birthday my sweet Prince Bennett! I can hardly believe that you are turning three years old today. You stole our hearts from the second you were born and have made your place in our family in joy and in laughter. You are the best of me Bennett. You are the best of me and the best of your Father. You are every bit your Mommy and every bit your Daddy. I see glimpses of myself in you~ in your moments of gentleness and sensitivity and then I see glimpses of Daddy in you in your curious, adventurous nature. You are so meant to be here and so belong to this family. You made our family whole the day you were born and our hearts have never been the same. You love life.  You love people. You are a walking, living breathing vessel of joy made manifest here on earth. What did we do to deserve such love? I can remember holding you in my arms that glorious day three years ago ~feeling so humbled and so honored that God would trust me with a son. A baby boy, to love and adore. I didn't know a thing about boys. No father. No uncles. No cousins. No brothers. I couldn't believe that He would trust me with such a huge responsibility. To grow a boy into a man - a real, God fearing, loving, kind, respectful man seemed like something that I wasn't qualified to do.  But with each day, as I love you more and more~ I am up for the challenge. I see that I am your guide. I am your teacher. I have been given the incredible gift of being your first example of the love of Christ.  Your first demonstration of love. You have made it so easy for me. You exude love! I am so honored to be your Mother and to call you my son. You are so full of life and enthusiasm. You are 100 percent all boy. From your hilarious antics that make me laugh so hard I cry~ to your gentle and sweet spirit that makes me cry so hard I laugh.  I am overjoyed that you are mine ~that you are a part of me ~that you belong to Him and that He entrusted you to me. I celebrate you and honor you and rejoice on this~ the day you were born. You are so loved my sweet, precious son.


lizziefitz said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Bennett! Boys are such a gift to us mothers. After having three girls whom I adore, God gave us a son who blesses our family everyday as well. Joy joy joy joy!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday to Bennett~ what a beautifully written tribute to your baby boy. :)

red ticking said...

he is soooo precious. i could just eat him up... the jammies are my favorite part. God bless him...and you... xx pam