Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thank You


You all are a bunch of amazing encouragers and I cannot tell you how much your reaching out has meant to me this week...

Thank you beautiful friends.

Many times I have started to share a piece or two. And thought to myself....
Don't be a burden. Don't talk about the negative. Don't share the attacks. That doesn't help anyone.
Doesn't glorify God in the least. It won't help anyone out of their mess. People have their own stuff. Their own heartaches. They do not need anything else to pray about or anyone else to pray for.

So I have remained radio silent about it all- for years.

And so I would ask the Father for something encouraging to write and share with you all instead.

Doing my best to shine a light on my difficulties through the sharing of His beautiful words.

Or I have just not posted anything at all.

Many times over the years, I have written an email in response to one of yours and prayed and asked the Father to give me encouraging words and scriptures to share with you all....

But to see that returned and to see my inbox filled with encouragement and scripture and beautiful comments and thoughtfulness, well..... it brought me to my knees.

You all blessed me in the most beautiful ways....

I have spent the week in overwhelming gratitude because of your kindness toward our family.

And I cannot thank you enough.

I thought by holding everything in and keeping everything close to my chest, I was doing what was best. But I can see now, that there is a community full of beautiful, amazing, incredible women who want to stand in the gap for one another during times of trial. Who want to help. Who want to do something. Who want to pray. Who want to reach out. Who just want to be a blessing.

I never dreamed it. Can we talk about how amazing you all are?

What a gift.

I know that you all have jobs and families and housework and soccer practice and bible studies and need to shower for heavens' sake!  I cannot believe the ways in which you have extended yourselves. Thank you.....

I also wanted to thank you all for your support and your prayers for the new radio segment that is about to start it's third week this coming Monday night.

This was a huge leap of faith for me and something I questioned the Father about- especially during such a difficult time for me personally.

But God is close to the broken hearted. 

He can have His way the best when we are fully relented and clinging to Him.

I see that now more than ever.

Here is the link if you would like to listen to it.  Charity did an amazing job and I am so thankful that she was willing to share her pieces and allow the Father to speak through her like this!

I am so looking forward to next Monday night with another very special guest blogger!

Thank you again for being such wonderful friends to me this words big enough tonight.

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3 Peanuts said...

Sibi...last time we spoke you taught me about a gift that the Lord has given me... so NOW let me tell you about a gift HE has given you. You are a born teacher. You teach others through both your JOY and your pain. By sharing this you are teaching other to lean. To lean on each other through Christ. Thank you for teaching us all. I need to email you... I was driving earlier and could not text.


KTG said...

When I was little I would turn on Elizabeth Elliot's radio show and she started each day saying "you are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are the everlasting arms".
When she shared her personal experiences the good and the bad, that led me to God's word it was such a balm to my soul. I hope you can continue this radio show.
Your voice on the radio reminded me of those days listening to her early in the am!

Love Being A Nonny said...

You are blessed to be a blessing.

Sometimes we all need to hear the *not so good* to realize that we all struggle at times. But for the grace of God go all of us.

Praying for all things to fall into place. You are on the verge of something big...and I'm so glad I am on this ride with you.

Praying. Today and every day. (for your BG too!)

just ask beth said...

May God hold your family in the palm of his ever loving hand and surround you with love.. we, too, are going through a difficult time..I just keep repeating to myself..this too shall pass, but it is hard.. thinking and praying for you!

Valerie said...

Love to you, Sibi!

I don't always comment...but I always, always, read....

...and PRAY!


Tiffany said...

That's why I haven't written on mine months.
I'm so glad you haven't stopped though. When I don't read any other blogs...which is most of the time, I DO read this one.
You are loved and favored by God and He is using your life in the lives of others. I hope you are encouraged by the thoughts and prayers of all of us who read P&G.
Praying for you and your family.

Jenny Beth said...

love you my sweet sibi! plan on tuning in on time this week.

melissa said...

My prayers continue with you, Sibi and your beautiful family. God's blessings to you!