Monday, September 10, 2012

An Intentional Marriage ~ Radio Show

There are very few things in life that are better for a blogger than when a blog friend turns into a real life friend. So much is true with my very special friend Kim from Three Peanuts. 

For years I have read Kim's heart as she has openly shared about her faith and her life as a mother of three beautiful children and wife to incredible Dave. I have so admired the way in which she loves her family, her gift for creating a beautiful Christ centered home, as well as her amazing photography!

I recently invited my beautiful friend to join me on a couple of upcoming segments for Blog Talk Radio and was humbled that she would partner with me.

Kim practices as a marriage, parenting, relationship and life coach in Houston, Texas. She is also in the midst of launching her new marriage and parenting website entitled The Nurtured Home- where she will offer her expertise and passion on the topics of marriage, family and parenting.

Here is a little about Kim's background...

Kim Swales earned an M.A and a Ph.D in Marriage and Family Communication by the age of 25 and became an assistant professor at the University of Houston.  Her focus in research and teaching has been gender differences, family communication and marital maintenance throughout the life cycle.  However, she has also taught public speaking and business communication.

Kim’s research has been published in professional journals and books and she has presented her research all over the United States.  Specifically, her research on communication between men and women has won a prestigious national award.

In the community, Kim has started a support group for families going through divorce.  She also counsels engaged couples in her church and speaks at various churches, synagogues and schools on parenting and marriage.

When Kim started her family, she took some time off from teaching but she has remained professionally active in other ways. Currently, Kim sees clients privately for marriage and parenting coaching.  She is also in the process of launching a parenting and marriage website.

I feel incredibly blessed to have Kim joining us tonight for a segment on Marriage. She is an absolute wealth of wisdom and expertise. One of the things she shared with me about her heart behind her career is that it is a passion that was developed out of something painful that she walked through as a child. Kim is passionate about helping families as well as individuals in their relationships.

Tonight we will discuss how to move from autopilot to a place of being intentional, as well as search out the hope and encouragement in God's word on the subject.

She will also be joining us next Monday as well, for a segment on Motherhood and Parenting!

Kim will be answering questions tonight and responding to comments at the bottom of the show page.

You can follow the Facebook page for The Nurtured Home here and Follow Kim on Twitter here.

We ask you for your prayers tonight as we give the Father space to minister to hearts and offer encouragement and hope to many marriages.

So appreciate your support and many prayers beautiful friends...thank you.


3 Peanuts said...

You are sweet Sibi. I am so honored to join you and I know the Lord will have us speak truth that serves to help people.

GrannySmithGreen said...

I am thrilled that two of my favorite ladies will share their knowledge with us! Your willingness to be so open with your thoughts and feelings helps many more than you realize. I am looking forward to it!

Kim said...

Okay ... the land of blog is so small. I have followed Kim's blog for what seems like forever. She was a wonderful encourager and sweet follower of my blog during our time in Hong Kong. You must tell her that Kim from "Everyday Adventures In Faith" is a real life friend! Love & Blessings, Kim

anna Sonata said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.
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Love Being A Nonny said...

Last night was wonderful!!

Maria said...

I loved hearing both of your voices! Great job.

The Mrs. said...

I am so upset I missed this! Love you both. Read my post today. Think you will like it.

Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

Sibi- I thought you and Kim did a fantastic job! I listened to every word and loved it all. You two are adorable and I have no doubt you helped a lot of people that night :)