Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beauty and Worth

On occasion in life we are blessed to meet a heart who lives and breathes the beauty and goodness of the Father. Please allow me to introduce that very person in my own life, my blog friend turned real life friend Charity from The Heartfelt Home.

Charity is a prayer warrior. She is authentic and genuine and true. She is a woman of her word. She is beautiful in both inner and outer beauty. Her spirit soars. She is a gifted and blessed wife and mother of two. She is an amazing homeschooler. She also leads the social media ministry for her church and teaches a bible study to young girls as well.

Cha-Cha recently wrote a powerful post titled "Am I Beautiful?" 

I loved her transparent heart and how honestly she shared about this subject and thought it would be a great conversation to break down together on an upcoming Blog Talk Radio Show.

It seems we've all struggled in this area at one time or another.

I was so thankful she agreed to my little invitation and we are already praying for the Father to move however He would like to during this time, as well as for anyone who will be listening.

We are planning on sharing some scriptures about what the Father has to say about beauty and worth, as well as a few personal experiences and what may have helped us along the way.

I also have another wonderful book to share that was instrumental for me in this area!

The time has been changed from 10:00 to 9:00 central time! We are hoping to move the time slot up to 8:00 eventually. Also, that 30 minute segment flew by last week, so we are taking a leap of faith and expanding the time slot to 1 hour.

Here is the link if you would like to join us Monday night:

I wanted to thank all of you who prayed for this new thing the Lord is doing. It was a risk and I'm running empty on courage now, but I loved that time with all of you. Thank you so very much for your prayers and encouragement! It looked like we had 44 live listeners, and then 73 archived listens. I could not believe it! God is so good. You girls are a bunch of night owls!

So we will try again tomorrow night with our very special guest and lots of space for the Father to have His way. I ask you for your prayers again and we would love to have you join us!

Thank you beautiful friends....


Love Being A Nonny said...

No, we aren't night owls...we are Sibi Owls....

Praying for you and Cha Cha!!!!

Cha Cha said...

No One has every used such desired words over and about me. You see the desire of my heart over the struggle of my reality, thank you for using your God goggles to view me. I love you from that deep place inside of me that holds my dearest treasures. Thank you for trusting me with your calling and your friendship, I am blessed!

Cha Cha

paige said...

so tickled for you two!!!!
i hope to be listening live...we're toting the college girl back to school but if we get home in time, i'll be listening.
praying either way!!!!!

RachelRAdams said...

Sibi ~ I can't wait for the next show. Last week I listened to the archive on Tuesday morning and it was such a blessing. This week is sure to do the same. Looking forward to what the Lord lays on your hearts. I will be praying for y'all.

kt said...

I love your new audio Blog series. I was moved to tears by last week's show on forgiveness. I have already purchased the book and cannot wait to read it. Thank you for sharing your gifts and being such a wonderful example to us all. Keep up the fantastic work!