Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Very Best {Repost}

This is a special post that I originally shared in January of 2010. The Lord brought it back to my remembrance over the weekend as we have been walking through some painful things as a family that have felt like defeat. I wanted to share it with you all again in hopes of encouraging you too. I pray that it blesses you today.

How do we give Him our very best?

In the midst of uncertain times? In the midst of tremendous suffering?  How do we give our very best in the midst of a job loss? A miscarriage?  Another betrayal? A loss of finances? Hurtful words?  A separation? A divorce? An illness?

How do we get up every, single morning and offer the One who created it all our very best ?

This is no easy thing.

It seems impossible some days.

We are after all, merely human and everything human within us wants to give up at the 20 yard line.

We tell ourselves that we cannot do this anymore. 

But we can.

I have learned (the hard way) that it is a simple act of worship.

It is a spiritual posture.

It is a choice.

We can choose to give up at the twenty. The thirty. And even the fifty.
Or we can choose to press in and press on keeping our eyes on Him and not on our situations and make it to the very end.

To choose to count it all joy no matter the circumstances. 

No matter how difficult. No matter how unfair it is. No matter how painful it is.

I have learned over the years that when we are busy giving Him our very best instead of our very best leftovers we end up doing the very thing that we think we cannot do. The very thing.

When we press in and press on, instead of giving up, pretty soon we will look up and find ourselves in the end zone. Maybe we will have to do the death crawl to get there- but we will get there friend.

I love this video clip from the movie Facing The Giants.

It really ministered to me and I pray that it speaks to you as well.

Picture yourself as the one doing the death crawl and picture that football field as your circumstances. Then imagine the coach in this movie as your Heavenly Father pushing you toward your goal.

I pray that this ministers to you and blesses you and encourages you today sweet friend.

Give Him your very best.....

This post is dedicated to my incredible husband- again.


Sheri said...

Awesome post Sibi. Thank you for sharing and I pray your situation, whatever it may be, will change for the better - blessings to you and your beautiful family. xoxox

RachelRAdams said...

sweet friend, you are loved, your precious family is in the palm of His hand, and there's no better place to be... praying for you and sending lots of hugs!

Sibi said...

Thank you so much Sheri and Rachel! God is so good and He has a purpose and a plan! Big hug to you girls!! xoxo

Julie Gaglione said...

I am waiting in the doctor's office to find out if my sweet Molly has mono...this is an especially timely message for me...thank you!

Tiffany said...

Hi Sibi,

Sorry to hear you are walking through some painful times!

Blessing you with strength!


DeeDee said...

Praying for you and yours, Sibi!!! I am waiting to hit that end him my best!

Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you...1 Thes.5:16


Kim said...

Thank you for this reminder. God brings you to mind frequently. Every time He does ... I lift you up in prayer!

Ruth said...

Awesome post and a great reminder that our Heavenly Father is much greater than any difficulties we face in this broken world. Our Holy God is able to make a way where there seems to be no way. Thank you for sharing this encouraging post. Praying for you and your family during your difficult time.

Valerie said...

Prayers for your precious family, Sibi!