Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blog Talk Radio Show

Well. There are days where I feel a sudden burst of courage and I am guessing this is one of those days.

Several times over the years I have looked into the wonder that is Blog Talk Radio.

It is nothing short of amazing and I have always been absolutely fascinated by it.

Especially given the fact that all you need is a phone, a computer and a passion and you can create a radio show.

You can give a voice to whatever is nearest and dearest to your heart,  much like the blog world. There are thousands and thousands of shows. All manner of topics and subjects and they all have listeners.

Fascinating I tell you.

But as awe inspired as I was, I did not feel His leading to move in that direction until more recently.

And so, I am stepping out in obedience and trying something new for the first time....

I believe this is something He wants to use as a ministry tool, as well as a way to edify and encourage others and hopefully draw hearts unto Himself.

So with the Father's leading and an ounce of courage, I've signed up to host this little radio show on Monday evenings. It is 30 minutes long for now and I can listen and talk with five callers!


The thought of getting to hear your sweet voices is about to send me right over the edge!

Now please do not laugh when you hear the time slot. But it was the only time that I could get for this here free show and also the only time where I am hopeful that I will have five sleeping babies and no interruptions.

10:00 p.m. (central time)

Hopefully most of you will be sound asleep by then and I can just chat away into the midnight hour and  still feel as though I am being obedient:)

So let's see...

I know that this will come as a great surprise to most of you but the show is called "The Pearl."

I'm branching out. :)

The very first show is scheduled for tomorrow night, August 27.

This has to be quick before I change my mind or talk myself right on out of this!

So here is the link to the show

The first show topic is going to be on forgiveness. It is something I struggled with for years and years and probably the number one thing I hear others openly struggling with-outside of self worth.

Which might be the second show topic!

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas or topics you might like to discuss!

Monday night I will share a piece or two of my testimony in this area and why it was so hard for me to forgive, what biblical truths God has to say about forgiveness and the good things that come along when we do forgive.  I will also share about a special book that changed my life and helped me tremendously on that topic.

And if anyone is listening to the show and wants to call in, I am allowed five callers.


I'm so excited.

Please say some prayers that God would have His way and be glorified in this special time each week.

Thank you!!!


Cha Cha said...

Jumping up and down and planning my day tomorrow around the nap I will need in order to stay awake! Sleep will be for another time, because I will get hear my sweet friend live out God's calling and nothing is grander than that. Praying for you! God and I were spending some time this morning in 1 Cor. 3:11-15, You will have much work that will survive this fire of refining you are going through. He is doing His great and mighty work through you, His willing servant. I love you friend.

paige said...

i'm so fired up excited for you friend!!
she's taking her show on the road!

& ditto to cha cha...all of it.
i'm so tickled to see the lord continually do much through YOU.
praying for you!!!
can't wait!!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Ok so you are keeping me up Monday Night and I couldnot be happier!! Sips with I drink a hot cup of .....something to keep these eyes open for one of the dearest!!

3 Peanuts said...

I am so excited for you Sibi!!!! This is wonderful news. praying for you in many ways.

sle said...

FIVE CALLERS? That's all! Do they not realize who you are?? So excited for you, Sibi! This is going to be good. I'll try to stay awake and listen in!

RachelRAdams said...

wonderful news! so super excited! can't wait! that is 11pm here in south florida but staying awake I will!

will there also be a way to hear it recorded later on? maybe for us to share with others?

happy twirls!

Valerie said...

Sibi, this is fantastic news! I am so very excited for you and can't wait to hear your voice. Just a few more hours...


LLH Designs said...

Praying for you Sibi girl! The Spirit is all over you and in you. I could see it with my own eyes today. What a privilege! xoxo!

Sibi said...

Thank you all so much! I am preparing and getting ready for tonight! Your encouragement, support and prayers are appreciated more than you know.

Thank you dear friends....

Praying that God would move in beautiful ways tonight on the hearts of every, single one of us!

LLH~ Email coming to you later!! Felt like the Father dropped a giant tiffany box in my lap today. No words.xoxo

SLE~ Lordhavemercy! I will be shocked if there are even that many callers!!!! Thank you for your encouragement! xo

Sibi said...

Valerie! I cannot wait to hear your voice! I hope you all are not terribly upset with me tomorrow since I am keeping you up so late!! Thank you for your encouragement!! xoxo

Vanessa said...

I just saw did it go? Will you be back on next Monday?? Hope so!!!