Thursday, August 23, 2012

Like This Lord

If I could trust You like this Lord. With reckless abandon. Without any hesitation. With the knowing that You have this- these many situations and circumstances and You also have me.  You have us.

If I could trust you like this Lord.

Arms up and extended. Hands fully released, face pressed into Yours.

Full throttle trust. Never sitting on doubt, worry or fear.

Knowing that you are nothing like earthly ones who wound and leave us hanging.

You are Abba, Father, Papa. You are Daddy. 

You are the Great I Am.

You are the Healer. Restorer. Redeemer.

You are a Strong Tower. A Mighty Fortress.

You are my Provider.

You are The One who sees the end from the beginning.

You make all things new.

You are the All Knowing One.

You are the One who sings over us. Rejoices over us. Delights in us.

Great are Your Plans and Your Purposes and Your Promises...

You hover over us. Over our circumstances. Over situations. Over the unfair things and the painful things. Over broken hearts and broken dreams and things that didn't go as planned. You are near the broken hearted Father. Every, single one of us.


Kristen said...

God speaks through you. Your blogs are such a blessing. Thank you. Your eye for photography is amazing!

RachelRAdams said...

gorgeous picture and what a sweet post