Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pixie Lily

This is my absolute favorite for newborn babies. There is nothing like the soft cotton and heirloom design. We brought Bella Grace home from the hospital in a Pixie Lily gown and blanket. Then when Bennett was born we photographed him in a gorgeous white Pixie Lily day gown set. Then when Emma Pearl was born her Nana gave her the most gorgeous white gown with tiny pink rose buds which we used during the photo shoot for her birth announcement. Today the Prince was blessed with a huge package of gifts from his Nana. Each one wrapped in the most beautiful paper and packaging, as well as sibling gifts for everyone. It was like a baby shower in a box! Inside one of the gifts were two gorgeous Pixie Lily gowns and a matching blanket! One is white trimmed out in baby blue tatting with baby blue tassel drawstrings-stop the press! The other one has tiny baby blue birds and little nests printed all over it- this one with a matching blanket too. It's all going with us to the hospital! Yes, I take my own baby things with me to the hospital. As soon as they can get the newest family member dressed and in my arms, I am undressing him or her and putting something else on our new baby. This would include gown, blanket, booties and a monogrammed hat. It is a bit of a joke with our family and friends! I can't help myself and the hospital clothes and blankets are so stiff and unattractive. Besides, I don't want all of the hospital pictures to look the same! Thank you so much Nana for all of the gifts and for thinking of us and being such a wonderful grandmother. We can't wait for your upcoming visit!


Lori said...

And I wouldn't expect anything less from you. lol
How SPECIAL!! and what a delight to open the beautifully wrapped package! I can't wait to see little baby in his gorgeous finery fit for a PRINCE!!!

Anonymous said...

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again, congrats to you and your family