Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Taste Of Summer

We recently took the little ones to a farm for the day for a little strawberry picking. We had such a great time watching them! They would pick a berry and eat a berry and within a few minutes they were covered in sweat and squished strawberry juice!  

Beautiful weather. Warm sunshine.  Fresh air. Delicious fruit. 
Makes for happy, happy, babies!

Big brother had the best time! He was really into it and I think he filled the most baskets!

This little farm boy was absolutely covered in strawberry goodness! Yes. That is grass. 
He did not care one bit!

And I didn't either. I was too busy enjoying him and capturing it all with my camera!

This is what Miss Pearl did the entire outing. Giggles. Look at the juice.....

Grace taking a bite of summer! 

The owners were SO SWEET to my kids and pulled their tractor around and let me photograph the little ones sitting inside it. I love the south. Amen.

 Rescuing Ashton before he absolutely popped from eating too many berries!

We took eights quarts home and at least half were eaten before we made it home and most of what was left was gobbled up by the strawberry lovers the next day!  I dreamed about making a mess in my kitchen with fresh strawberry smoothies and homemade pies but what was left over went bad before I could get to it! Hope you all get the chance to head out with your own little farmers! 


Kathie Truitt said...

Ha! Sibi, I can NOT stand sticky - so I applaud you that it doesn't seem to bother you. But then I got to laughing when I thought about what those littler ones diaper was going to be like for you later. Oh yes! The pleasures of 'grandmotherhood' - I don't have to worry about that anymore. And trust me on this one - you think motherhood is wonderful? Oh honey, just wait til your oldest daughter gets married and brings home your first grandchild.

Pearls and Grace said...

@ Kathie,

Thank you so much for such a sweet comment! I have had to learn how to "embrace" sticky!! With four babies under 7. Sticky is part of my daily life!!!

And I can hardly wait for the gift that is becoming a grandmother!!! God help me and the hospital staff where my daughters and daughters -n-love to be give birth. They have never seen so many flowers, rose petals, gifts, cards, letters, books, food, picture taking and beautiful displays of love and affection!!! I hope I can hold it together enough to be of some help.

I have been saving things for my future grand babies for years. It has become quite the collection! My children do not have grandparents who love them so my husband and I are planning to make it up to them in the most incredibly beautiful ways.....

Love to you sweet friend and congratulations on your new book! So proud of you!

paige said...

love those shots my friend
but i gotta say
forget the strawberries
i want slender sibi legs!
work it girl

the pink prep said...

beautiful pictures! i can taste the berries!! looks like you all had a great time, and a picture-perfect day for picking! enjoy the fruits of your labor! ;-)

Jennifer said...

sweet goodness in deed... I'm dying to go berry picking...

Can't get anyone in the house to join....maybe I can catch blueberry season!

Ya'll can join in some homemade blueberry popsicles on the flat rock!



lizziefitz said...

Gorgeous! You really captured the "feeling" of summer. Can I just get some of those pink wellies? I too dream of the day I become the best grandmother that walked the earth. Good thing I am enjoying every minute of motherhood 16 years to 10 months:) HUGS!

~Amy Rose said...

What a glorious day! The strawberries look so delicious...I don't blame the kiddos for eating them on the spot! And how precious they look with stickiness all over them. You look beautiful as always....Blessings for summer!
Amy Rose

Raining Pearls said...

What fun!!! Those babies are dripping with sweetness. I have a strawberry farm not too far away and it's on the summer list. I plan to do all of the things I dream of doing with my babies someday. You have inspired me to dream big and live even bigger.
Hug and kisses

this blessed nest said...

oh my strawberry heavens!

what a delicious post in every way. how 'bout pearl & those juices just flowing! ;) love that girl. she lives in the moment. that sweet baby & that gingham outfit & those red shoes. could eat him up!

love paige's comment! slender legs & legs for miles = that's you alright!

sweet sweet post!
love to you all.

Playing Sublimely said...

Did the stawberry stains come out of the clothes...mine didn't off my little ones ;). Nice to meet you...