Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy First Birthday Sweet Baby Pearl!

A day filled with special gifts....
This is Pearl waking up very early to a bed filled with pink rose petals.
We sang Happy Birthday to her before Daddy left for work...
Your very first pair of ballet slippers....
I love this picture of her!
Either she is praising Him, or she knows that she is one.....
A very special gift from Mommy and Daddy.
An heirloom to keep and pass down for many years to come
and an earthly reminder to wear around your neck of the value
that you hold not only to your parents but to your Heavenly Father as well.
We adore you beautiful Emma Pearl....
The prettiest present of all....
Flowers from Daddy...
Every year he sends me flowers on the birthdays of our children...
I love you sweetheart!
Big Brother gives a little birthday kiss....
Macey Girl gives a little birthday love..
The Party!
Barefoot in the Park
Cake and Champagne on the Lawn!
Her very own pearl cake!
It was gorgeous!
Daddy's Girl....
We love you Emma Pearl!
Loved the cake but not the hat!
I love this picture of Pearl with her bubbles!
Dancing in the bubbles!
Birthday Friends!
Beautiful Emma Pearl
Beautiful Bella Grace
Daddy kissing his girl....
Bennett insisting that I let him jump in the water!!
What a blessed day....
My heart overflows with love and joy for you Emma Pearl. You are a gift to this family in the most special and beautiful ways. We each and every one love and adore you more than words can say. This past year you have blessed us in ways that I cannot write about here, but we have each felt the love of the Father when we have held you in our arms. Grown women have cried 
while holding you for reasons that they can't explain. It is the healing anointing that has been 
poured out upon you, even as a baby. One woman who has never been able to hold a baby, held
you the day after you were born and she and her husband sat and cried together while holding you. Our room was full of people that day and we all just sat and watched God minister to this very special friend through the love of a brand new baby~ and that was you. There have been so many times like this one during the past year, where I have watched in awe as your Mother at the true gift of healing that you carry. Every where we go people stop and want to look at your beautiful blue eyes and touch your sweet face. Many times you have reached out your hand and touched their face in return. You wave and speak to complete strangers every time we go somewhere, as if you have known them for a very long time. This past year has been such a blessing baby Pearl, with you as my daughter. It has been a difficult year in many ways, but God has used you to remind us that He is with us, that He is for us and that He has such a plan. I am humbled to be your Mother. Truly I am. I hope one day, you will understand the weight that you carry in this family and in this world. It is immeasurable. You are loved by so many. Even your name is full of love. Emma means healing and wholeness and many other beautiful things and Pearl has been Daddy's nickname for me, for well over ten years now. Pearl means so many things to me personally, but it also represents purity, wholeness, healing and many other very beautiful things. You are loved and treasured my sweet daughter. Happy Birthday beautiful one.  Written with love and thanksgiving by Mother of Pearl.
  I praise you Father for the gift that is our precious Emma Pearl. We are beyond thankful....


Denise C said...

OH a very Happy birthday to your sweet little Pearl! What a precious little blessing she is!

Lori said...

All these new pictures are so, so pretty as always!!! They all belong in a magazine! :)
Thinking of you and sending a big hug my friend. :)

Lori said...

Oh and Happy Birthday to your baby girl!!

Lori said...

I'm back....and you added more pictures!!! Wow, your Emma Pearl sounds like one very special child indeed. The words you've written to her are so touching and yet I'm sure aren't even half of how truly amazing she really is.
Her first birthday celebration was just gorgeous, the cake is perfection! I love the picture of Bella Grace with the flowers and hat...ALL the pictures are just so pretty and each detail so lovingly done.
Sebi, how loved you make each of your children feel, I admire that in you. Oh...only to awake with rose petals strewn about in my bed....
LOL :)