Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Time Of Year

It's here!  It is the time of year when I breathe deeper and do my best to relish and revel in every moment of the day.  It's when I normally bake my favorite muffins and buy way too many pumpkins. I am a seasonal girl! It is also when we spend time as a family taking long walks around the park and the lake with strollers and our little, red wagon.

We also love to sip and spill some warm apple cider :)

I cannot get enough of fall. The fragrance alone is enough to send me right over the edge!

Nutmeg anyone?

Freshly ground over a cup of hot coffee or a bowl of homemade macaroni and cheese.


It is also "field day" time with my camera.

I want to remember every. single. thing.

I pray that I don't forget.

I want to remember what their tiny fingers look like trying to hold a pumpkin.

And what the back of their sweet, little heads look like riding in the wagon.

The sound of their voices. Their cries. Their laughter.

The way they interact with each other. The giggles. The tears. The wild and the exhausting.

The tug of war, the disagreements, the lessons of learning to prefer one another...

Fall also brings change....

This week starts some difficult changes for our family.  I am praying for the ability to walk through it all with a special grace and no matter what, I am reminded today to capture it all....

I want to photograph every season of life.

Happy Sunday to you.

May your day be filled with beautiful moments....


Nancy said...

This is my favorite season as well! Pumpkin everything as far as I'm concerned :) God is so good. I'll keep you all in my prayers this week.

3 Peanuts said...

This is my absolute favorite season too but we don't really have Fall here so I kind of live vicariously through y'all. So please share some of the photos you reference. I need them,

KatieB. said...

Happy Fall! It's such a beautiful season. Makes me think of Ecclesiastes 3:1. Praying the changes this week go smoothly!

lizziefitz said...

More change? Stop the world I want to get off! Big hugs and prayers.

theselbyholmestead said...

sibi- just finished reading your post about beautiful miss "j"... she is such an inspiration and a true story of sacrifice and grace! we had a similar experience a few years back with an older woman who showed up on our doorstep wishing to clean our house. she was also homeless at the time and too proud for a simple handout. so we offered a hand-up. i had the local style salon give her a free wash, cut and blowout. i asked the local boutique to fit her with some new clothes. all these establishments gave their offerings at no charge. we found her a permanent job assisting the elderly that gave her the means to secure housing. it is just amazing what can be done when people come together to help one another to do God's work... thank you, sibi, for sharing your story and inspiring others to do the same! with grace and gratitude- paige

The Mrs. said...

I am a summer girl but I have to say the Fall is growing on me!

paige said...

i was telling one of the girls how often i hear the words "this is my favorite season" once the leaves start changing & the cool breezes begin to blow.

i want to talk with you sweet girl. will call today xoxoo

DianeTaylor said...

Happy Fall, dear Sibi - I pray that you will weather this situation as you have weathered all of them in your life - with quiet strength, faiht, and even a few tears (it's ok, tears are actually my favorite emotion).

Praying for you! And sending you a nice warm cup of coffee with cinammon sprinkled in the grounds (I do this every single day I love it so much).

Lori said...

Love this post Sibi, I love how you appreciate the tiniest of details. :)
I will be praying for the changes ahead.