Wednesday, June 8, 2011


                                   The start of summer - Pearl and Ashton~ May 2011

Good Morning Friends! I hope that you all are soaking up the beautiful month of June. We are excited that school is out and summer has finally arrived and we are enjoying our easier mornings! I have done my best to take all five little ones to do something fun each day. I am not sure how I am doing it except that I feel His grace equipping me!

We have been praying for quite some time for a new job for my Husband here in town or that there would be a breakthrough with his current job and he could reside here with us full time.

Neither one happened.

Each time an opportunity would open up close to home and he would pursue it, God seemed to shut the door.

The only door that opened for him was still out of state. But it was a wonderful opportunity and so for that reason and several others he has accepted a new position.

We prefer life here for our children for many reasons and really felt God called us here two years ago but the distance is incredibly hard on a family and I am a little worn out to say the least.

So as I am approaching the two year mark of parenting solo, we are trying to follow the Lord's leading for our family and for what is best for our little ones. It has been a long season for us and we are praying for His guidance and continued grace.

In the meantime I am trying my best to give the children a special summer as well as try to hold everything together here at home!

On another note I would love to hear what you all are doing for the summer!

Where are you going on vacation? Do you have special things you are doing with your children each day or each week? I would love for you to share your ideas and plans in the comment section!

Thank you for sharing and Happy Summer!


whitney said...

I'm glad to know it's not just our family that goes through uncertainty in the job world. I really feel for you and sort of know what you're going though. Many blessings to you and your family this summer.

Emily said...

I have no doubt how difficult it is on you and your husband and then all the kids. I hope you're able to make it through the summer. :) and at some point soon have the opportunity to be all together again.

Amanda said...

Sibi, I just dont know how you do it! My husband travels a ton and it is very, very hard on me and the kids (and I have 3, not 6!!! :) are a strong woman, hang in there! I hope you get your answers soon. We have made a Summer List and everyone contributes things they want to do or see or places to go...its fun, gives each day a little bit of a "focus" - lots of swimming, art prjects, bike rides and we are doing Treat Tuesdays (read on another blog), each of my kids gets a Tuesday to pick out a treat to make and we do it together! Yesterday it was Campbell's turn and he picked donuts, so we fried donuts on a record setting 100 degree day! But it sure was fun!

Sandra said...

Hey Sibi! I know how hard this must be! Is your oldest daughter home this summer? I'm sure she is a help to you. I plan to see my new grandbaby again. Other than that no plans at all. If I end up in your part of the state, I'll let you know so we can get together! XOXO

paige said...

continued to pray for you friend.
i think you're awesome.
love you

Becca said...

Sibiiiii. :( When you posted Bennett's sweet prayer on fb I was hopng it meant your hubby's new job was close to home. Praying for precious memories tone made this summer. You're super Momma. :)

Our Summer is revolving around a special birthday party July 8th. Can you believe the baby you helped me pray for is almost ONE?! Sqeal!

Here's to hoping yall's plans involve a few days at Seaside, I'm thinking of you girl.


Hoffman's Hideaway said...

Hang in there! Our family is in Toronto this week because my husband had to work here. So we use his travel during the summer to make family vacations. It has been educational to say the least, much easier for me with only two! Keeping you and your family in our prayers. We have been through the time of my husband living and working in Alabama and driving home to Indiana on the weekends. NOT FUN! You are an amazing mom with such a gift. Some day when you have grandkids, such stories you will tell them!

3 Peanuts said...

I am praying for you Sibi. I am not the biggest fan of summer as I don't enjoy the HEAT n TX and I am not Susie Cruise Director.

I am "homeschooling' Kate for an hour each day. She will be one of the youngest in Kinder this year and I want her to feel confident so I am trying to prep her a bit and she LOVES it!

We are spending time at the library and the pool and just trying to stay sane. The kiddos have a few summer camps too.

The Mustard Seed said...


Praying for you, sweet lady.. for grace and energy. YOu are such an awesome mother for making your children's memory of a wonderful summer your priority! You are an inspiration to all of us stay at home moms.. and moms in general..

This summer I have been sewing and sewing and monogramming with my new machine. I had no idea how busy it would keep me. I am also making sure that Jude gets quality mommy time since the new baby will steal a lot of that.. and preparing and nesting for my Sweet Pea to get here soon.. only six weeks at the most left!!

Keep up the awesome work!
Lots of love and hugs,

Christi said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you ... you will come through with much grace and your family will prevail, because as you've said to me several times, GOD is good.

lizziefitz said...

Husband on business trip for two months, stomach bug= extra laundry... We go to the pool and joined children's museum . Solo parenting is for the birds, after a year of it , I have had my fill. Is husband's new job in a nice area, it may be wise to join him there? I know moving is for the birds too;) hugs and prayers.

Coastal Southern said...

Sibi, I don't know how you do it. You are amazing. Keep trusting in God to guide you through this time.

I followed your blog years ago and recently found it again. I did not know that you had moved to the beach. I'm not sure, but I think we may live close by. From pictures on your header it looks like our beaches here.

Shoot me an email if you ever want to meet up or if you ever need help with the kids.

Grace at Home said...

My husband travels quite a bit and it's difficult. I love reading about your days though. Wondering if perhaps the new position includes a move to SC? :)