Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Because I Love Fall

The weather has barely started to shift here but we have already purchased our first pumpkin.

Because I am that person.

I can't help it. 

I love Fall.

I don't mean to rush from one season to the next, but when you live in the south, Fall comes as a huge relief from the heat and the thick as molasses humidity! 

Fall makes me every shade of happy.

You can follow along on Pinterest as I pin myself silly with all of the gorgeous Autumnal delight.

I'm still trying to bring some kind of order to the boards there, but who has time for that when one can spend every waking moment creating magic in their home with branches and bittersweet, while pretending they are Heather Bullard.

For the one person on earth who may not know about her - google her and thank me later.

Three words.

The chicken coop.

I dream about a citified farmhouse with an HB chicken coop somewhere on the back forty.

And a place for these children to run and play without limits and boundaries and a place for Emma Pearl to finally drive a pink Barbie Jeep. She may be 12 years old by then and have to hang her legs over the side- but one day.... Mama has to keep her word.

I'm planning to get out this weekend with my camera and five babies for apple picking and a trip to the Farmer's Market. 

Have Mercy.

Just rapture me up right now.

I may pass out once we locate the Cinderella Pumpkin display.

Because in this house, we have been known to climb inside the gigantic box of pumpkins to find
one that has the perfect curly stem.

Just ask my oldest child. Who will stand on the sidelines with her eyes rolled and hands on hips while saying something along the lines of ....

"Mom!!!!  Please."

But I cannot hear any such thing, because I'm in my sweet spot and I have a vision.

And I'm on a mission.

Mission Perfect Curly Stem Pumpkin.


Until I have some new pictures of my own to share, I thought I would send you over the edge with some of the fall pretties I've found on Pinterest lately.


Get your apple cinnamon cider ready and enjoy the pictures!

All of these pictures have been pinned from Pinterest and sources are listed there.

These beautiful photographs are not my own.


Deborah said...

Beautiful post and pictures. I too am always on a mission for the perfect Cinderella pumpkin with a great curly stem. We usually have to go to north Carolina, Virginia or Tennessee to find one. Luckily we generally travel one of those areas in the fall. Florida just doesn't have a great pumpkin selection. Happy fall adventures to you and your family.

Chesnye said...

I love fall also!!! You are so right about the relief you know is coming when you live in the south!! I have been a long time reader and just wated you to know what an inspiration you are to me! I'm pregnant with my 5th blessing, due in the winter, and on my crazy Mama days i just have to visit and read some of your posts! I don't know how you so it!!!