Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Ultimate Starting Position

I'm sure you had no idea at the time, that the years and years of grueling practices would prepare you in the most magnificent ways for a starting position in the ultimate game. 


And that the years you spent at an SEC school as an inside linebacker, would prepare you for a starting position on the ultimate team....

A family of your own.

Learning how to position yourself in the game was the Father's way of preparing you in so many ways for the role of becoming a Father yourself. 

And that kneeling on the field to pray before the start of each game, would eventually lead you to kneeling in prayer next to a hospital bed during the loss of our babies, and then kneeling to comfort me through hours and hours of labor and delivery~ hand holding, prayer whispering, glory giving to the one who gave us the gifts...five times over. And then kneeling in thanksgiving and gratitude for the sweetest newborn baby, safe and sound in your arms.

You would eventually kneel to kiss the cheek of three daughters and three sons.
Kneel to help. To hold. To comfort. You would kneel to encourage, to teach, and to listen to the hearts of six children of your very own.

And that passing on the field would eventually translate into passing on a legacy of love and unshakable faith to your six children. Faith that has been tried and tested and trueFaith that has passed tests so wide and so deep that it could have very easily caused you to turn away from Him

He doesn't promise us a perfect life.

There will be blocks and fumbles and mistakes along the way.

But He tells us to stand, having done all that we can do.  

You are the greatest example of this that I know.

Somehow, you have kept going. You never give up.

On God. On your faith. On yourself. Or on us.

Thank you for how you have loved us and provided for us.

Thank you for teaching us that you have to be willing to lose your life to find it.

Thank you for showing us by demonstration what real faith looks like lived out.

In the midst of really good things and in the midst of really hard things.

Your love amazes me.

And makes my heart sing.

Thank you for pouring that great love into their hearts.

Thank you for fathering our team of six with a heart of love and humility.

I love what we have created together.

We are so grateful for you Daddy. 
God loved us so much He gave us our very own linebacker.
We celebrate you and honor you today and everyday....
These pictures are old ones but the memories are some of my favorite.
Your Biggest Fans


Jennifer said...

Oh Sibi! Just beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. Seeing your Big Daddy surrounded by all those precious babies makes me want a house full...even when I say this is the last one!

Sibi said...

Hello beautiful friend!!

Thank you so much for your kind words:) I love seeing all of the children piled on him too!! It is a lot of work!! I call it beautiful exhaustion. I'm am so tired I can barely stand but my heart is so grateful and they bring us more joy than anything else. There are days... You know the ones, where you do not feel equipped to meet every need and you start to feel frustrated and then I look down and R2D2 is staring at me from inside my cup of coffee and I have to take all 147 dinosaurs out of my bathtub just so I can get in and I can't find my bra because someone decided to play mommy and felt they needed my bra to play the part....
And I laugh so hard that real tears flow. And I love every minute of it. :)) It's all worth it.
Praying for you as I know it's getting close to delivery time!! So excited for you... xoxo

Michele said...

Beautiful post Sibi. Reading about your love for your husband and his love for your family brought tears to my eyes. You have an amazing love story and you are so very blessed! Happy belated Father's Day Eric!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I love how you affirm Big Daddy! Our men so need to hear those words!could you ever even dream that big?

Beautiful Exhaustion....I am stealing that true phrase!

You are a treasure!