Monday, April 1, 2013

Paige's Birthday!

I wanted to leave a little birthday love here for my beautiful friend Paige Knudsen!

I sent her an email this morning with a little birthday top ten list and wanted to share it here as well.

Paige is the author of the inspirational blog "Simple Thoughts." She is a gifted photographer 
as well as a voice for the oppressed by working as an ambassador for Noonday Collection!  

I recently spent some time with my precious friend while in Atlanta and it was so wonderful to just catch up and sit and eat Mexican food and talk about every beauty product known to man! I rarely get out of the house with friends and so it was such a gift to me to have that time together with Paige!

Here is my email in part, from earlier today! 

I wanted to send you a list of just a few of the reasons why I adore you …..

1. You wear fringe. Now, I am anti-fringe at all costs. But you.
    Why you can make wearing fringe just about the greatest thing ever. 

2. You have more lipgloss, lipstick, chapstick and lip whathaveyous than Estee Lauder herself. 
    And you know my obsession with beauty products- need I say more?
    We may have been separated at birth.

3. You love Jesus.
    In fact, you not only love Him but you are a very close replica of His heart here on earth- only             
    wearing fringe and lipgloss.

4. You love Mexican food. I rest my case. 

5. You love Dan. And being a wife. And your girls. And being a mother.  And all of the same things 
    that make my heart sing. Basically. You are an inspiration to many. And I do mean many. 
    In a day and age when the popular thing to do is complain and moan about everything that is wrong            
    within the marriage and family-  you choose to see the glory. To see the best. 
    You choose to honor and love.
    You are a godly example to hundreds of women Paige. Hundreds…..

6. You are hilarious. And a girl needs to laugh. Especially after the many serious conversations we      
     have taken down over the years.

7. You have style. 
     Not like housewife style. Or I'm trying too hard style. Or I wish I was a teenager but 
     I'm not- but I'm going to dress like it anyway-style.              
     But just a Godly confidence. 
     An inner glow. 
     A beauty that radiates from the deep well within you.        
     And basically, you have an, I can wear Anthro, J.Crew, running shorts or fringe and just look 
     fabulous- kind of style.
     It makes grown women weep wishing they had the same. I'm telling you what's the truth.

8. You are a gifted photographer. And I do mean gifted. What I love about your photography is that    
     you always capture what love looks like. That is a gift.
     I am fully expecting to watch you rise to the Jasmine Star level of photography. 
     I cannot wait to watch it unfold and watch you do what you love to do and were created to do.        
     Capture love.

9. I haven't witnessed it. Not yet anyway. But I feel it's going to happen soon. I just know you can        
    tear it up on the dance floor. I plan to explore this soon with a full blown dance party
    in a kitchen somewhere. Mine or yours. It matters not.

10. Most of all, you love me in spite of myself. Thank you for this. No words big enough.

Love you precious friend. 

I am celebrating you and rejoicing and giving thanks to God that He created you in all of the many magnificent ways in which He did! 



If you have time today, stop by and wish Paige a Happy Birthday! xoxo


Susan Hood said...

This is such a wonderful post to such a sweetheart! Love it!!! And, in a few weeks, I {fingers crossed!} will get to meet this fabulous gal! What a blessing friends are.

Cheryl said...


paige said...

this is most possibly the funnest most loving birthday declaration i've ever been given!!
i kid you not.
i'm printing this out. no lie. and i'm taping it to my mirror. no lie.
i love you like crazy and wish i was with you &sweet baby boy eating pecan pie today. you have no idea!!

thank you for loving me and filling up my heart to overflowing today

Mimi said...

What an awesome friend you are!!! She is blessed to have you. I don't know her personally only through blogland but she radiates all that you say on her blog.
I think y'all look like sisters!!

Jennifer said... nailed it with the top 10. I tell her all the time what an inspiration she is to me. (you as well) I pray I can be the mother and wife you two are!

LLH Designs said...

What a sweet birthday post to a precious child of God. I love that you two enjoy each other so much! What a gift from God! xo!

kt said...

You two look beautiful in your photo! There is a fantastic "little girls with a case of the giggles" quality to this photo!!! Sometimes I think that God shows himself through our best friends!

Between You and Me said...

there are friends who stick closer than a brother (or sister) :)

your friendship is priceless...a joy to watch {and read about}

i love that you said she resembles Jesus, only with fringe and lip gloss. HILARIOUS.