Friday, November 9, 2012

The Sacrifice Of Praise

There is a scripture that has been weighing heavy in my spirit, over and over again this last year.

It's the one that reads like this:

Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise to God, proclaiming our allegiance to His name. - Hebrews 13:15

The sacrifice of praise has been my praise this past year and especially lately.

It's when we praise Him and thank Him and honor Him even in the midst....

In the midst of really painful things.

In the midst of hurtful words and hurtful people.

In the midst of those who rejoice in someone else's suffering.

In the midst of things we don't understand and when we can't see the light of dawn.

In the midst of friends who betray us and who say unkind things.

In the midst of unfortunate circumstances and situations.

In the midst of sorrow so great there are no words to define it properly.

Offer Him the highest praise beautiful friends...

Through your heartache and suffering and grief.

Praise Him in the midst of it all.

Because soon ..

Everything is going to turn in your favor.

Doors are going to open and open wide.

Beautiful friendships will unfold.

Divine connections are coming to your family.

Provision and prosperity and purpose are going to fall upon your household.

Healing will be your portion.

Soon your heart will sing and your spirit will soar as the Father reveals every good and
perfect gift He has in store for you.

He promises us that He will work all things together for our good and His glory.

All things.

Even those things we may not understand right now.

Soon, once the Father has His way and at the appointed time, He is going to work all things in your life and mine, for our good and for His glory.

And His word does not return to Him void.

So over the weekend while you are busy blessing your family, offer it up to Him.

Don't hold back...

Beautiful things are in store for you and your family.

Our job is to praise Him in the midst and to simply trust.....


Design with Grace said...

Amen sister....Amen.

inge said...

So very true

Love Being A Nonny said...

I pray this is happening in YOUR life right now.

Lissa said...

yes! and amen! God is going to finish just what he's started! I pray sweet blessings over you and solid and safe friendships to overflow! What an encouragement you are!

3 Peanuts said...

thinking of you and praying for so many things for your family.

His Mercy Endures forever..... said...

there is no one else like you in the world my sweet sister. your one of my dearest and I thank my Father for the gift of your family. Those words spoken by those who dont really know you.....Well.....your praise to Him...your praise goes as to the heavens and turns the heart of your Father. I love love love you. God has used you in HUGE ways in my life. I love doing life with you and I adore you!!!! The favor, the blessings its coming...its all coming.......

Kerri said...

So beautifully written from someone who is truly beautiful on the inside and out. Thank you for these encouraging words sweet friend!

RachelRAdams said...

oh sweet sibi - i have said it time and time again, your words, they minister and speak to my heart. praying over you and your family this evening that every good and perfect gift be showered upon you....

Laura said...

Amen...may it be so in the depths of our hearts.

DianeTaylor said...

I love this so much......wise words from a wise soul :)

So glad to have you back, dear Sibi! I am struggling with the holiday season approaching fast - the first one without my son. I dread it - so I turn to the Lord for comfort. I know he will get me thru these sad days.....