Monday, June 18, 2012

Pearls and Grace Photography

After much prayer and consideration and discussion about this for years....

I am excited to share the official start of my photography business. By His grace alone.
After years of photographing many friends and their beautiful children for free and after a short
try with it as a business in between having babies, I am happy to share that it is now official!

You can look through photographs here on the blog to get the look and feel of my style but it is very much an artistic approach to photography. I am not big on posed photos. I love a more candid capture.

I usually do the opposite of what you might expect when shooting. I photograph the wrinkles in the feet of children and the scrumptious hand and arm rolls on newborn babies, as well as the back of their tiny heads. I love a family of children piled on top of one another on a favorite quilt or little ones in pink tutu's with rose petals tossed up into the air. I'm an artist at heart and think outside the norm with every natural light shoot.

I look for what might be special to you and do my best to add it in to the session. I want to know you and your family and what is sentimental and special to you that you would like to remember.

And then there is the styling element. I love to style and used to do that for a living.
And so it seemed like a natural option to offer in my business and one that I thoroughly enjoy!

To help you choose or to offer clothing for the session is something that makes me want to twirl....

This little pearl of a business is based out of Tennessee but will be available in Seaside, Florida
several times a year with enough bookings.

And Seaside is filled with more charm and beauty than one girl can manage.

It is a photographers dream.

I have been shooting there since 1997 and it is where I have captured the images that make my heart sing the most.

It is a glorious place but any place along the gift that is 30 A is really stunning.

So if you would like to be one of my first official clients and you are in the Seaside area please leave me a comment or send me an email and I would love to capture God's glory in your family.

Lastly, I want to thank you for your many words of encouragement over the years with my photography and I am so looking forward to meeting you and capturing your family whether it be near the beauty of rolling hills in Tennessee or near the seashore of Seaside, Florida.

To God be the glory.


Sandra said...

You're the Best, Sibi! Good Luck with this new endeavor, although you won't need it. You have a talent the rest of us only wish to have :-). Love to you sweet friend!! xoxo
P.S. So glad Hopsy has reconnected many of us on Bloggers Unite! :-)

The 5 Bickies said...

So thrilled for you and your new venture! Anyone working with you is very lucky!!!!!

lizziefitz said...

About time , about time. I have always admired your photos from day one of finding your blog many moons ago. I will be praying for you and your new venture.

The Mustard Seed said...

Best of luck with this Sibi... You will do wonderful with this new venture!!

Mrs.B said...

You're in a beautiful place! I love it there!

Sibi said...

Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments!

It has been a long time heart desire:)

Your words blessed me so much! Thank you!!!

Big Hug,


BeautyFull Women said...

I'm squealing out of pure joy for you!! Finally! I believe when you capture those beautiful moments behind the lens,the world is simply seeing through our God's eyes. Love you so.xoxo

Sheri said...

Good luck to you Sibi. Your photos are amazing. Have a wonderful summer with your beautiful little ones.