Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Update

                                            Rose Petal Ice Cream ~ Martha Stewart

Good Morning!

Happy Monday! We are rising and shining over here the best we can! We started the day out by dropping off Daddy at the airport at the crack of dawn this morning! The babies did not cry today and I was so thankful and hoped that either their hearts were full from the weekend or they've just grown accustomed to this life.......

We just passed the two year mark.

Raising five babies by myself.

Did you know that it is entirely possible that you can do the thing you think you cannot do?

It is true.

Thank Eleanor Roosevelt for that one.

I don't know how "well" I'm doing it all and judging by the looks of this house and the looks on the faces of all the perfect moms when they see us coming, it's not very well at all.

But I love my children and they know it. And that has to count for something.

When the perfect moms make their comments, lawdamercy, I try to remind myself that they do not have a clue what this is like. Trying to do life and raise up children with a husband who lives and works in another state and there is no end to it all in sight.

They have family for one thing and more help than the White House for another and in~laws and out~laws to call on and the mothership of all housekeepers coming in and out every day.

So I usually just smile and keep walking when the President of the rude comment club stops typing on her blackberry long enough to look up at me and tell me how crazy she thinks I am for having all of these children....

I don't see anything crazy.

I see a new generation.

I see a family.

I see a house full of the sounds of childhood and memory making mess making and sometimes very wild children!

I see how big God is after three miscarriages and a nurse who told me that I needed to check with my insurance to see what they would cover for infertility treatment.

And I never did.

I don't see anything crazy at all....

But I've had to let some things go. Like an immaculate car. Like clothes that are always pressed. And keeping this house clean every second of the live~long day,  just to name a few.

In other news we have exactly two weeks left until school starts and I will have a third grader and a very excited little kindergartner on my hands!

He is practically sleeping in his backpack and has already worn his uniform!

I am in no hurry whatsoever for school to start.....

We love the summer and love the freedom it allows to do something different every day!

In more news I have finally given up dairy!

It actually happened.

Along with sugar, all sweets, bread, red meat and a host of other things.

I didn't think I could do it BUT as Eleanor Roosevelt said...

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do!"

I just finished/survived the first week and aside from having horrible headaches it went okay!

I recently saw a friend who looked incredible in every way and asked her what she was doing and she graciously shared the name of her nutritionist. Who by the way is absolutely the happiest person I have ever met in my life and a survivor of four different types of cancer!! She is amazing! Meeting her was truly an answer to prayer and a special gift from Him.

Grateful me.

So with my newly found knowledge from The Beauty Detox book and the help of this incredible woman I am hopefully on my way to losing ten years of baby weight.

Have I ever mentioned I weighed 120 pounds on my wedding day? Big Sigh.

I haven't seen the scales read 120 pounds since.

Three miscarriages and five babies later.......I have my work cut out for me.

I also started Zumba three times a week!

It has not been easy but I am desperate to lose this weight and live healthier and set a better example for my children....

I will share a little each week with how things are going. It is an eight week plan and then I'm on my own!

Hope you have a wonderful week filled with doing the very things you thought you could not do!


Just Ask Beth said...

you are a raising a beautiful Christian family.. I too, cannot for the love of me why some people like to comment on your family size. My husband is one of 12! His family is the most loving supportive group of sibilings I know.. Tell them your name is SIBI short for SIBIlings and that's what GOD wanted you to do..create sibilings!

Hoffman's Hideaway said...

Sibi, I think you are amazing! No one has the right to judge how anyone raises their family. Each family is a precious gift and unique! I long ago gave up even buying things I thought I would have to iron! I survived 2 years of my husband living several states away and God somehow got me through it and our family is better and stronger and my children KNOW that Mom is strong and can do things on her own! I remember 2 am phone calls when my baby would be up crying my husband would sit on the phone with me just for moral support! What a great gift of strength to give your children! Thank you for your honest posts. You make us regular moms feel better that we aren't all perfect as it is so easy to appear in the "blog" world! God Bless!

KVP said...

Can't tell you how happy I was to see a post from you today!

You are amazing. Not crazy!! My mom is one of 11, 8 boys and 3 girls. She is number 9. How come back then no one thought it was crazy? They were just a devote Catholic family who had children until God said they were done.

I think your kids are going to have the very best memories of their childhood....with or without a father working in the same state. What matters is knowing they are loved. I grew up in a very quiet home, with lots of rules and only one sibling. I would have loved a visit in your home. I plan to give me kids a home just like you are providing yours. Filled with love, laughter chaos and messes!!


Sibi said...

@Beth~ THAT is about the best thing I've heard in a long time:)!! Thank you so much and I love that your husband is one of 12!! I bet your holidays are amazing!!

Sibi said...

@HH~ Thank you:) And yes, each family is unique and a gift!! 2 a.m. phone calls here too:)!!!

Thank you for your kind words and isn't it fun to be a regular mom?? Nothing even close to perfect going on over here at this house.....I'm thinking about videotaping and sharing in a future post!:)

Bless you!

Sibi said...


Like honey....Proverbs 16:24

Thank you so much.....

Anonymous said...

Well I think your family is beautiful. That "perfect mother" is rather silly, isn't she? You're doing a lovely job, Sibi :)

CHH said...

Dear Sibi,

Keep up the great work!

Best wishes on your journey (for



The Mrs. said...

Hello beautiful friend! I love this post and I love you. You're doing an amazing job and I think all your children are gorgeous. I put you on my blog list so I can keep checking in on you. Miss you!!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...
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Ann said...

Blessings on you and your beautiful family.

Mrs.B said...

I've had those looks and comments more times than I can count...

Cassy said...

This is an inspiring post from a loving and dedicated mother. Very inspiring.

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

Becky said...

So. tired. of. the. perfect. moms.
Seriously, who *ARE* these women? I've been blogging about them myself because I reached an endpoint with my ability to read and not process appropriately, and thankfully, I had some help with that!
You are doing what God has called you to do. Period. Who is anyone to say anything about that to you? Argh, go away meanies!!!
Good luck on your new diet/nutrition adventure. Can't say that I'd *ever* give up those things because well, I'm not convinced I need to, but guess what? If you are, I'm on your team! Goooooooooooo Sibi! :)